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Hey, guys!

I'm back with another movie review. Well it's actually a movie TRAILER review. A trailer of Jason Statham's new action packed ocean thriller with a huge ancient shark called the Megalodon which was thought to be extinct.

Sounds ridiculous right? That's exactly what I thought. I was so convinced that this movie was just another B grade film and that the trailer was just a reflection of all that. Well, let's just say that I did end up checking out the trailer and found myself surprised at what I saw.

In this video, I give my thoughts on the what I saw in the trailer.

Thanks for checking out my vid, everyone!

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haha Sharknado. I love when you say 'don't even get me started on this shit' :) The start of the trailer looks great but I believe they should have kept it intense throughout rather than the comedy twist. Not sure about his movie being anything special.

haha Sharknado. I love when you say 'don't even get me started on this shit' :)

You mean the Mega shark VS Crocosaurus? :P

Thanks for watching my video, man! Appreciate the comment as well.

Yeah I agree with you on the tone of the trailer. Should have kept it serious but hey, my Thalassaphobia was still tingling haha



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