Running on STEEM Episode#38 - 6 Months Living Off STEEM | What I've Learned

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Hey, guys.

It's been about 6 months since I decided to try and live off Steemit. It's been a crazy up and down ride so far being able to experience things like the all time high in crypto and the fact that I now create content for a living earning cryptocurrency.

In this episode, I share with you what I've learned throughout my 6 months of living off steem.

Hope you enjoy this episode.

Thanks for listening!

6 Things I've Learned

  1. That Crypto is volatile
  2. How to manage my stress and anxiety
  3. To be more proactive and creative when it comes to earning
  4. A little Discipline and Time Management
  5. How to work hard at achieving something
  6. That passion beats a Job

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I joined in December too. Totally feel the highs and lows of crypto... you are very brave 😊

I have argued with many about passion and the whole passion doesn't pay bills ...
For me, what's the point of working a job you dislike for the money, then spending the money to pay for something you like...
So I figure, it's ok to earn less but you are enjoying the thing you are doing, so you don't need to look for a "feel good" to balance out the distress... did that make sense?

Hey @kaerpediem! Thank you so much for listening to my podcast! I really appreciate you taking the time out of your busy day to commit.

December buddies! Yeah. I've tried working purely for money and it ended up burning me out to a point of depression.

And yes you totally made sense to me 😂
If you can find the balance between work and play without swinging too hard to one side or the other then you're probably ok😊

Thanks so much for the comment!

Listening to this and it's really interesting to hear your journey and progress. Love the reference to corny sayings are true etc.

Your last job sounds like it really was bad, glad you got out of it and are doing something that you're passionate about.

Just finished listening to your entire podcast. Okay, now you got me really curious about DSound.!/feed

They give good upvotes when they actually do start upvoting you. Check it out, man. You can start posting your own music pieces or tracks on it.

Yeah man, I made one podcast episode right after commenting on your post!

Hey @azsamad! Thanks for taking the time to listen. Yeah, I was in the animation industry in Malaysia.They're really good at playing the work for passion card on you and then slave drive your ass. Although I'm taking a hit financially, I don't have to work at a job that makes me miserable :)

Ah I was wondering about that. Yes, I really dislike when people use 'passion' as an excuse to not pay you what you deserve. Glad to hear what you're doing now is making you happy!

That's true anywhere in the world especially in the more developed countries. Also many companies have upper management that use a nasty strategy of creating competition among employees. It is always marketed as healthy competition and gets employees to compete against each other while not actually being rewarded by the company.

Might explain why everyone is suffering from mental health issues!

Didn't know that you are one of the warrriors who purely living off Steem. Great to see you still sustaining through up and down. BTW, while I'm not sure if podcasting is your true passion, you can still spend the rest of your time trying to develop another source of income with what you really love doing, with the financial support from Steem?

Warriors Haha! Thanks for checking out the episode, man! Really appreciate it.

Yeah, I do like Podcasting but I am still trying to figure out what else I can do to generate an extra income. I think the problem for me is to figure out what I'm actually good at.

Thanks again, man!

Yep, this podcast was serving as the background music while I'm doing an art just now. Had a good time listening to it.

Wow. Once again, thanks so much! Really appreciate the awesome comment. Especially when good comments are far and few in between 😊

Warrior is actually a very apt word. Warrior go through the daily grind and keep fighting to achieve objectives regardless of the adversity set up against them.

Hey, man! Thanks for the comment! I see you're going on a small comment rampage :P

Well, I'm not sure I would consider myself a warrior. Great principles to live by though based on your description :)

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