Running on STEEM Episode#37 - Does Your Content Suck?

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Hey, guys!

Most of us non pros go through this phase.

Why you might think that way because

  1. Low payout/Low upvotes
  2. Low or no engagement

I think as long as you create content with effort that you're either passionate about or there's a good strong message behind it, it's decent content. It DOESN'T suck.

I've read and still read content from users/writers that don't necessarily have the best command of English but because of the point and message that they're trying to make, and the value that it gives me, I find it to be great content.
Seen some videos where the video quality is amazing but the message not very strong get huge upvotes.
I've seen Dmania posts get 80+ SBD
So why am I not getting any engagement and why are my upvotes and payouts low?

STEEMIT is where people come to make money. Not look for content.
You need to comment more on others' posts. Give to receive. I'm guilty of not doing this enough - Have to sort of market yourself
Maybe it's a case of early adopter of a platform. - My case with dsound
You need good connections with dolphins and whales. - bad content that can be seen.
At the end of the day, good content is subjective. Pewdiepie to many is just a Swedish man cursing and yelling in English. To 40 million others, he's a god.

Great content writers are those that have a name and write for prestigious magazines and have their own brand and contribute to websites like or people like Tim Ferriss.

STEEMIT is made up of mostly aspiring content creators. Can't compete with the best just yet. So if you're trying real hard to produce content and giving it a lot of thought it's probably decent. Can it be better? Most probably yes.

I believe that steemit is a platform for us low-mid tier level bloggers/content creators to hone the craft and still get paid. So keep creating and getting better at it!

Hope you enjoyed this one!

Thanks for listening!

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Great point! About people coming in to make money and not necessarily find good content!

Reminds me of networking advice: "The worst place to network are the places designated for networking. People come in desperate (to take, not give value). Dig the well before you need it."

And yeah, sometimes people are not looking for the content you create. (For example, I'm filtering out more for comics here in Steemit, lol)

Yeah exactly! Although we're all here for the money we do need to find a balance between content creation and "networking" or else steemit can be another lonely place.

"I believe that steemit is a platform for us low-mid tier level bloggers/content creators to hone the craft and still get paid. So keep creating and getting better at it!"

I couldn't sum it up better! :D

Haha! Thanks for checking out my post, man! You're one of the few real followers I have on Steemit and I appreciate it!

Totally agreed with what you said bro. Just like you said give to receive. In steemit, members tend to forget engaging part including me in earlier stage. But after exploring and get advise from others, engaging is a must to do.

Yeah, bro. Even though i've known this advice for quite a long time, I'm really just only properly practicing it! Shame on me!
Thanks so much for your comment! Really appreciate it!

Same same lah bro, hehe. Shame on me too. Keep posting great content bro. Looking forward for next one

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