Working Out With Will And Phil - An Outdoor Arm Pump In Denver

in #fitness5 years ago

Our day was jam packed and we didn't have time to find a gym. Luckily we had our mobile gym in the back of the truck! 

We snapped a few pictures during the workout. You can see we did several exercises for our biceps and triceps. 

Typically, we workout in our home gym so the change up was nice. If your short on time or you just can't fork over money for a gym membership, you can get great workouts outside with calisthenics and minimal equipment. 👍

You can follow Philip at @dickdeepdog

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No agony! No Bragony

Yeah, nothing like a outdoor workout. Open air has an energy about it and that is just something else. Not to mention that you don't have to pay penny to workout in your own yard :-)

Although I find that to it at your place, discipline is required because I have slacked quite a bit trying to work out from home. Now if you have a buddy who has your back, then that'd be totally awesome.

Nice work! Bring the gym to you!! F’n KILL every session!!!

Outdoor work is the best, and having people to push you. I’m training for 5 hours a day at the moment in Thailand, fight ready... having that insane mindset to kill it and leave everything on the line when you go to workout is what it’s about (for me at the moment anyway)

Keep up the great work!!! 👊

Fitness on the go nice workout to begin with

@slickwilly looks like you have been working out for a very long time. I also work out but in my home. I only do bodyweight exercises and I learn from youtube because there is no gym available in my village. When i was in college, in the city, I joined a gym for about two months. But i couldn't see any results, so left it. And now, in summer vacations, i'm giving a little effort to my upper body. what do you think? Can i achieve some progress by just simple pushups and body exercises
thank you

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