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Recently, I finally finished a novel that had been many years in the making.

I am guessing that I began to write this story sometime around 2011, and I honestly believe that I would have never finished it already if it was not for the outlet that steemit provides.

With everything else going on in life, writing, and actually finishing, a novel can be a daunting task. I originally had the idea for this novel because I wanted to have it eventually be made into a movie. I began the story all those years ago, but, like many other things, it got put on the shelf and sat there for a while.

Shortly after joining steemit, I realized the incredible opportunity that steemit provided for authors and others. Out of seemingly nowhere I now had the opportunity to release my work chapter by chapter, to potentially earn something for each chapter, to get instantaneous feedback on each chapter, encouragement to finish the volume, and still have a completed work when I was done.

Now, I am pleased to present that entire, completed work, all forty chapters!


I honestly think that if you enjoy a good read, you'll love this novel. If you are curious, why not read the first two chapters and see if it leaves you wanting more. Unlike those who began reading this as I published it, you won't ever have to wait for the next chapter!


When I started up Operation Translation more than a year ago, I offered up my steemit posts for translation into other languages. The catch? Actually, I let the translators keep all of the post payout rewards for their translations. I was just an opportunity for me to bless others.

Well, some steemians chose to start translating this book into other languages too! So far, this book is being translated into three other languages.

A Portuguese translation of the book was led by @andyluy with the help of a few others. Once the final chapter is translated, this entire volume will be available soon too!

@Soymanu has been making a Spanish translation and just posted chapter 32 yesterday. Soon this translation of the book will also be fully available.

Five chapters have also already been translated into German by the efforts of @detlev and @sunsea. While there are still 35 more chapters to go, the German translation is already well underway and in process.

When I started Operation Translation, I had no idea that things like this would ever be manifested in reality. Having people all over the world read the English version was crazy enough, but this is even more incredible. I thank everyone for all of their efforts!


Yes, somehow this book is being made into an audio book too, thanks to the skills and efforts of the wonderful and talented @verbal-d! I can’t tell you how much of a blessing it was to be able to listen to the previous chapters while writing the rest of them, especially since I wrote this book over the period of so many years.

It looks like @verbal-d will record the final chapter in the near future and then we will be able to release that ENTIRE PROJECT too! Also, we have some other plans for collaboration, so stay tuned for that!


Until next time…

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Portuguese version of this post/Versão deste post em Português:



PS: The links at the translated post are all to the english original version, as soon as the portuguese version is complete, another post will be released with all the links in portuguese.

PS: Os links no post traduzido são todos referentes a versão original em inglês, assim que a versão em português estiver completa, outro post será feito com os links para as versões traduzidas para o português.


good follow me

What a great accomplishment...I have tears in my eyes with inspiration since I too, love to write. You are amazing!

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I may decide to translate it in French, but I am not promising anything yet.


That would be awesome, I've been looking for an opportunity to chat with you.

The translation to Portuguese, Spanish, and German are being organized at a discord channel inside decentralized translation project called Babelfish, which it's main goal is to have groups of Steemians all along the world translating good quality posts between english and their mother tongue, therefore helping to greatly remove some steemit language barriers and make it to spread faster and stronger all over the world.

We are still in the beginning (that's why tight now we do only have 3 languages actively working on translations) we would be honored if you would like to join as our first french representative. I'll drop a link invitation for you to join our channel, any questions you have about it can be answered in there. Also I would be really glad for having an opportunity to chat with you so I'll also drop links to my account and facebook just in case you have any issue on contacting me at discord.

Here is your invite to our discord chanenl

My contact

My facebook pag

Wish you have a great week @vcelier! =D


Cool, you are certainly free to do so if you choose to. Thanks!


I joined the discord channel.
I must tell you that I have many irons on the fire and that I may not do it immediately.


I know that feeling!

This is really amazing knowing that Steemit played a crucial role in the successful completion of your book.
I will find time to read it well.
Kudos @papa-pepper


Steemit really did play a big part, and for that I am so encouraged!

¡Great! I read many of your novels thanks to @soymanu. XOXO.


Cool, I'm glad that you got the chance to read it in Spanish!

It is easy to support good work and dedication. I am glad you stuck with it and finished an amazing book. Somehow I enjoyed the anticipation of reading the next chapter...


There were a few patiently waiting for the next chapter along the way!

The hardest "easy" job there is... writing. Congratulations, that is quite an accomplishment!


Thanks @longsilver, it was a lot of work!

But how come the first couple of chapters don't end... or is that how it's supposed to be?


I am not sure what you mean by that. All 40 chapters go together as one book, and each chapter covers part of the story. Some of more of cliffhangers than others.


Ohh gotcha! Had only read 1 chapter!

As a published author years ago, all books pulled for revisions, it can be a long process to write, edit and publish.
Congratulations to you!

I'll be reading as soon as I get a chance.


Thanks for the encouragement. It certainly was a long process, but I'm glad that I finally wrapped it up!

Congratulations for a succesful completion of mission! It has to be satisfying to have reached the end of a project, and it opens the possibitily of starting another adventure, it will be a pleasure to read your story as a whole! My morning reading mission is now to finish @vcelier 's life story and "a love like this" by @papa-pepper. Will probably be done after the holidays, and it would be a pleasure to help out for translation if needed, you have a few quebeckers here that can lend a hand! again congrats and happy holidays to you and your family!!

Congratulations dear friend @papa-pepper
No doubt there is no greater happiness than to finish the pending things that one has in life, this will have been a great challenge, and I share with you that steemit motivates us to get the best out of us.
Your friends and your family will be very proud of you
I wish you a prosperous week

Well done! Now I can start at the beginning again and just read the whole thing. :-)


lol the same way as watching a serial :-) and now we wait for next season

This is good work it's not easy to put stuffs like thus together. You did a good job. Making audio available is just unique


Thanks man! It was an endeavor.

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Man, when I get time this winter to rest a little, I'm going to read through this whole publication. Good stuff, what I've read so far.