I Allocate 2,000$+ Daily On Steem!

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My vote is worth 200$+! It's the 53rd most powerful vote on Steem. I allocate between 0.5-0.7% of the reward pool daily. I'm at around 0% self upvote in the last 31 days.

90%+ of my voting power comes from a delegation. I'm forever grateful to this person. Thank you! The sole purpose of this delegation is to make a positive impact.

Since this have been write 3 days ago, numbers have changed. I'm as grateful as I was. How could I be otherwise?

What Is This Post All About?

It's about intriguing people and inciting them to join. It's about sharing what I know and do. It's about doing my best. It's about helping people.

Top 100 Most Powerful Votes

Make The Most Out Of Your Steem Posts


Quality is the most important factor in determining a post's success. Nothing can make up for poor quality.

Reach Out To People

Our posts' audience is as important as our post's quality. Quality posts don't guarantee an audience and without an audience our posts can't succeed.

Not all votes are worth the same and not all voters vote alike.

Titles And Thumbnails Are Gateways To Your Posts

Our titles and thumbnails are what we use to persuade people to read further. Give your titles special attention. Make them short and punchy.

Who Votes?

Out of the top 50 most powerful votes, 10+ accounts don't votes. Voting power is never lost, it is simply redistributed to everyone else proportionally to their stake.

If only 1 person voted during an entire 30 day period this vote wout be worth the entire 30 day reward pool currently worth just shy of $2.5 M.

Powerful Bid Bots

9 out of the 25 most powerful votes are bid bots. Those 9 bid bots have allocated 15%+ of the reward pool during the last week.

Most bids seem to lead to a net lost for the bidders. Stats on this would be interesting.

Bid bots can be used to put any posts on the trending page.

Understanding Bid Bots

If only one person bid on a bid bot with a 100$ upvote they'll get the whole 75$ no matter how much they bid. (25%, in this case 25$ goes to the bot as curation reward) If someone else were to vote double the amount of the first bidder they'll get double the vote value of the first bidder and so on.

I would advice caution in using @sneaky-ninja @pushup and @aksdwi bots if not outright avoid using them. (info)

How To Use Bid Bots?

Steembottracker.com provides everything there is to know.


Words To Curators About Bid Bots

Love them or hate them, bid bots exist. Encourage talented authors to use them, otherwise only bid bots farmers will end up using them.

Steem's Specialized Platforms

Out of the 30 most powerful voters who vote, 7 are specialized platforms. They've allocated 15%+ of the reward pool during the last week. You can only get those votes when posting from those platforms.

Account NameReward MostlyWebsiteVoting Pattern
@dliveLive Streamhttps://www.dlive.ioSteemreports.com
@esteemappMobile Apphttps://esteem.wsSteemreports.com
@zapplTwitter Likehttps://zappl.comSteemreports.com


Utopian.io is geared toward rewarding coders of open sourced project. Utopian.io also reward a lot of other types of content. "What is Utopian.io?" to learn about how to use it.

Read about Utopian's rules here.


@curie is an other powerful vote. They've allocated 2%+ of the reward pool during the last week. Learn about @curie here.

Messaging Whales

Out of a desire to be successful at what I'm trying to achieve, I'm going to block everyone who messages me something I don't relate to or wasteful of my time. People I consider friend don't have to worry about this obviously.

I read all comments made on my posts. Here's an example of a private message I've received and enjoyed.

My Voting Pattern

Life Favors The Deceivers

Deceivers are at a definitive advantage in any situation. Predators and prays have used deception in their struggle for life since time immemorial. Humans aren't any different.

In today's society, the most powerful people are its most astute deceivers and have everything to lose from being exposed. Deception begets deception.

My Mission In Life

I'm looking to build a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear, where technology brings transparency in our relationships finally giving honest cooperation the upper hand over any other types of human interaction.

Making Governments Irrelevant!

Cryptocurrencies like Steem are making "the cost of doing business outside the [cryptocurrency] system higher than the cost inside the system" [1] and will sooner or later make national currencies obsolete.

"We're creating systems that make governments irrelevant, taking dispute out of their jurisdictions to allow people to interact securely with each other." [2] @dantheman

The Unfathomable Deception

We are able to produce more than at any point in history, yet there are still many people in dire need. Most people don't realize the size of the deception which have been pulled before them.

The deceivers win each and every time they can pull out a deception. Sooner or later, the deception becomes unfathomable. Deception is the ultimate weapon.

Dollar Dollar Bill!

Fiat money is a deception benefiting those who create it at the expense of everyone else. Under the current system, an increasing amount of financial hardship is guaranteed.

The deceivers are having it their way. In today's system, no amount of charity from well intended or deceiptful person can ever create less overall hardship.

Doing Our Best

In today's society, the least fortunate have no formal education, lack proper hygiene, medical care and haven't even eaten enough today. Sadly, how could we expect something else from a society mostly based on deceitfulness?

I would love to plant upvote trees and give an infinite amount of votes. I'm just a simple guy trying to do what's best!

Technological Abundance

Technology have allowed human to produce more than at any point in history. There's more than enough for everyone which can be shipped anywhere in the world faster and for cheaper than ever.

Don't be deceived, everyone has incentives to deceive.

Who Knows Why?

"The reasons we live and the reasons we die? You can't figure this one, so why try?" [3] I don't pretend to know what is this great mystery we're all part of.

We don't know the extent of the deception which have been pulled before us. We could very well all be part of some sort of a real life Truman Show.

Truth Shall Upset You Free

Because something burns inside of me
It's everything I long to be
And lies they only stop me from feeling free

Interviews I Did This Week

Interview with @ma1neevent and @poeticsnake (link)

My Upcoming Post

My upcoming post will go into more details about cryptocurrencies and how and why they will become the main currencies in the future.

Thank You!

Thank you @ogoowinner for making me stop procrastinating the writing of this post!

Some Of My Previous Post

  1. What Truly Matters!
  2. How National Currencies Are Created And Who They Profit
  3. Cryptocurrencies: The Best Investments Of All Time
  4. Understanding Bitcoin [if you know better let me know]
  5. Understanding Bitcoin Cash
  6. How To Buy And Secure Your First Bitcoin
  7. Empower Everyone, Decentralize Everything!
  8. Doing Away With Governments: How And Why
  9. The Only Meaningful Measure Of Success Is Joy
  10. Cryptocurrencies Stats And How To Invest
  11. Steem: Where Money Talks And Kindness Rules!
  12. Technological Abundance
  13. In The Name Of Freedom
  14. What I Do And Stand For As A Witness

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Approving My Witness!

Everyone has 30 witness votes. These votes can be changed at any moment. I read all comments and appreciate them all. Spam will be flagged.

My Most Interesting Post

Thank You Dan Larimer! You Are A Great Mentor!

Understanding Steem

Steem Is Growing Fast!

Good To Know

  • I use Markdown Pad (free version) to create my posts.
  • How to align pictures.

The Chats!

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One post touching so many important topics. TS, you are good at what you do.

My Mission In Life

I'm looking to build a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear, where technology brings transparency in our relationships finally giving honest cooperation the upper hand over any other types of human interaction.


In today's society, the least fortunate have no formal education, lack proper hygiene, medical care and haven't even eaten enough today. Sadly, how could we expect something else from a society mostly based on deceitfulness?

I can perfectly relate to that based on my personal life experience.

The deceivers win each and every time they can pull out a deception. Sooner or later, the deception becomes unfathomable. Deception is the ultimate weapon.

Unfortunately, deception rules the world. More sad is the fact that the deceivers are the ones regarded as the good guys. Worst still is the pain that comes when you are tagged a deceiver even when you meant good. ( I have experienced that severally and this has made me a woman of so many sorrows who is scared of the world and almost everyone in it) Everyone has his or her natural flaws. We all have the tendencies to go wrong sometimes, but the deceivers have it good always because they are acting out a script well calculated. And guess what? Everyone loves them.

Thank you @ogoowinner for making me stop procrastinating the writing of this post!

I am glad it worked.

Thank you too TS for writing a masterpiece that has restored a little hope to someone like me. I write on motivational topics, but somehow deep down, I feel hopeless, afraid and pained.

I have Resteemed for my followers to also benefit from it.

@ogoowinner, one if not my first meaningful upvotes i got on steemit as a newbie was from you. It was like a million dollars to me after several efforts putting up posts and got nothing,, nomatter the content of the post. That day i decided to give it a try once more when i came across your NPC contest introduced by a steemin. I read the rules and saw your promise too. I made my own post regarding the challenge and behold, i got an upvote from you like never before. The first time i got that kind of upvote was only on my introduction post where i got about $3. But i never gave up. From that your upvote, i realised that i could still be rewarded for any value I add on steemit, nomatter how little the reward might seem. I was really encouraged. Right now i'm growing. Its about a month i joined steemit, but i have seen many opportunities in store here. I came to know that it takes determination and focus to progress.So, the sky is my starting point looking and emulating people of your kind @ogoowinner, @teamsteem, @destinysaid, @eurogee Etc. You have a good heart and you always fulfill your promises @ogoowinner. Keep it up and remain blessed. Thank you once again. To confirm what i said
This is the link to the post you upvoted @ogoowinner,

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I remember when you would not vote for posts that were not upvoted enough because there were not any curation rewards in it for you. @Teamsteem. Things sure can change when you receive millions of dollars in free voting power eh? You are an actor!

the deceivers have it good always

Just like everyone else, people who deceive have to face themselves and because humans have a tendency to express compassion I feel like the deceivers must experience some very serious challenges in some aspects of their life.

Challenges and deceitfulness are part of life. To experience positive feelings we must experience its opposite sometimes to be able to contrast both.

You said you feel hopeless, afraid and pained and it's okay, we all do sometimes.

Very important and valuable information you have provided to all steemit users.so first thank you for that.by using this info quality content will increases.but please tell me sir why from last few days the upvote worth is decreasing.

Steem price is decreasing relative to USD.

I agree because even most of the time, you really can't determine if someone that you are dealing with is now deceiving you.

You said you feel hopeless, afraid and pained and it's okay, we all do sometimes.

We really all do. We should be patient in everything and try to make solutions for it. or even, make fun with it!! :)

@teamsteem, thank you so much for your upvotes. I so much appreciate your generousity.

Only one with passion can recognize passsion ✅

No such thing as “deceivers have it good always”. It may look like a script is written but it’s just that everyone is trying their best in the struggle for survival. Nobody has any clue what will happen in the future. If someone creates more suffer then they will feel that too. Everyone is put in different areas of life that shapes us. It’s impossible to write a script for the whole world to follow since there is too many actors involved. No person can control all that.

You made some very good points here and can agree and relate to all of them, especially:

Fiat money is a deception benefiting those who create it at the expense of everyone else. Under the current system, an increasing amount of financial hardship is guaranteed.

This is the one thing that bothers me the most in currents society and proves how immensly stupid the human race is to have all information out there in the open about how the monetary system is deliberately broken to serve the elite and hwo they put it in place and control each side in the parliament and every news, tv show, etc.

But the sheep just wont get it, they oblige with everything that's put in front of them bx a made up authority; may it be police or a court or whatnot people will oblige to this fake authority figures who are in end controlled by the elite.

proves how immensly stupid the human race

We're facing challenging times as a whole but I guess this was all meant to be somehow.

the sheep just wont get it

We're all human with our strengths and weaknesses.

The biggest challenge is that made by the system in it being that if we want to change something we need 50%+ to agree and with a population of 60%+ braindead we can't do much

I just fear that blockchain technology isn't something made up by the machine to enslave us further. The are already doing a pretty good job taxing out their slaves in the east and many countries fail to fight against it so they just oblige with those in power.

Weaknesses of many is something all of us will have to and are already paying for...

60%+ braindead

They are not braindead. They are humans with needs. Braindead is what the social engineers, those who use deception use as a label to down people.

There's a very real possibility the "machine" has created Bitcoin and that's what odds point to. There's also a very real possibility the "machine" will want to free itself from it's own predatory states and blockchain technology could be the result of such a thing.

One theory is that Walter Wriston of Citi paid for a team to develop bitcoin, but he passed away and they completed the project in the next two years. He was thinking and talking about cryptocurrency for many years before that.

BTW, your posts like the one above, and this comment, are why you are one of my witnesses :)

Before, people couldn't organize because they had to pay to organize. Cost to do so exceeded the resources of most; they didn't organize. A small predatory minority which was organized could easily push them around. Today, cryptos pay people to organize; and when millions of people are paid to organize, they organize. An organized mass cannot be pushed around. That's why China and others are so fearful of decentralized blockchains. For example, the common rewards pool in Steem pushes people to organize, because they get paid for doing so, if they cash out.

I don't know how else to call someone who cant critically think or question anything said by an authority of questionable morals.

My fear is that they will pump up bitcoin and other cryptos sky high bringing a lot more people in through the mainstream media and into the hype and then crash the price only to blame the falling of their broken monetary system on cryptos.

Because as we know it their monetary system is a house of cards ready to tip over any minute now and a big crypto crash would be a good story for the drones as they wouldn't even bother questioning or thinking about it.

Hi Runicar,
i know what you mean by braindead and drones but it's not really a fair description for most people, uneducated is probably a better description along with fearful (of the unknown or difficult to understand concepts).
It is down to us to educate, inform and reduce the fearfulness of others.
In my opinion anyway.

What they are more specific is unconscious humans. They are not even aware of what they are doing in life. This is the majority of humans. Educated is a funny word because none of us is really finished being “educated”. We are mainly just speculating and watching patterns. But yes we could educate people in some stuff but it’s mainly making people more conscious and aware that we want to do. That is also easier for people to understand. Since education never stops.

Good point. Institutional investors can easily pump anything, then crash it. The market can absorb around 60 to 80 billion a day right about now, and a medium hedge fund run by an investment bank can be around 200 billion. Just a sale of 10 billion of any assets can crash the market (as recently happened).

A precarious situation, since most individual investors are dangerously leveraged and will automatically have their positions closed on an enormous loss, before market recovery in a few days. Institutional investors will be safe thanks to their sizes. Most individual investors will readily then believe mainstream media nonsense how its all intrinsic to cryptos. (Frank Herbert wrote, once people look for scapegoats they easily find them if the alternative is to look incompetent themselves.)

Think it’s a bit more complicated then that since you have so many different people on both sides. Many looking to make a profit and exit the old system. There is such a demand right now that any crash would just attract more buyers. Because what else would we do? Go back to the old system? Not like we are going back again the Blockchain is too good and it’s clearly a step forward in the right direction.

Most people buying Bitcoin are speculators and investors. It’s the new digital Gold. Mainstream masses will never go buy Bitcoin. The supply is even too small for it to make a big impact. Only 21 million coins and as I understood it 4 million is lost so barely 16 million coins left. Bitcoin is too slow to scale. Mainstream masses will adopt something that is easier to understand and we are still years away from that.

Humans always want to expand and explore that is what has caused Bitcoin and Blockchain to come up. We are bored of the old systems and always look for ways to improve stuff. Clearly we are working to make things work better. Something we have been working on with intensity for the last 200 years. Who knows what we are capable of letting this go for another 1000 years.

Thanks for being an active up-voter.

Personally, I've never found a bot profitable. Surely there must be a way to ban all bots. I also think auto-voting should be done away with as well.

We need more Steemians like you.

You say fiat currency is evil because it gives power to all those people who prints it... then I say cryptocurrency is no different because it gives power to only those who are whales.. the whole idea of empowering the people is so baseless, as no matter if its centralized or decentralized it will always be monopolized by the very few.

I don't say thing as much as I express first principles.

Fiat is created with 0 cost thus there is no risk and it's at the expense of everyone who is holding the currency without the power to create new one.

Cryptocurrencies based on POW algorithm are very costly to create and those who risk the most, those who own the most miners create the most money. Cryptocurrencies based on POS or DPOS like Steem are much less costly to create but still those who have the most to lose and to gain from the currency succeeding are those who create the most new currency but only proportional to how much they own.

Steem is a bit different. Some of the newly created currencies are allocated to authors and the creation of new tokens are delegated to the witnesses.

In POS, if someone owns 1% of the coin, they will create 1% of the new coin. No one is losing anything. Everyone is increasing their stake proportional to how much they already have.

Thank you for the insightful post and for wanting to make Steemit a more open / honest place.

This is some good information to digest about Steemit and how the "whales" vote. While I don't believe in customizing my content just to make sure that someone with a lot of voting power upvotes my post, it is important to know what the Steemit crowd likes to see.

If nothing else, I think learning how to use headings, catchy titles, markdown, tags, and appropriate pictures will go a long way to making sure that a high-quality post is noticed. After all, even the best post might not be read if it is just a giant paragraph of text.

Thank you so much for this post! Feels like I stumbled on gold. Haha! I'm new to Steemit and cryptocurrency all-together...still getting the hang of everything. This post was exactly what I needed. First, I love the way it is set up. Everything is broken down nicely. Easy to read and to-the-point. Great work with the visuals and especially the information! I've bookmarked this page to refer back to the list of Steemit tools and the links to informative posts. Especially excited to check out the Steemit A-Z posts and Understanding Bitcoin. Sooo happy I found this! Grateful to the person that motivated you to write it. Keep up the great work! I’m looking forward to taking in all of this info now! :)

I hope you'll get to read Understanding Bitcoin. This will be a great help to better understand my upcoming post. I'm glad you read Steemit A-Z. This shows some serious interest.

wow! I’m so moved by what you do...
you are indeed for the community.
You have touched a lot with just a single post

The part where you talked about making the government irrelevant 👍🏽...I can’t wait for the point where government will be begging for people to come work for them, because at this point people are busy doing well for themselves just by the writing...

Personally , I believe the government jobs limits you, it makes you believe so much in the stipends they give ; to the extent you become so comfortable with that as your whole ..

Thanks @teamsteem you really inspire we here(steemit community).

I’m always glad and honored when you visit my blog🙏🏽

Thanks @teamsteem keep doing what you know best 💪🏽

Thank you for this awesome comment!

I’m honored 😊

This is one of the best posts I have seen on here, especially the following paragraph really stands out:

'I'm looking to build a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear, where technology brings transparency in our relationships finally giving honest cooperation the upper hand over any other types of human interaction.'

I have been looking for people who want to change social media, the internet and the planet for the better for so long and it seems I've finally found them!

If anyone reading this has not voted this guy as a witness, I'd suggest you vote right now! Proof that I voted for him can be seen here:

Screen Shot 2018-02-24 at 20.40.57.png

I always find your posts refreshful and immaculately clean of the contrived eagerness of some Steemit advocates and honestly filled with genuine enthusiasm. I also appreciate the deeper, more open-minded and philosophical way you look at things and your passion for truth. Thanks for your educational posts and looking forward to checking out your latest interviews :)

It's the first time that I read his posts and I already notice that yeah it is a different philosophy worth learning from. I'm inspired to keep going and try to base all my present and future project in the technological abundance that Steem as a blockchain provides me(us).

Thank you!

send me your connetc facebook id or whats app num if u want to ern btc

I support your advocacy in compassion and courage. The Christian community upholds these values!

As a father has compassion on his children,
so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him.
Psalm 103:13 | NIV

wow cant wait til my vote is worth $200 :))

Hehe. In my case, will happen around year 2063 :)

Haha. I know right? How awesome must the feeling of power be?

interesting.... i can't imagine if my vote reaches that high.... long way to dream of... i am just a newbie

First thing first ....
(Quality is an important factor)
This one has reminded me that our content should be with quality

It's my first time blogging . Thanks to steemit!

Yer that would be cool to have that kind of voting power.. people with this kind of voting must have a huge following on other platforms besides steemit.. they drive the traffic to their posts to get the up votes.. is that how it works.

Tq for the vote on my reply

@teamsteem you are an awesome person and with amazing ideology..

As far as I am concerned, I read your post everyday(many times repeating the same post) and everytime I learn something new...
So much to absorb in one reading to I do repeated readings...

e.g. from today's post I learned
"Titles And Thumbnails Are Gateways To Your Posts"
I will work on this and be back on this post to get some more...
I self upvoted this comment to have more visibility...Hope you won't mind..

awww :) Xabi! You are always so sweet. I'm sure @teamsteem will love reading your comment! hehe.

And Karen you ae an amazing friend.
Among the few here on steemit with I really connected. ..

I read your post everyday(many times repeating the same post) and everytime I learn something new...

This makes me very happy! Thank you Xabi!

If you are happy than I must be doing something right here on steemit and
This makes me very happy also!!!

Good post. But I think there is some problem for the current HF19 curation mechanism. You see, good quality posts now rely on people like you to reward them, instead of dolphin or normal whales, who votes on themselves or their friends.

This. This is very true.

Are you referring to what linear reward introduced?

I have noticed you on a few of my post. I appreciate that you take the time to actually ready my content before leaving a comment

I've been on steemit for exactly a month today. What I'm surprised about is how much Steemit has effected the way I go about my life. I've have a lot of firsts in my life on this platform, blogging, photo editing, video editing, sharing photos and sharing my art work. There are definitely different communities working and supporting each other. Here is my point... I was touched, slapped or blessed by a whale. #19 on the list to be exact. This was a great motivator to continue to improve and that I have the right idea of what to use this platform for. Thanks for your time.

Check this post once my dear friends-
If u liked it then upvote it and resteem it.
I am new to this wonderful platform so yours upvote and resteem will be a push for me.

Wow ! It's my first time too

There is SO much value in this post it is crazy. Absolutely crazy! Honestly I wish my vote was worth more than a fraction of 1 cent just so I can vote this more lol. But looking at this post alone shows how much you deserved that delegation! A big and a late congratulation on that! Thanks for giving me some knowledge! I book marked this page!

Thank you! I really enjoyed reading your nice comment!

@teamsteem It's the first time I see your post and not gonna be my last time, Thank you for the update. I can't begin to say how much I appreciate seeing, and how much I would urge you to continue, being transparent with the community like you are in this post. It's such a unique experience, for everyone, to be the co-owners and co-creators of a community project liek STEEM. We all want it to be the best that it can be and we are all incentivized to contribute where we can. So please keep on giving people the feeling that they are on your team and with you on this crazy ride in this new blue ocean we call

Nice to "meet" you. I'm a newbie and I've been following and reading "whales" and learning as I go. I'm excited to figure out my place and learn how I can make a difference. All this upvoting and bots is over my head at the moment. I'm focusing on finding the good content, creating some of my own and finding my place here. There's so much I want to write about and I am but no one is reading me yet, so it's sort of pushing a couple of the really good ones I have been working on back more until I meet more people. I shall keep reading and following! Melissa

I really love reading so much human quality in one voice, I say it and I keep it above the level you have, that to get there, you have challenged a long career, but you are at that level for your perseverance and perseverance, overcoming any challenge , and it is the important thing that we learn that we are starting in this great ocean, to swim:

  1. quality of the publication.
  2. Do not lose hope when we have not reached or we do not get our posts to please readers.
  3. Make content interesting and above all, that contributes to growth.
  4. Do not fall into traps, of people, who say deposit to vote for your publication, here the transparency is what catches my attention, let's check who it is, what is its reputation, days ago I happened, and I'm in diapers , but I'm not blind either, if you like what I publish, vote for me, but I'm not a beggar.
  5. I have a hard time believing in steemit, that you will value your work, because it is a job that everyone does in their own way, but we must look for the challenge in what we are most outstanding.
    Thank you @teamsteem, for your teachings, for your great heart and for the nobility with which you write your post.

Hi @teamsteem, during my drive into work this morning I listened to your interview with @jerrybanfield. What a great and insightful interview it was.

It is really inspiring to listen to both of you and your passion for the Steemit platform. I was so impressed when you stated that you spend so much of your time reading quality content and curating it manually. I was really inspired by that comment and so thankful that you take the time to interact with the authors on Steemit.

It was your interview with @jerrybanfield that made me browse your blog this evening and read some of your content. Much to my delight, your content is of the same quality as what you discussed in the interview. I know in the interview you mentioned that you want to author more content, well I am very supportive of you doing that, I think all of us Steemians can learn from you and your journey on Steemit.

Oh and btw, due to your great interview, quality content and all-round dedication to the platform I have decided to vote for you as one of my 30 witness. Excellent job, keep it up mate.


I'm as grateful as I was. How could I be otherwise?

This just sums up the kind of individual you are and I use that line to wish you a Happy Birthday coupled with joyous moments.
My Encounter with you gave me a glimpse into the kind of person you are seeing the work you so passionately do on the Steem Blockchain and the value you add, I can truly tell you are Joy personified.

We are able to produce more than at any point in history, yet there are still many people in dire need. Most people don't realize the size of the deception which have been pulled before them.

The deception keeps getting refined and sophisticated, but i am sure with the movement for freedom as is being preached by lots of amazing Steemians as yourself, we will be seeing a world where the people become the governments of their societies.

The divide is being bridged and everyone I come across everyday leaves a tad better than i met them because knowing the juice the Steem runs on, I am able to assure beyond doubts what the world can become.

Happy Birthday once more and have joyous moments over and over again.

Thank Ejemai!

Cryptocurrencies are so efficient as tools for exchange values. Especially, Steem made this process faster, more transparent and I love how it rewards those who create the value for its users who are making value for the community. This system is growing so fast because it allowed so many talented people to create their things. This is a real decentralized platform and I am grateful that I am a part of it and have my own share (even a little) on this ecosystem.

That's why I believe Steem Blockchain has a great potential to make more and more peoples' lives better everyday. It's truly about making the world better because when one person succeeds here, he is able to share the secrets of his success with his blog post on the blockchain. It allows others to become more educated about how the things work. I think it can enhance the educational system of the world too. The education that cost so much and is less portable can't be efficient. Steemit can change the picture quite easily for better world.

People may ask but where does the money come from to Steemit? It's easy to answer. Everyone get reward of what one does for others. This process is so fast and efficient here that anyone gets the benefit out of it.

My Upcoming Post
My upcoming post will go into more details about cryptocurrencies and how and why they will become the main currencies in the future.

I cant wait for that this one sir, I hardly knew anything about cryptocurrencies till I joined steemit platform and I have been trying to find my way around investing more in this economy of freedom and fairness as this articles exposes .

@teamsteam is one of the users who keep great writers like me around. Even if my good articles earn cents, I have hope that someday good people like you will smile on me and this keeps me writing.

I have had votes from @curie and it was a great booster, since then I have had generous votes but following you have been a eye opener.

Messaging Whales
Out of a desire to be successful at what I'm trying to achieve, I'm going to block everyone who messages me something I don't relate to or wasteful of my time. People I consider friend don't have to worry about this obviously.

I am guilty of this, I have tried to connect with you through discord without connecting first with your ideologies. Thanks for this education.

Deception is the true face of these people we call our leaders, corruption is their breakfast, stealing if their first name, fiat money is dead madness, they have enslaved us by their policies and regulations, these are people who were to represent and defend her citizens but rather have turned her people to slaves and servants, cryptocurrency is the future of a new world, freedom and limitlessness. The people who deceive have to always create lies to hide their sinful tracks and faces, but it's only for a while, see how the future scares them in the face, today in my country Nigeria steemit has given mind blowing career opportunities to hundreds of youths, something the government can't do, banks on their end are thieves, robbing poor people off their money and using it to trade without giving the people appreciative givebacks, rather they collect deductions monthly from money saved in the banks by these people, instead of appreciating them for their money, they manipulate and forcefully collect money from their customers directly. Cryptocurrency will bring all that to light, no matter how they fight, we shall win,,,,,,,,...........thanks for sharing, I now know more about bots and bids.

Steemit is really a dog eat dog world but at the same time it’s up to each and every one of us to respect thy neighbor.

You can’t get very far on your own here because it’s the votes from everyone else that will propel you...

I find that a lot of Steemains could care less about their supporters and rarely comment back to those who continue to provide their upvote. I can see by reading through your comments that you actually take the time to practice what you preach.

This is why I started following you this evening.

I have been a little absent lately but I have spent hours and hours working on my posts and networking here on the platform. I strive to be successful here- not for the money but for the comradery. People like you make me feel like this is possible.

If not for those who guide my way- I’d have no light to shine through.

Thanks for teaching me something beyond the content of your post.

Hi @teamsteem, this is a great post and I found a lot of value from it. As a relatively new user (June 2017) I have yet to get my head around all of the concepts and opportunity the platform offers and at times feel overwhelmed. Your post brought me some clarity.

I have concentrated on writing posts to the best of my ability and have written from the heart about many topics and admit that I have felt some disappointment at results garnered from those posts at times. Let me clarify; I don't simply mean the pay-dirt of a dollar reward, I mean the exposure and interaction from other users, or lack thereof.

I have had posts achieve anywhere from $0.10 to $100+ (the latter are very rare) and seem to have an average of about $5SBD payouts. Some would say that's not a lot however for me it's quite a bit. But disappointingly I have had a distinct lack of interaction at times except from a few comments from my regulars and very little else besides the many good post steemit dear, follow me now remarks, which I despise. I've written posts and have had a reasonable (for me at least) SBD reward and yet out of the 12 or so votes I've received on it have only had 2 actual views. That indicates to me people are simply voting on my posts and not reading the content. Their prerogative of course, but disheartening to me when I have put my heart and soul into the post. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to the loyal followers who read and vote however it's disconcerting to put 3-4 hours of work into researching and posting a piece to have 1 or 2 view it, and maybe not even read all the way through.

Anyway, That's just the way it is and I understand that there are people on the platform that have no views on their posts at all so I count myself as fortunate to have some loyal followers who read and remark here and there.

Your post was nice to read today as it reminded me that there are some outstanding people on the platform and it's not simply a feudal system where the upper-echelon kings and queens [read whales and dolphins] skim the rewards on the backs of the serfs and peasants [read krill, plankton, minnows etc.]

After reading your post I am ashamed to say that I upvote my own work; I don't know if that's a good or bad thing to admit but I was inspired to see your own self-vote percentage was super low. To my discredit I have not read any of your work, a fact I will rectify today.

You probably will not read this reply however it's on the blockchain and so I'm going to take the opportunity to thank you for a little inspiration when needed most. There, it's official, I said it. :)

[- Design and create your ideal life, don’t live it by default - DM on Discord @galenkp#9209 -]

If you putted something in you get something out whether or not your post is worth 0$.

Imagine being on Facebook and not knowing anyone? Could you imagine what it would feel like and what your interaction would feel like? How would you make real connection. That's where we are right now. Soon everyone of you know will join. Don't expect Steem to be this static thing that doesn't evolve.

Thank you for your reply, you’re right of course. :)

@teamsteem I am glad you mentioned the Voting BOTS. I have used them before but like you said I believe they may not be worth using. The Money I spent recently on the BOTS with my SBD may have just been better Powered UP to STEEM. You may or may not agree but that is what I am just figuring out.

Interesting point.

Thanks for the list of useful tools. Otherwise, this is one of the most discouraging posts I've read in awhile. You say:

Encourage talented authors to use them, otherwise only bid bots farmers will end up using them.

I wonder what the top end will be for the percentage of the reward pool the vote bots will be? 15% to 30% to 60%? What's to stop that? I vote less on people that use so many vote bots, and I've stopped following plenty of them, too. If the vote bots turn out to be good for the value of Steem, so be it -- and I'll benefit from that.

I could watch the QVC Home Shopping Network and late-night infomercials on TV. I could gamble online 24/7. Both of them are simply mind-numbing and ultimately depressing. The same is true - for me at least - with the bought vote and bid bots.

The vote buying has ruined the value of reputation, too, as it can be bought so easily. Maybe the SMTs and communities will put a clamp on all this, as quality communities can block out this behavior and set up their own reputation and reward structure.

Great points. I too think bid bots the way they are pose an issue for the reasons you raised. Where will it stop and what would be the reasons for it to reverse course. I look forward to a solution that would render them unprofitable.

That being said I'll probably use them on this very post.

I think your philosophy is right on, I have the utmost respect for you. I believe you embody genuine well articulated purpose in your life and it shows you care about other people. I admire these quality's and believe they are the basis for success. Your work is inspirational and you are doing a great job keep it up.

This has been a very helpful post. I have been here about 2 months and this post has provided more resources in all the hours I have spent trying to learn everything I can on how to become an asset to the community. I love steemit and I believe in it. And that is the reason why I spend each day giving back and then learning from others. Thank you today for giving to me.

Same as me!

Hahaha any one of us would've told the exact opposite of what @ogoowinner said!
@teamsteem, you're doing a great job by not exhausting the reward pool on your own posts and instead, bringing others up with your support.
I thank you on their behalf too!

I agree! She's awesome!

Btw @teamsteem, when you've a couple of minutes to spare, please read this:
I've found an excellent initiative that seems to align with your ideas of giving and supporting the newer users on the platform.
It's called The Deadpost Initiative, started by user @whatamidoing, where the -

  • past
  • unrecognised
  • underrated; and
  • quality posts

are rewarded after they've been paid out.
Thanks to this and @whatamidoing's efforts of producing 20 weekly posts of this kind, some quality content creators have already been identified. It's surprising to me that this helpful initiative is still not well known and supported by the Steemit community, and because of which, he's been even paying out of his pockets to award the winners.
I kindly request you to take a look at it by yourself and decide if you'd like to support it.
Thank you again!

I'll check it out.

Amazing! He'll be thrilled! :)

It is hard to imagine that many people around the world live on $2 or less per day. STEEM and Steemit can dramatically improve the lives of many people in these kinds of situations especially since they are mobile friendly.

I cannot wait to see what the next few years entails for STEEM as a cryptocurrency. It took Facebook well over a decade to get to the point it is at now so there is plenty of time and space for growth in the future.

I really liked your idea of making governments irrelevant, is it because I'm from Venezuela? achieve total independence as an individual is great, I must confess that it is the first time I read you and I have a whirlwind with all the data you gave, I will read every step of the way, thanks for this million data, I hope to be part of your mission, I do my best to help.

Yes I've been reading the same message from other long time Steemers, and I hope this message doesn't get lost as Steem grows bigger. It does seem like human nature is against the odds of this turning into another sh*t-show (oops I mean Facebook). But for now, at least, the "quality posts and non-negative comments" mentality is still winning the day, and like I said, I hope that continues. I'll be here as long as it does.

this is the first time that I had read your blog, and it is very interesting, very informative and a lot of lesson to learn. I got inspired to read some of your blog post.

I am actually just starting to have my journey in steemit and I really find it difficulty. But everyday I Read every post in many steemians like inspiration..

thank you so much for sharing this..

Stop smiling at me, and give me some of those upvotes 😉

It has been nearly one year but I am still not very familiar about using the bid bots. Being an artist, these things really seeem too technical for me and I do not love to explore them here. But you have explained all the things here very clearly and your thoughts about steemit are really nice. Users like you will surely take the steem to the moon.

Ive thought about what it would be like having such a powerful vote, I would upvote and surprise lil minnows who deserve it most!

Yes, You would make someone happy for 4 - 6 weeks with that upvote. You would help who desperate.

With that sort of upvote a minnow will also get a small chunk of nice Steem Power, beyond the readily spendable SBD.

That would be an awesome thing to do. We need encouragement!

Snoop snoop snoop. hehe
Your SP is substantional but i could never have guessed it was that much daily. Thats a crazy amount. And considering the price of Steem has doubled since 2 months ago.

Since we all know what Steemit has been like with reward pool related disagreements and bot abuse, i have to say that it simply amazes me that you could have self voted yourself into 2-3k USD a day.
2000-3000 USD.

I consider myself a ethical individual but i cant even guess how hard it would be to fight the temptation.

Its a 2 month old post, but if by any chance you see this, you have another fan. Regards.

Wow! Great quality info, I am only one month old here, I have spread the word to my students, encouraging them to join steemit, we live in Venezuela, a beautiful country with a terrible government, but there are great people here, not everything nor everybody is bad, so, I try to learn and teach whatever I can to help everybody earn and grow, thank you!

Some lil minnows who have excellent quality in their posts but less exposure and upvotes - they are the ones who deserves help from whales, some resort to bid in the bots for their exposure for a wider audience.

Somehow, it is wise to use bots to have a good start in steemit world for you to cope up some steem power.

I totally agree with you

Definitely the only resort for us bots ! Because the bots are our biggest friends for the things we do in Steemit family.Otherwise, no matter how well-informed we share, we will be gone.... @elizahfhaye @teamsteem

I was saying that below or above or wherever my post landed. I have great estate and fabulous finds stories. I don't want to post the really good stuff til I meet more people. So I will continue to read and post until them I guess. I'm sure if I keep reading, I'll learn how to optimize the process--


Hi @teemsteem, it's a pleasure to find posts like yours.
Thank you very much!
My experience on the platform is short, but day by day, I'm giving advice from people who, through their practice, try to help the youngest. As I read in the comments, we all started from the lowest position, and the success of staying on top is keeping in touch with the other Steemians.
The information is very detailed, with everything necessary to achieve quality content.
I confess that I have to use the google translator on some occasions, but if I want to learn, I must make an effort.
By the way, I accompany you in the ideal of building a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear. As a Venezuelan I live daily the vicissitudes of a government that through deception and fear has been in power for 19 years.

Dear @teamsteem.

Make them short and punchy

I always think of this before I publish my post. but do you feel it's applicable to all post or it can be categorized ?
Especially for minnows who see post title as a medium to summarize what they wrote in their content.that might give them more edge for reader to open their link

I love your simplicity and selfless service on steemit. please keep it up because we all look. up to you as a blessing to humanity

Post's title should always be the most powerful part of your post. The information contain in the title isn't important. The only important thing is to get the person to read the title and click on it.

Another important part could be to try to trick google to direct a lot of traffic to your post. I haven't worked on this much yet but I'll be working on it. The idea is that your information is only influential if people get in contact with it.

I'm looking to build a world where compassion and courage prevail over deception and fear, where technology brings transparency in our relationships finally giving honest cooperation the upper hand over any other types of human interaction.

In a sense, this summarizes why I follow your writings here, as a fellow idealist who sees the potential to create a better world... not matter what the deceivers and frauds in life might bring to our door. Appreciate all your efforts around here, and the fact that you spread your influence generously to all of those who are trying their best to make a difference here. So thank you for that!

Yes, this is definitely a useful "recruiting post," and perhaps even more useful to point people to, once they have arrived here and are wondering "what now?"

Keep up the good work; stay true to yourself, never lose sight of what we're trying to accomplish with this community!

Thanks for posting this @teamsteem! I felt bad about using bots sometimes, and this made me feel better. We were just discussing this with friends last night...it sucks to spend time on content and then nobody seesit (and it makes less than $3 LOL):

I'm glad to have you in our vegan discord group, and that a passionate person like you is in a position to make a difference on this platform.


The "quality fact" is, what keeps me posting.
Some posts I did, didn´t even get ONE vote. Allthough they are not that bad quality.

Anyhow... creating good content will payout some day...I hope so.... :-)

But if I look at some people´s posts here which get about 50 - 150$ just for a meme and a few words.... hmmm....

I´ll keep doing my thing here on Steemit. :-)

Best regards,

PS: Upvoted and resteemed. You got a new follower. :-)

Begs the question...what do you look for when upvoting or resteeming? Seems a trend (or at the very least, an appearance) that some/many whales do for each other rather than 'sharing the love'.


Recent posts:
Evanna’s Story, Part 1

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Why I've Committed to Steemit...

Upcoming New Podcast: Go Rogue!

Crypto-currency and Government Control…

Wow, you got a healthy vote. One day I will get there. Your putting your votes to good use. That’s what makes Steemit such a great community...

Great post!! Thank you for the hard work and dedication!! This is a list of fantastic resources for Steemit! I will Resteem to store in my blog and hopefully share with someone who may miss it from the trending tab! Thanks again for the post and keep up great work!

After reading this post and doing some research On how you allocate your vote and how you are helping good content creators , I can now say that yes you are really doing a great job for steemit and each step of your's is dedicated to improve this community as well as this platform and so I'm now choosing you as one of my most fav witness.
Thank you for your precious support that you are providing to this platform and it's community by giving your precious time.

It was good read...:)...

The stats are insane even without self voting. There is a reason why you are where you are. True steemian role model. Thanks.

Thanks a lot for sharing this info with us and for your advice about the quality of content.

It's one of the most important things for Steemit platform success is the quality, as if there is a high-quality content that will attract more audience and more entrepreneurs and agencies to start using steemit and promote their products here as they do on other platforms such as Instagram or Reddit.

Congratulation! for this success :)

Congradulations @teamsteem Enjoy sharing the wealth :D

Dammn looking at the Top 100 Most Powerful Votes chart shows i got a loooong way to go to be in the top 100...lol

awesome thank you

Steemit need people like you

The truth really will set you free.

Yh...this is good information...

Wow great information, from your post I come to know that you give the most importance to quality creations. Earlier I had the false notion that you only upvote the science related post, but now I can understand your motto. I will definitely try to make good and quality post. Thanks for sharing such a valuable lesson, every time I have been learning from you friend, wish you a very happy and beautiful time ahead.

Nice, thank you so much.
This kind of behavior is what we need.
Steem already is n the top 1000 sites in the world, and it had grew inmenslly. I saw you feel for Dan Larimer the same respect and admiration as i do, and as he says, Steemit has serious issues with its governance.
But reading this really cheers me up.


I have seen big voting power. But $200? I kinda find it hard to believe... But, kudos on this! :)

Thank you for all the awesome curation you do - 53rd doesn't even begin to reflect your real voting power.

I think a lot of the praise you're getting is people cozying up to your SP. Being the beneficiary of a huge delegation isn't really something you did for the community or should be praised for in itself.

There is probably more about what you do that's praiseworthy (I'm new here so this is the first post of yours I've seen and constitutes everything I know about you), but this post seems to be just about how much SP you have and how large your vote value is. It certainly focuses on that and opens with it.

In fact "with great power comes great responsibility" rings true here. It's good that you're not using your massive gifted SP on self-voting. But it's no more praise-worthy than any other steemit user doing the same thing.

Bigger vote != better person. But that being said--you do seem alright.

Sorry to come across negative, I just felt the worship-level comments here could use some balance. I do appreciate ya as a genuine person trying to make this a better place.

If you'd share this much you'd want people to know and you'd feel good about. If I was self upvoting 10 shit post I've author myself on a daily your criticism would make more sense.

I've stated very clearly why I've mentioned the value of my vote and how much I allocate.

Even the URL's post was thought out in function of getting the most clicks possible from google search.

It's about intriguing people and inciting them to join. It's about sharing what I know and do. It's about doing my best. It's about helping people.

If you'd share this much you'd want people to know and you'd feel good about.

Seems like you're focusing on the amount your vote is worth again. Any steemit user voting for quality content like you is "sharing" their vote power the same as you. Just because you've been delegated more SP doesn't make you a better person for doing the same curation.

The only thing I'm criticizing here is the apparent use of vote-size as a virtue signal. I like everything else about your post.

It's about intriguing people and inciting them to join. It's about sharing what I know and do. It's about doing my best. It's about helping people.

I get that. And I'm not trying to attack you. I'm just sharing my opinion that your post comes across to me as a little self-important. I'm sure your post makes more sense when seen on other platforms as a way to attract people here. And my criticism could probably be better pointed elsewhere.

It's about intriguing people and inciting them to join.

I allocate 1$ a day on Steem just doesn't have the same effect whether it's the person giving or receiving it. Nor does it have the same effect on someone who know nothing about Steem. I'm grateful for your opinion and I hope most haven't interpreted my post the way you did. I never inferred that I see my vote size as a measure of my virtue.

I was putted into the situation I'm in without asking anyone. I think I was giving the delegation I was given mostly because someone saw something in me but that's not a ultimate measurement of virtue but a subjective one just like everything is subjective to who makes the measurement.

The mention of the delegation is an acknowledgment of who is the real virtuous person.

There is too much esteem afforded to those because how well they were rewarded for their deeds rather than their deeds themselves!

Thanks @teamsteem, I have find these information and resources really usefull :D

Mira @catherinegairard, igual puedes sacar algún tip de este post ^^

Wow that's crazy!

@teamsteem, I do not know if you will read this comment or not, because you are a busy person and as of this writing this post shows 434 comments already. I am new user, so even if I upvote this with my 100% power it won't be very visible. With that said let me first thank you for a few iterms:

  1. Your comment on post quality
  2. Your own voting and commenting principles
  3. List of several useful steemit tools, many of which I have used already

Now let me make some comments based on you seeking vote for witness. Even if I am very new to this ecosystem, I see several endemic problems to this platform, and perhaps a person like you may have a comment or two about:

  1. I learned that very few people actually use their allocated 50 votes for witness, I have used 2 so far. What can be done to change that?
  2. The reward pool is geared such that it is very hard for new users to be visible. How that can be improved?
  3. You must agree that all 600,000 people are not content creators, a lot of them are here for money by creating spam, and plagiarism; how to minimize that?
  4. What is a fair reward? How to minimize flag wars?
  5. I have seen a "whale" post a single random photo or comment and get away with 100s of dollars worth of upvote. How is this fair?

If you have a way to address at least some of these issues, you have my vote.

  1. It's 30 votes. Minnows should probably use proxy for the witness voting. If you proxy someone all your current witness vote will be cancel and you will automatically follow all the vote from the person you proxied to.
  2. Time/further development will solve this. (Communities among other things. Facebook didn't have feed until after 2-3 years of operation.)
  3. Economic incentives should minimize that. These will evolve too.
  4. Economic incentives should determine that.
  5. The more someone risk the greater their potential profit. Now if everyone would do this, they would kill their golden goose.

@teamsteem, thank you for what you are doing for the community. Keep spreading the philosophy of abundance through your words and even more so - through actions. I've voted for you as a witness.

btw, @knot is a project that was launched by @ankapolo. I heard you today (and many times before) on the MSP-Waves. Much love.

Thanks for all of the upvotes in the past. I think people like you are far and in between. You have come to the point to where you don't need to upvote yourself as the community will support you!!

Bravo sir, excellent post!

I know I'm a long way down the thread of replies so I'm not that optimistic about getting a response but I'll ask anyway.
There are a bunch of posts at the bottom (sorted by trending) that have been down voted, some of them are "give me a vote" posts but others seem quite genuine, I'm just wondering why they have been down voted? Are they users known to you?
I just ask so that I don't make the same mistakes myself.

Some comments 4 minutes after the post was up and must have been bot or clearly couldn't had time to read the post.

Thanks for your reply @teamsteem your dedication to connecting with your readers is admirable!