Drawing Challenge --Winners #5 & New Theme #6( SBDs Giveaway ) 绘画比赛 第五期获奖者及新的主题

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Welcome to the Drawing Challenge !


Last week's theme was "your hands", although drawing hand is not easy, (as we all know, "drawing hand is difficult in drawing figure". )we also received more than 40 entries which are in accordance with the rule. I have to say, some participants performed so well not only in the composition of a picture, but also in the stories behind the writing words. These works looks moving, amazing and meaningful. The following awarded winning works were carefully selected by our guest judge @opheliafu from many excellent works.

Now let's take a look at it.

The Third Prize:

my-right-hand by @asechkina

Guest Judge @opheliafu's comments:

I thought this piece by @asechkina was skilfully drawn, and the choice of Steemit blue nail polish was a nice touch and added a fun focus to the picture.


The Third Prize:

grandmother-s-love-in-the-hands-of-grandchild by @cookingpapa

Guest Judge @opheliafu's comments:

This was a very nice subject matter that @cookingpapa chose to draw for this piece. The drawing had a nice feeling of warmth to it from @cookingpapa’s choice of media and colours.


The Third Prize:

beautiful-hand by @ted7

Guest Judge @opheliafu's comments:

I liked the unusual twist of drawing a skeleton hand that @ted7 did in this piece. The hand coming out of the ground adds an interesting touch and led me as a viewer to question what it was doing there, climbing out of the ground or growing like a flower?


The Second Prize:

hand-under-the-lamp-digital-drawing-process by @marty-arts

Guest Judge @opheliafu's comments:

The composition of this piece by @marty-arts caught my attention, it made an interesting subject matter to have the hand holding something round to the light and worked very well with the digital media.


The Second Prize

hands by @jungwatercolor

Guest Judge @opheliafu's comments:

This painting by @jungwatercolor has such a skilful application of watercolour to make a beautiful and delicate piece of work. I think the colour choices in this are wonderful, that soft colour palette of pinks, purples and blues is very tranquil.


The First Prize :

love-and-peace by @nanosesame
Guest Judge @opheliafu's comments:

@nanosesame has made an imaginative piece full of vibrancy and fun. I like the range of painting techniques used in this too.


Thank guest judge @opheliafu, every participant and all of you, all rewards have been sent directly to the winner's wallet.

Now Drawing Challenge #5 will begin!

This Week's Guest judge : @htliao

He is a big boy with bright personality, optimistic and confident, and come from Hongkong. He successfully held the "The Anime Character Drawing Challenge" a few days ago, I think if you like drawing, you are not unfamiliar with him. In addition, his hobbies is very extensive, such as travel, drawing and digital currency investment. Recently, he began to hold the first investment simulation contest, if you are interested in investment, you can follow him.

This Week's Theme:draw a portrait of a child (only used by pencil)

The Prize:

The First prize 10 SBD
The Second prize 2* 5 SBD
The Third prize 3* 3 SBD

Sponsored by @helene

Rules of competition:

please read these carefully and abide by the rules

1、The title is: Drawing Challenge#6+ your title

2、Take photo of step by step process (this is one of the most important criterion)

3、The works must be marked with your own names

4、Post a link or your entry below the comment thread.

5、Pencil sketch was only used.

6、You can submit up to 2 entries.

8、Any attempt to steal other's work is considered a serious infraction, we will cancel his qualification permanently.

9、The deadline for submission is Sep 30, and winners were announced on Oct 8.


上次的主题是“画你的手”,我们都知道“画人难画手”。绘画里画手并不简单,反而我觉得是迄今为止最难的一期。但是我们也收到了40 多幅有效参赛作品。不得不说有些参赛选手无论在构图还是文字背后的故事都表现的特别出色,作品让人看了有种莫名其妙的感动,惊讶,更富有深刻的含义。下面的获奖作品就是评委@opheliafu 从众多优秀作品中精心挑选出的,我们一起来看一下。

@asechkina, @ted7, @cookingpapa

@jungwatercolor , @marty-arts




他是一名来自香港的大男孩,非常开朗、乐观、自信。他在steemit 上成功举办过动漫绘画比赛,喜欢绘画的你们一定不会陌生吧。此外,他的爱好广泛,并且擅长数字货币的投资理财,并开始举办第一届中文区模拟投资比赛,如果你对投资感兴趣可以多多关注他哦。



一等奖 1名 10 SBD
二等奖 2名 5 SBD
三等奖 3名 3 SBD


1、标题为:Drawing Challenge#6+ your title







8、截止时间:9月30日 公布时间:10月8日

Previous Winners of the Drawing Challenge:

Drawing Challenge #5 Your Hand
Drawing Challenge # 4 Card For Teacher

Drawing Challenge #3 Fruit

Drawing Challenge #2 Flower
Drawing Challenge #1 Tree

If you have any questions, you can contact me on Steemit.chat under the same name.



So happy to be the guest judge. Hope you guys will have fun in this drawing challenge. Look forward to see your entries. ^o^


Can my brother draw for me? He is very good.

I also look forward to this drawing challenge. The anime challenge contest that you arranged was really fun too @htliao. Are you planning to arrange another anime art challenge anytime soon.

thanks for the contest :)

yay the second prize! thank you so much @helene and @opheliafu :) I was also interested in the picture of the first prize... really original and playful :)

please submit your works in the comments below.

Thank you @helene and @opheliafu ! And congratulations to all!
Every time I learnt new things when doing research, and also had a review of life (or daily life). This challenge is both fun and meaningful<3

Hello @helene and @htliao.
This is my first entry into the contest "draw a portrait of a child"
Hope that you like it.

Here is an animated gif of the drawing process

Thanks and have a great day!

This is superb! I had no idea a contest could look this good.
Awesome! @helene and @htliao our guest judge. I am so very proud of you.
This is my entry in this beautiful pencil drawing contest
👘Muffler Boy👘 Portrait Of A Child-Pencil Drawing♨️

Here is an animated gif of the drawing process


@helene and @opheliafu~
Thank you very much for awarding the third prize to me.
I think your Drawing Challege event is very wonderful
and I've been participating in this contest many times.
I wanna express my appreciation again to @helene
and hope this awesome event is going on and on~^^

@cookingpapa, you are welcome, I very like your picture, hand in hand, feel warm and happy.:)

Hello everyone.
This is my second entry "draw a portrait of a child"
Hope that you like it.

Here is an animated gif of the drawing process

Thanks and have a wonderful day!

Goodnight I leave my first entry to participate in the contest ... I chose to draw my eldest son, I hope you like and thanks @helene.


Hello I am new here and i just want to participate and contribute to your community about this drawing challenge #6 entry of mine and I hope you will enjoy knowing the step by step process of it and I hope you will participately answer my question on the post of it.

And here it is


I think you should increase the prizes. :)

nice paintings. i´m following you now :) when starts a new challange? ;)

Wonderful drawing competition @helene . All the drawing was best and skillfull by drawing artist pleasure to see this post :)*

an awesome article keep it up an and great drawing keep it up

John : David why do you take bath in milk?

David: Because i failed to find a cow tall enough for a shower.

best drawings i ever watched
and congratulation for those, who won prizes
great work

@gkumar,thank you for your support.

Thanks for making this event, Its fun

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Hey, my name is Nadine and I am new on steemit. I would be happy if you could check out my post as well and follow back. Thank you:-)
I really like your post. Nice!

Super mega thanks!!

your post is just awesome... just love it ...
i just started following you follow me back on @heisali please



Congratulations to all the winners!!

Amazing job @helene Followed...

thank you .

Congrats to all winners

Many congrats to the winners. Respect to the judges and the organizers of this contest. Keep up the good job guys. This means a lot to the platform and Steemit community.

Thumbs up @helene and @htliao!

Steem On!


one of the great posts


congrats to the winners, so many excellent artworks here!!! ^_^

Congrats to all the winners :)

Wow! <3
I really love making portraits <3

Congratulation winners !

I hope you liked my drawing. I called it "The Dream of a Child". Our children are our angels.

Excellent works. Bravo!

wonderfull art..!🌸

Good article

歐天!! 這次題目更難!!! T_T


啊~~ 我只能再找些時間幾看看了 :S

You got my vote and a resteem :]

thank you

Thanks for hosting the art challenges! @helene Terrific entries & congratulations to the winners!👏👏 Entry to come. Rsd & following💯

i wish i'd draw such kind of hands drawing.. really its very nice thumbs up and off course voted up to.. (y)

Congrats to the winners!
Definitely taking part in the next challenge.

Good post. thanks for sharing

Congrats to all winners!

Congratulations winner

hi @helene thanks for this opportunity to enter your contest, this is my entry for this week. good luck to everyone and happy steeming


Congratulations to all the winners and participants! I look forward to this week's contest. Have a wonderful day!

thank you for the third place @helene and @opheliafu :).
here is my first entry for this 6th challenge, I hope I can win again XD




好的呢。慢慢画^ _ ^


Hello! This is my first time to enter this contest! Here's my entry and good luck to evryone! https://steemit.com/art/@silentsoularts/drawing-challenge-6-portrait-of-the-boss-baby-step-by-step
The Boss Baby

Good day to all of participants and also to you @helene, heres my 2nd entry for this challenge, I drew Kid version of Trafalgar Law of ONE PIECE. https://steemit.com/drawingchallenge/@julstamban/ujhxr-drawing-challenge-6-entry-2-or-trafalgar-law-of-one-piece-child-with-amber-lead-disease


thanks for the post @helene i will follow this drawingchallenge race

I loved all these pictures
It's really beautiful photos
thank you for your effort

Here is my entry. It is my pleasure to take part in your competition and I apologise for the late entry but this particular theme I was having difficulty coming up with the right portrait until I saw the picture of this boy and his grandfather. I hope you enjoy this piece.



这个得参加 刚好国庆可以有时间画

今天是最后一天呀,赶紧准备吧。争取晚上提交。24-30号提交日期。就一周时间。utc 时间明天12点之前也行。



Thank you for hosting the drawing contests @helene. This is my first time entering one of your challenges. Please find my drawing and post here:

Collage 2017-09-30 19_04_33.jpg
"Looking Back to My Son at Age Three"

Very interesting competition))) Unfortunately I can not draw so beautifully)) But I'll try)))