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Yesterday was another fun day in Sacramento California. We went to the movie to watch Crazy Rich Asian which turned out to be a much better movie than I expected!

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Hello @teamsteem I am happy for both of you touring Europe and I hope that you can take us in many places too in the future.
Watching videos gives me some way of forgetting my problems and thanks to God I am not getting much depression despite many difficulties.

Still rocking that Bitcoin t-shirt!

I have no wealth to siphon away, this is my plan! Fingers crossed for a change in that in future :D

Cheers guys enjoy Saramento!

Hello my crush man, I have missed commenting on your blog. You seem to be having all the fun, I wanna join too.. Will Karen let me?😰😰


Haha😁😁, not today maybe😋

Romantic :)


Irman Syah | @mpugondrong

What can I guys rock. Keep having fun

I thought you were talking about another thing when you asked me if I have read Dan Larimer's post, one hell of a mentor you have he really is a strong one. Looking at his post carefully some many things I can say but am not jumping into it. Little do I know about crypto and how it works, my bad I only know crypto is money and bitshare is crypto and it is listed on steem and maybe that is possible because of Larimer's relationship with @ned ? Like I said little do I know about crypto or how it works, I have not giving much time in studying about it. We all have mentors and for me if I have the strength I will do what @sweetsssj does, simple travel with me! I wish I had that kind of strength to do what she does, well we can not always have what we want in life but we can strive to reach that goal and get what we want. Dan's mission is really inspiring but do you know you do some travels like @sweetsssj ? except that you don't say travel with us😁😁 do enjoy your stay @ Sacramento' California!

@teamsteem, Hope that you are having an great travelling experience, and yes sometimes we expect something but the actual scenario can be different for sure.

And i hope that you really enjoyed the movie. In my opinion sometimes movies reflects as not that much interesting until we watch it, particularly i had these kind of experiences many times.

So, in this phase i have learned one lesson and that is, never judge the book by it's cover, so whenever i go for an movie then for sure i watch it then and then i give an rank.

Enjoy your day ahead and explore more amazing places and i hope and wish that these moments will going to become great memories for you.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Good to see more Sacramento folks here.

Love the fun are you two!