VLOG 008: Steemit Tips Update + Artistic Process

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It's been a while since I've vlogged and so I felt like it was a good time to give a little bit of an update.

In this video I talk about some upcoming Steemit Tips for Newbies & Minnows tutorial videos, and tease some future vlogs where I'll discuss the artistic process. I also give a shoutout to fellow Steemians @harrisonmir and @petrajordan, and @skycorridors.

If you're seeing this post on Steemit, make sure to click the image to view the video.

Thank you to everyone who has commented, upvoted, resteemed, and shared my DTube, Steemit, and DSound posts so far. I really enjoy participating in this community.


Posts since last vlog:

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- Dig In (2011 Cheverly Demos) [DSound]

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- The Future is Here: Where my head's at right now on crypto, surveillance, and free speech

- Rediscovering Our Humanity in the Age of Algorithms and Bots


- Facebook's crypto ad ban is anti-competitive and misleading

▶️ DTube

Hey Josh :)

Thanks for the mention and I'm very glad that you were inspired by my and @harrisonmir's vlogging about our artistic journey.

To share a bit of a history there, I started documenting my artistic journey because my manager suggested I start some kind of video series. And the first thing that came to mind was an honest and simple confessional way of documenting my journey. As all artists, I, too, go through inspiring and high times and also the downers when I feel like my life and art has no meaning (like right now)... and then seeing that someone is inspired by what I do gives me more than a spark to restart my will to live! Isn't it funny, how our energies feed each other?

So once again, thanks for the mention and now I AM inspired to continue! In fact, I am only beginning to understand all the possibilities and options that Steemit offers to us artists! It's really not only about posting videos, vlogs or music. What comes to mind is cooperation, interviews, sharing knowledge, live broadcasts... the list goes on!

So I'll be on the lookout for your updates :)

And also, btw, maybe you already know it, but I saw that you mentioned me thanks to the "Steemify" app. I don't think that Steemit lists mentiones but the app sends you notifications. So if anyone who's reading this doesn't have it yet, check it out. You can download it for both iOS and Android thanks to @exyle!

I'm glad I was able to reciprocate the inspiration for you, Petra :) I always thought that vlogging about the process made sense - I used to do behind-the-scenes videos for my music (they weren't really called vlogs back then, at least in the way that they are now). But like you said, our energies feed each other, and so I think that really embracing the community aspect of Steem helps us all grow as creators.

I just went back and watched Episode 3 of your Artistic Journey series and noticed that you gave me a shoutout, so thank you! I'm glad that the tutorial series has been helping you. The mentions function on the Chrome extension appears to be broken or deprecated, so I have had a harder time keeping track of who has mentioned me in their posts. Is Steemify available on Android now? I know that @exyle had mentioned that they were working on something for Android, but I wasn't sure if it was ready yet. Hopefully soon.

Oh I thought that Steemify was available for both, iOS and Android but maybe I spread misinformation 🤭 check with @exyle

Hey Josh thanks for posting up, I was wondering where you had got to now that explains it.
Your steemit for newbies videos have been really helping me, today I have had my most successful day yet.
I am kind of envious I don't have any artistic talent or maybe if I did it would give me some ideas for my content when I vlog, I am always aware to try and not make the videos about me.
Thank you so much for posting up good to see you back.

Thanks, @crazybgadventure! I'm glad my videos have been able to help you, and I'm glad that you appreciated the update. And congratulations on your success! That's so awesome to hear!

And don't get down about not having any "artistic" talent. Anything can be an art form, including social media and vlogging. :)

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Sorry dude. Trying not to

Hey Josh @joshpeterson I'm glad to meet you.... I'm an artist as well.... I love your updates ... Do keep up the good work... Thanks a million

Thanks so much, @zona-stringz! Glad you're finding my updates helpful :)

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