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Cromwell has broken into a sweat. He’s not supposed to be here anymore. How is this possible?

The dry, empty click was not what he was expecting.

There should have been a loud blast as the round exploded in the barrel and the bullet ripped through his skull. If he woke up at all, he was supposed to wake up dead.

Somehow, even the hopeful release that death would provide has escaped him. Some would claim that it was a misfire. Some would claim that something malfunctioned with his pistol because he had slammed it on the table. However, the detective knows better.

This was an act of God.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt in Cromwell’s mind, God Himself has just reached down to prevent him from killing himself. God has given him this last chance to repent; this last chance to turn his life around.

As the detective attempts to wrap his mind around what just happened he unconsciously removes the pistol barrel from his temple and lowers his piece. Soon, it is sitting on the table before him, and the man is completely bewildered.

He is thinking back to the joy that his late wife had expressed when she was forgiven and became a believer in Jesus Christ. While Cromwell always knew that there was some sort of higher power out there, he was just never really much for religion of any sort, and the whole “Jesus thing” never made any sense to him.

As he contemplates the things that his wife had shared with him, missing pieces of the puzzle seem to be falling into place. The Bible verses that he had read in an attempt to corner Gary suddenly seem applicable, and Cromwell’s guilt and shame cry out for cleansing.

Is this what it is all about?

Cromwell swallows hard and winces. Salvation seems so close that he can almost taste it, but there is still the bitter taste of rebellion in his mouth as well.

The same God that allowed his family to be murdered has now prevented his death. Perhaps in God’s mind his wife was ready for eternity, and he is not, but not every call is up to God.

If it is death that Cromwell wants, then it is death that he will get, and he’s not about to let anyone stop him. Whether he is prepared for the afterlife or not, he is the one who is going to make this decision, and he is the one in charge of his own destiny and fate. Not even God can stop him now.

“I’d like to see you try that again, Big Guy!”

The taunt is audible, and the decision has been made. Within seconds the barrel is back where it had been a moment ago, but this time the detective doesn’t even wince. Instead, he grins triumphantly.

With a thunderous blast, Detective Timothy Cromwell forever exits this world. His incredible track record as a detective, his last chance at repentance, and a splattered, bloody mess are all left behind…


Thank you, and stay tuned for LOVE LIKE HIS : Chapter 40 - Coming soon to a steemit near you!

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Wow @papa-pepper. You are a multiply talented man. I actually somewhat new on this platform (< 1 wk) so I'm actually sad I haven't found out about it soonest. This place is awesome and the people that are here know exactly what they are doing.

Imagine what you did with this story?

That's a lot of Timmy Cromwell for one day. The guy sounds scary and the type you wouldn't want to cross paths with on an average day.

I will have to go back in time (reverse time travel) and check out the other chapters of this book...LOVE, LIKE HIS!

Remain awesome!


good post

Reading your article is like food to me....nice activating topic indeed...Upvoted and Resteemed your post.

Reading your article is like food to me....nice captivating topic indeed, I can't wait to read your next post..Upvoted and Resteemed this post.

Wonderful description @papa-pepper shows your efficiency

You have a talent for character development and for creating tension - great writing techniques. Now I need to go back and read the previous chapters.

Feel free. The story has been an interesting one. If you do start from the beginning, please let me know what you think along the way. Thank you!

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Woah! I was not expecting that. So ends the sorry life of Detective Cromwell, may he finally rest in peace.

I'll be honest @papa-pepper, as I have been reading this over the last year, I always would imagine where you would go with the story in the next chapter. Sometimes I was close, sometimes way off, but this chapter, more than any, was a complete surprise.

Glad to hear it. One more to go. Then I'll try to print it, autograph it, and get you a copy.

I would really like that. Thank you!

Didn't see that one coming. Looking forward to 40.