@branlee87 SUCKS at The Last of Us Episode#1

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Hey, guys!

Back with another gameplay video to add to the "branlee87 sucks at" series. Been playing a bunch of The Last of Us Remastered on my PS4 and I'm shocked at just how bad I am at it despite having finished it before back when it was out on PS3.

Well don't need to say too much. You guys can check it out right here where I waste a lot of time and valuable arrows trying to kill the unsuspecting clickers.

Thanks for checking it out!

My video is at DLive


The Last of Us is always creepy man. I'm glad i made it through the game last time..

I 100% agree with that, man. I don't really play creepy ass suspense games but that 10/10 all across the board could not be ignored :P
Playing Bloodborne as well and that shit is crazy

Yea the only reason i bought the game was because i heard it was the game of the year. Never regretted it. Haven't played Bloodborne but i heard it's really hard to play.

I hear ya, man. I have a severe love hate relationship with the last of us. I treat it like a great story that needs to be experienced every once in awhile. Like watching your favourite movie.

Don't bother with bloodborne. Too freaking stressful lol

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