STEEM Geek Podcast Episode #77 - 5 Movies That I Think Are Overrated

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Hey, guys!

The world is made up of different people with varying opinions and preferences. This is especially evident when it comes to movies. What you love may not even be what I like. And with that, I would like to present to you the 5 movies that I think are Overrated!

Just for the record, I enjoyed most of these movies but just not to the level that others did and it is something that I cannot comprehend but yet I accept. So please don't kill me :)

Hope you enjoy this one!

Thanks for listening!

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Hey, hey! Thanks for this list of overrateds :)

Yeah, I think Dark Knight is like so-so. Never realized about him focusing much on detective work. But I guess I just never noticed this show much, coz it just didn't seem very much our childhood Batman! Very true, not a lot of fights! Didn't feel there was anything memorable in that movie!

And the last movie reviewed, which is like "FernGully" all over again. Haha, yeah. The story was enough to move things along, and showcase the CG. Something I'm not sure I wanna watch again, but if it was on TV, I wouldn't mind joining in at the part where we have that one lengloi who piloted the, uh, chopper?, jetplane?. Haha, lol.

No comments from me on the films in between, since I didn't watch them, or just don't remember which films they are now! But as I seldom go out to watch movies nowadays, it's nice to have a feel for some of the movies that are being produced out there.

I liked your deconstruction of the films. I liked your consideration for people who hold different movie tastes from you! :) I wish to hear less of your disclaimer for haters and more of your unfiltered thoughts and feelings, coz I really really like how your thoughts flow when you spoke on topics like Sunday's "The REAL Malaysia Day!" :D

Looking forward to your listening to your podcast soon! :)

Waah! Thanks for the epic comment! Glad you liked this episode. Well those are pretty much my genuine thoughts. I guess me swearing and getting worked up would probably add more character to the show but I shall refrain from greatly offending others for now :P

Thanks for listening!

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