Why Many Never Get Their First Post Done

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Hey, guys!

Back with another daily video!

In this video, I give my thoughts on what I think is the main reason why many people never really get their post done despite initially being very excited about starting on SteemIt.

Thanks for checking it out!

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Well, way I see it, most look at this platform and expect instant success, hoping to cash in ASAP... But just like entrepreneurism, many will fall off the grid, it is a way of natural selection you could say

You're talking about those who join and try blogging for a bit and then fall off. I'm referring to those who join and sign up but never actually get going.

Good video @branlee87. I procrastinated a bit before I put out my 1st post. Like you rightly pointed out, I wasn't comfortable about putting myself out there.
Different on FB, your audience are the people you know. Your friends. Safe.
There was the other fear of whether your content was good or interesting enough. I'm almost 60. What could I write that people would want to hear?
But you're absolutely right. This is a great platform to do this. You can make all the mistakes you want. Nobody knows you! Your video has just given me a slight push to publish my 2nd post! Thanks!

Awesome to hear @megstar! Glad my perspective could benefit you in any way :)


yes this video is really helpful for us.thanks for share..@branlee87

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