Cryptocurrencies Are Changing The World!

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The total value of the world's money is $90,4 trillion. This post aims at enthusing, uplifting and helping people.

My name is Guillaume Cardinal. I learned about Bitcoin in the summer of 2011 and began investing in 2013.

The Cryptocurrency Revolution Explained

I highly recommend Dan Larimer's most recent talk: "Introduction to Blockchain: Daniel Larimer at Virginia Tech"

"My missions in the past decade has been to find free-market solutions for securing life, liberty, property, and justice for all. And what I mean by that is nonviolent, voluntary solutions for securing the things that matter the most to us, our liberties and freedom, our property rights and blockchain technology happens to be the most effective tool we've ever created for doing just that." @dantheman

Some Hard Economic Facts

Some cryptocurrencies have no transaction fees.

  • Total value of the world's money is $90,4 trillion (
  • USD's purchasing power is 5% what it was in 1913 (link)
  • Global Stock Market $73 trillion (link)
  • The world's gold $7.7 trillion
  • Bitcoin market cap $131 billion (link)
  • Cryptocurrencies market cap $346 billion (link)
  • Global Debt $215 trillion (link)
  • Global Real Estate $217 trillion (link)
  • Derivative Market, low end estimate, $544 trillion (link)
  • Stock of broad money per country (
  • Global GDP $80 trillion (link)
  • $5.1 trillion traded everyday on Forex Exchange (link)
  • List world largest public companies (forbes)
  • IPO raised $196 billion in 2017 (link)
  • ICO raised $5.6 billion in 2017 (link)
  • ICO raised $6.3 billion in 2018 first quarter (link)
  • Bitcoin transaction fees rough estimate 0.4-3.8% (link)
  • Bitcoin mining reward in the last 24h, $14 millions (link)
  • Venezuela's 2018 inflation 25,000%+ (link)
  • Zimbabwe's 2008 inflation 79.6 billion percent (link)

  • The 20 countries with the highest inflation rate in 2017 (compared to the previous year)

  • Largest IPOs worldwide as of March 2018 (in billion U.S. dollars)

  • The State of the Token Market: A Year in Review & an Outlook for 2018

  • The Reality of America's Finances

  • Projected Bitcoins Short Term

  • Bitcoin combined order book at $7,700 - (2018-06-07, 07:06:56)

Most Interesting Crypto News

Edit: International Monetary Fund Suggests Cryptocurrency Could Replace Fiat Currencies

SEC Chairman Clayton: Bitcoin is not a security.

Coinbase Acquires Financial Services Firm to Become SEC-Regulated Broker Dealer

Bitcoin ETF Dreams Kept Alive With New SolidX, VanEck SEC Filing

The fund will be physically-backed, which means it will hold actual Bitcoin, and will be insured against loss or theft of the cryptocurrency, according to the firms.

Ripple (XRP) Expects a Bullish Trend Shortly – Currencies Direct adopts Ripple

Ripple will save the bank and its client from 40% to 70% in transaction costs and fees and the speed is overwhelming. A transaction takes about two minutes to complete, compared to the traditional SWIFT system which takes much longer.

Bitcoin Mining’s Electricity Bill: Is It Worth It?

I don't think that the current level of energy consumption is worrisome. We are only at 0.2-0.5 percent of the worldwide electricity consumption. Like Morgan Stanley researchers said in their reports cryptocurrency miners are currently just a "blip on the radar" for utilities”

China State TV: Blockchain Is '10 Times More Valuable Than the Internet'

‘Almost Irresponsible’ to Not Invest in Bitcoin: Billionaire Mike Novogratz

Billionaire Mike Novogratz is most bullish on EOS (Bloomberg on June 5, 2018)

Full interview here. Duber interesting!

EOS Core team to have another Go / No Go voting on Friday 0100 UTC

Google Courts Ethereum Founder for Possible Cryptocurrency Project

Quantum Computing ‘Poses No Realistic Threat’ To Bitcoin: Research

Popular fears about the continued rise of quantum computing and its security implications for blockchain technology are misguided and blown out of proportion.

This is the professional opinion of Jeffrey Tucker, Editorial Director at the American Institute of Economic Research. Tucker is of the view that the fear of quantum computing as an existential threat to bitcoin and other blockchain applications is based on scare-mongering and ignorance.

Another Cryptocurrency Experiences 51% Attack, Following Bitcoin Gold and Verge

Once the investigation was finished, the ZenCash team still found that there were two double-spent transactions. This meant that the hacker, whoever it was, was permitted to spend their 19,000 ZenCash two times, effectively doubling the worth of their ZenCash.

At current market values, the over 19,600 ZenCash which the hacker double-spent is worth around $558,000, not a figure to laugh at.

Here’s how much it costs to launch a 51% attack on PoW cryptocurrencies

The actual app can be found here.

Google, Facebook and Uber: Has Their Blockchain Time Arrived?

British company Juniper Research recently published a study which suggests that the use of blockchain technology by multinational companies is just a matter of time. Analysts report that nearly 6 out of 10 corporations are considering application of this technology or already in the process of developing corporate blockchain services.

Earlier, Cointelegraph reported that Microsoft and Amazon were considering the possibility of integrating blockchain technology into a number of their platform services. These are not the only cases where multinational corporations are making waves in the crypto space. For example, Huawei is loading its phones with a built-in Bitcoin wallet, Samsung revealed its plans to use blockchain for managing its global supply chain, and IBM has announced a partnership with Nestle, Unilever and Walmart to assist with identifying and preventing contaminated products from reaching consumers.

Meet Bestmixer, the Bitcoin Tumbler Trying to Outwit Chainalysis

Bitcoin tumbling service Bestmixer has added a slew of new features designed to enhance anonymity. A triple-tier service provides varying levels of privacy, all geared around outsmarting the blockchain forensic tools deployed by companies such as Chainalysis.

Is Ripple (XRP) Becoming a Global Currency Reservoir as Bulls Set in?

With a sizeable reserve, Ripple is able to help Zover 75 partner banks settle inter-bank debts within seconds. The Ripple products have proved it only takes a few seconds to send through banks to help in humanitarian emergencies across the globe. It no longer makes sense to use the banking system to send aid to affected communities while it is faster through Ripple xRapid.

Ripple (XRP) Just Went Live in Europe: Santander Releases OnePay FX

Santander has officially released OnePay FX app which means that millions of users that have put their trust into the Santander bank can now use this mobile application in order to send fast cross-border payments globally.

How bitcoin and cryptocurrencies went from Wall Street to the high streets of Southeast Asia

“[Digital token-based loans are] absolutely much better than the traditional ones,” said Sachaknisay Sov, who used to borrow money from friends and local lenders. “It has a lower interest rate.”

Previously, he paid at least 18 per cent interest for every penny he had borrowed. Now, he pays 5 per cent.

Other Interesting Crypto News

An old Alcoa plant in Upstate New York is going to be converted into one of the world's largest bitcoin mining centers

Bitcoin Down in Google Searches But Still Bigger Than Beyonce

Major Wall Street Firm Secretly Traded Bitcoin for Over Two Years

This hacker made $120K in a week by finding bugs in EOS cryptocurrency

Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak: "What an Incredible Thing Bitcoin is"

Watch Billionaire Tim Draper ‘rap’ about Bitcoin at #TNW2018

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Are Drowning in Tokens

NASDAQ supports Stellar (XLM) in a move to enter the crypto world

Bitcoin’s Chance at the $20 Trillion Offshore Tax Haven Market

Depending on the study, as much as $20 trillion is hidden away from government tax farmers. However, loopholes are closing as lawmakers discover them, perhaps creating just the use case bitcoin needs to thrive in the near future.

Ripple to get listed on NASDAQ powered DX.Exchange

The exchange in question here is DX. Exchange. According to its website, DX.Exchange is touted as the first complete crypto community that allows individuals as well as institutions to trade cryptos, purchase cryptos with fiat and then convert them back to fiat.

The exchange is built on the market-leading matching technology of NASDAQ. In a way, it also represents one of the world’s biggest stock exchange’s entry into the crypto market, however indirectly it is.

The exchange is scheduled for the release this month but the date for the same is not decided yet.

Internet Giant Baidu Unveils Energy-Efficient ‘Super Chain’ Blockchain Protocol

Dubbed ‘Super Chain,’ chief scientist at Baidu’s blockchain division Xiao Wei revealed the protocol at a local conference over the weekend.

EOS Mainnet Status

Brock Pierce LIVE On EOS Launch Day

Very interesting talk by billionaire Brock Pierce

"Money is backed by men with guns. Bitcoin is not, so why would this thing have any value?" Paul Krugman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences (Source)

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Understanding Steem



They definitely are :D
Life is changing as they are growing.
We are facing the perfect society! <3

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in that you have all the reason .... this society is changing to an alarming ricmo

in that you have all the reason .... this society is changing to an alarming ricmo

in that you have all the reason .... this society is changing to an alarming ricmo

It's amazing how much cryptocurrencies are changing the world. Thank you for the research done to present such information. xo

They are definitely changing the world!! I grew up in Venezuela and i totally can tell you how things are working there and how their citizens can benefit.

As you mentioned, the inflation percentage is in the 5 digits and increasing. The minimum wage there is about $2 a month. Now let's take steemit for example. Imagine they make $2 extra a month writing articles and curating content, that's already an extra salary!! What if they make $10? $100? It definitely can solve a lot of their problems, at least helping them to put food in their tables, which is scarce nowadays...

Of course there are some logistic problems with the exchange and all that but it's definitely not impossible. Moreover they could use crypto to buy goods online from other countries 😊

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Infact the chart explained it all, I am happy to be part of the revolution. Thanks for putting up this information.

All we have to do is stay in the game! Anyone in the crypto game now, just stay in it! You will reap the rewards .

I agree this is the start of a new order. Decentralisation of wealth and power.

I'm not shaking because I strongly believe in crypto

We don´t need much to see that we have a global problem, look at the debt from america's finances, it's ridiculous, and it is an exponential growth.

Ponzi Games is the world we live in, Ponzi was arrested because he created a scheme doomed to failure. My point is, the countries around the world are using debt to pay older debt, and it is getting bigger and bigger, is just a matter of time until something goes wrong and explodes the whole system.

Cryptocurrency through decentralization, and transparency is definitely shaking up organizations and nations as a whole. There is a lot of room for growth and adoption coming up that I feel would lead to a more honest and individual distribution of responsibility for how the future turns out for everyone on planet Earth.

I don't think that quantum computing would stay a problem, even if it initially starts that way. With every type of breach, there will always be new advances made by blockchain to counteract it. Just because operating systems get viruses, doesn't mean that they can't be updated!

Crypto currencies are changing the world and I am happy to become part of this through steemit. Nice article .

i fully agree, crazy how many people are still skeptical about crypto

Different type of business are starting to include cryptocurrencies. I think that eventually it will really change the future for the better.

We have to begin to understand that this is going to be a change in the way we relate to the economy

Best of luck

Nice post

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Nice comment

That's a very detailed information about Crypto's I hope it will do good as time pass by. Thank you for this!


@teamsteem, best wishes for success! You are doing a valuable service for the steemit community. Steem on.

so true! and the beauty is we do not even know the face of the person(/group) who gifted this beauty to the world! :) God bless Satoshi Nakamoto!

Thanks you

No, thank u

Thanks to Satoshi!

Thanks to Satoshi!

Pack it up folks, we found them!

Hello @teamsteem, I'm quite excited about the revolutionary idea of economic diversification, I'm Venezuelan and I live in Venezuela, where..:


We are living through the worst economic crisis and to be honest, I believe that the statistics fall short and the inflation rate is much higher, apart from the fact that the situation in all aspects is critical, but focusing on the power of the world of cryptomonedas I must say that for the last 7 months I have been in steemit constantly and I can attest to the change that my life has had in all aspects, to generate some sbd has been the economic impulse that allows me to improve the crisis a little, being the majority sustenance of my son, from knowing the steem, awakens my interest in this world and I have already learned how we have been managed by all governments in an egotistical way and that the crypto, is a solution to allow economic development without the slavery of governments.

To be more precise I would say, it's not an economic crisis but an engineered social crisis. I'm sorry you have to go through this.

That's the point! The crises in Venezuela and Greece, the war in Syria and so on, are not a side-effect of capitalism, but how it works to allow the 1% to control the world. Stock markets, rating agencies, Big Banks and Big Companies and all that is similar are their working instruments. Blockchain technology has the power to create a new socio-economic paradigm based on equity and redistribution of wealth, but we must be careful! For sure they will try (and are trying) to take advantage of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. A world based on Cryptos does not need Banks. They will not let it happen so easily...

I heard that the election was not free and fair there. Is it true.?

I love this facts and this is the beginning of a new era that will cause massive revolution in money market worldwide void of any ulterior motive.

As for the inflation that has happened in the countries i hope they embrace the cryptoworld and do the needful. In Nigeria for example many have started out with bitcoin and many arr even in the steem blockchain.

Thanks for sharing this master piece.

I am me @brightfame

Review of:
"Money is backed by men with guns. Bitcoin is not, so why would this thing have any value?" ( Paul Krugman )


Because "someone" wants to pay ...( many human )...for some other reason (voluntary)...

From sources of happiness be yourself and try to not hurt the others around you
Well done .. Thank you for your words‏..

Cryptocurrencies are changing Africa...!!!

When i look at that chat of countries with highest inflation,the majority is my continent Africa!

I am happy many African countries are getting to the crypto space and that is great news .

I can feel the bulls with all that great crypto positive news.It also fascinates me why people or companies or countries are endorsing blockchain tech (including my own Uganda )but are not accepting bitcoin which was the first proof of blockchain tech!!

In the conference(Africa Blockchain Conference) our president endorsed blockchain which had CZ CEO of binance as top guest,i witnessed a surge in the number of crypto exchanges being developed!

We had never had any exhange and i was excited as i saw fellow Ugandans creating not one but over 7 were showcasing that day!

The future is bright for the world especially Africans who join crypto.

You are right, Africans are catching the vision

I'm Nigerian and I'm new to the crypto currency development. I've read lots of articles here and I'd have to admit. " The future is bright for us "

Very interesting information in this post, a lot of things I did not know but found quite astounding in retrospect.

USD's purchasing power is 5% what it was in 1913 (link)

No idea why, but this in particular left quite the mark.

Also consider how many traditional centr organizations are fighting against blockchain so early on demonstrates how disruptive it will be for many industries. Social media companies have banned ads and even censored many posts regarding cryptocurrencies which is why Steemit is the greatest platform available. Banks have started to impose unfair restrictions and fees in crypto related transactions as well as they fear the impact to their business model. Is it a grear time to be in the space!

There's some interesting data there. I wonder how America's finances are standing up under Trumps administration.

I also had no idea that the world's debt was greater than the value of the money available. That's very scary.

It seems like crypto is getting back into the mainstream media again. Have you noticed this? Or am I just paying a lot more attention to it at the moment...?

조아 그냥 두지네

I am curious to whom should we pay the Global Debt of $215 trillion? Who borrowed us this amount of money and where did they get them if the total value of the world's money is $90,4 trillion?

Money and its creation is at the benefit of a few and the expense of the rest. If you're interested to learn more I would invite people to look at the second post in my series listed at the bottom of the post.

Cryptocurrency may seem like a technology of the future. It has, and will, revolutionize the way we store money, pay for goods and services, and do business. Additionally, there are other ways that cryptocurrency will make the world a better place.

  • Reduce the risk of fraud.

*Increase crowdfunding.

*Change the money transfer process.

*Make e-commerce stronger.

*Encourage scientific advancements.

*Keep companies and individuals accountable.

*Make foreign money transfers and transactions safer.

*Offer a stable alternative to unstable currencies.

*Offer scalability.

Crypto will be the face of business world soon due to its huge demand and the blockchain technology.

Yes they are changeing but my oppinion is the best if u have money to invest in farms. Just remember that what ever happen people need food. So example me if i will have enought crypto money for sure i will invest again to buy a land.


and sold it in 2010 . :P

Reading this article and the comments here helps to reinforce my belief in my investment in cryptocurrencies. I can still dream of better days for my investment despite the setback in the last 6 months.

crypto is the most exciting thing right now

very informative .. thanks

STEEM could positively change the world more than any other crypto!!

Great coverage!

Nice article and It is really a good news for crypto users. Cryptocurrency is becoming better-known and more popular throughout the entire world. Cryptocurrency may seem like a technology of the future. It has, and will, revolutionize the way we store money, pay for goods and services, and do business. Additionally, there are other ways that cryptocurrency will make the world a better place.
Upvoted and resteemed your article @teamsteem

So much useful information in this post. The numbers of currency, gold, debt, and stock values in the world really spoke to me. I have seen them before, the one that really stood out to me was ICOs!

IPO raised $196 billion in 2017 ICO raised $5.6 billion in 2017 ICO raised $6.3 billion in 2018 first quarter

The fact that ICO's are higher in Q1 2018 than all of 2017 was a major break through, also we have a long way to go to beat the current IPO market of $196 billion. That shows how much demand there is though in the market for raising capital. Once firms realize there are less hurdles to jump through, and it's easier to do an ICO, they will cease to do IPOs.

I like your article about Vitalik jokingly considering going to Google, I must of been living under a rock.

I like the way you add summaries of over threads, I might take that with me in my success. Keep it up!

Crypto market is small. According to coinmarketcap, the WHOLE market cap is around 324 billion USD. It can be considered as the 13th biggest company on the wall street. Meaning it is still prone to big players manipulation. But it surely changing the world slowly and sure.

I hope all country will accept cryptocurrency one day.

thank you good work and nice topic

Cryptocurrencies Are Changing The World, but need time and trust.

There should be some more money coming into crypto

난리네 그냥

some of the graphics are a bit older - the marketcap of BTC is nowhere near 41 billion ;)

Agreed with your article , crypto currencies are changing the world , but govt doesn't digest it so they want to control over them and some countries are banning this .

I hope crypto make it to the future ther's alot of people against the idea. Their only problem is how ther's people making money from mining or staking some coin . Like they are not doing that with USD. And about NASDAQ isn't their more information?

I feel like something that should be talked about more is what kind of money 'should' be invested into crypto. For example, is there a way to prove how toxic it is for the whole crypto environment and economy to invest loaned money that you can't afford? It makes sense at face value - don't spend money that isn't yours... BUT I feel like a lot of people do this trying to make money off the bulls, but that's not how it works - it contaminates the pool. I really believe that if more honesty was invested into crypto currencies, then the whole market will be less volatile and more trusted. Like, crypto is only going to be what we make it. We will get out what we put in - not just from the basic face value / market cap but more importantly, morally. Do we truly want a decentralized currency? Then don't bring in loaned money from the big banks! Do we want our cryptos to be respected? Then don't use them to traffic drugs (big or small)! Yea, it's a wake up call for some - others will read this and it will seem silly, but I've been on both sides and all of our actions matter. IF YOU WANT CRYPTO TO GO UP AND UP, GO WORK YOUR ASS OFF AND START MAKING SOME HARD EARNED CASH FOR YOURSELF. Don't depend on your portfolio, lock it away and forget about it! Go pay your bills and save, save, save. If you are lucky enough to have $1-$10k in crypto now (in any of the main currencies [ETH, BTC, LTC, XRP, EOS, TRX, etc...] then just hodl now and celebrate in 2 years. If you already loaned out money and it is in crypto, then you are going to have a decision to make as soon as fall 2018 comes around and you've made enough to pay the balance off. You will want to keep making more "free" money off of it, but ask yourself what is better for the market as a whole. This is a warning to everyone in crypto... DO NOT CONTRIBUTE IN CONTAMINATING THESE WATERS. This is our chance to get out from under this fucked up totalitarian system of economic slavery. Let's fucking do this right. NOTHING IS FREE, EVERYTHING HAS A COST.

-Invest only what you own. (and the motto: "what you're willing to lose.")

-Pay off your debts first, make lambo money second

-Don't participate in pump and dumps / or (too many) illegal activities [that's a hard one when it comes to buying marijuana / lsd / shrooms etc on the dark web because to have an opinion on that brings up the whole drug war predicament and everyone sees the world differently - but just trust your instincts]


Two years guys, it will be the best two years of your life.

IMO, year one ( from now until mid 2019) pay off your debts up to half of your crypto portfolio. And mid 2020 you will be so happy you waited and that you are finally in a good position to buy a lambo - and you just MIGHT not even do it ;)

Because lambos are fucking stupid, let's be real. Go buy a few acres of land in Canada with an off grid house for half the price haha. (That's real future prep for when shit hits the fan.)

And one more thing to remember guys...
Crypto is going to explode, but only because other people are going to be scared. Unfortunately, many of us will become rich because of the fear that will scramble many countries when their government currency start to fail them. I don't know how it's all going to play out, but we are going to have to show a bit of reverence about this. I mean, do we really deserve it?

Anyways. My thoughts that I've been wanting to share...

See you guys on the moon [mars].

The market is shaking all those people off, I disagree with debt, use good debt to leverage returns, debt is after all the name of the game in this current economy as OP points out!

I hope you are right, I got in 7 months ago and sitting on huge losses.

Some amazing news articles. Must have taken a ton of time to collect all these.
I always love these kinds of graphs. It really puts everything in perspective.
Cant wait for Bill Gates to buy out all the bitcoins. haha. :D

Crypto definitely gives people options they didn't have before.

Blockchain platform Maecenas has announced today, June 7, that it will hold the “world’s first cryptocurrency art auction”, according to a press release shared with Cointelegraph. The platform will be selling fractional ownership of Andy Warhol’s 14 Small Electric Chairs – worth $5.6 mln – at crypto-friendly UK fine art gallery Dadiani Syndicate on June 20.

The sale of 49 percent ownership interest in the painting, which is part of Warhol’s 1980 Reversal series, will allow buyers to purchase digital certificates of partial ownership on the Maecenas blockchain platform using their ART token as well as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).
by cointelegraph

Thank you for taking the time to compile all of this info, I know it isn't easy or quick. In the world of crypto a week feels like a year in traditional markets!

A lot of this just shows me that the blockchain space has so much room to grow! We have hardly scratched the surface when it comes to total market cap and I am excited to see where we can go from here!

We are currently at 5% adoption rate when it comes to cryptos and it is going to take something that streamlines the process of confirming blocks etc to push the adoption rate above 10%, but when we hit that mark, things will explode. It will take some time to get a project that can simplify the space but it will happen in the next few years.

Everyone talks and asks "when moon?" half as a joke and half seriously waiting for a magic day to come. In my opinion that :magic" day comes when that adoption rate increases to 10%.

Again thank you for all the info and this does it pump me up for what is to come!

Cheers to all of you that were believers and early adopters, our day will come when this whole market goes crazy! It is just a matter of time! :)

Do you know about the .02 payout threshold?

I am not sure? What is it exactly?

I love the fact that i am part of the future.
Last week, i was happy to see a shop in Nigeria that accepts #btc as a medium of payment.
In Time, We believe Cryptos like #Steem and #eos will also be generally accepted. So other companies and investors will join.hahaha. i love this

Thanks for sharing this info to us all.
Its your Blockchain Entertainer, Ambassador, @steemcamp founder and @steemnaira community leader @michaelcj

Me encantaria que en mi pais Colocaran una tienda asi, o tal vez no me eh enterado haha xD, tienes suerte =D Saludos!

Really Micheal! Where in Nigeria please? co's I will like to shop there too

asaba film cinema, nnebisi road, asaba, delta state, Nigeria

You have provided an interesting data and helpful information. I get to know about many interesting facts from your data. Great job 👍 guys check out my profile too.

I'm not an adept seamstress... but when your daughter wants a Hello Kitty patch on her backpack you just pull yourself up by the bootstraps and say, "I can do this.." Long story short I got my hand caught in the sewing machine and painfully sewed a Hello Kitty patch onto my fucking hand. I now no longer help people who need something.

Theses bubbles will eventually deflate and move into different asset classes like gold and cryptocurrency. As the dollar continues to lose purchasing power, bitcoin will benefit from this!

I agreed to this post and the innovated and innovative and entirely different business is starting with cryptocurrencies.

The cryptocurrencies are changing the world. I trust Steem for the long term and do not sell my steem cryptocurrencies. The world is preparing for a new tomorrow.

what a brilliant analysis.I am impressed sir

Very impressive work done
Outstanding work! all necessary topic your cover in your post

Tons of information regarding cryptocurrency. The best thing is almost all those information encourage me to buy more and more bitcoin.
I guess that largest IPO of Alibaba group will surpass by an ICO soon.

Hi to everyone! I am new to Steemit

welcome in our community

the blockchain is one of the most important discovery after the internet. That's the point.

cryptocurenci r changing the world..

I think once you start seeing more and more companies incorporating the blockchain style way of doing things it will open the door for crypto currencies to take the market. We are still early in the crytpo world and with so much new tech coming out based on the blockchain its only a matter of time.

They're changing, but we not yet.

Before the average Joe starts using the Blockchain, it needs to be dummed down.

My friend said "I told you that we were going to be a cashless society! The banks and the government will have all the power". And I'm sitting there like "B*tch please!".

They don't even understand the basics, and after my grandpa understands crypto, then we can say it's really something that we can use daily.

Most people don't know how national currencies are created. That doesn't stop them from using them.

I am not so sure they do, most people don't understand what money is, they believe it comes from working hard, that is as far as there mind can comprehend!

Liked this post very much...
May God bless you...

hello there!!!
i agree with you! cryptos and blockchain are a new age for a better life.
great info post, thanks for sharing.
good luck!!!!
have a great day!!!!


This post doesnt deserve 1000$
If i made a similar post before you i would have got 10 cents at the most.
Steemit is such an unfair platform, whales manipulate with everything.

Very interesting talk by billionaire Brock Pierce
Money is backed by men with guns. Bitcoin is not, so why would this thing have any value?" Paul Krugman, Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences
Remind me that bitcoin today become the the most valuable


cheers for all the research, I have a feeling crypto currencies are going to be big within the next couple of years

I would have made the same article, but about blockchain, not only crypto, because they are only a portion of an amazing world of decentralization!

You are absolutely right that cryptocurrencies are changing the world in every aspect by taking it to the top of levels of money market in worldwide..
Not only cryptocurrencies are changing the but cryptocurrencies are the future of of world as crpto will cause massive money revolution in market..
I am happy that me and all the steemians are the part of this revolution..
Thanks for such an encougaging post..


Cryptocurrencies have come to stay and they are life changers. It gives hope to investors and an increased wealthw

Amazing post. So much information to shed a different perspective on crypto. You got yourself a new follower.

Its true that next generation is the generation of crypto currency and I am proud myself as a part of this revolution. Thanks for sharing wonderful information.

As far as crypto's come, I think we're still just getting started.

Very interesting article. There is plenty of fundamental reasons why cryptocurrencies might take on the world. I just realized thanks to a graph you shared, that today, 2018-06-07 Jeff Bezos net-worth > Bitcoin MarketCap. That's how low Bitcoin still is.

Very interesting and need information. Cryptocurrency is our future. It's something new and we must invite in it.

Great post! It's very interesting to compare the value of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general to other assets... I think we're just at the beginning of the revolution and it will be something great.

In my 2 cents opinion, Shifting from conventional financial system to blockchain technology is inevitable, that's why big giants like FB, google, starbucks, Uber are considering to shift into blockchain technology. World is changing so fast. Early adopters always get good reward. Let's hope for the best @teamsteem

Very informative post and I agree with every aspect of these. Two things that will change drastically is the shipping and real estate industry. Right now there are a couple ICO' out called blockshipping and Fr8network that deal with logistics. Also there is propy and Muifreld investment partners are planning on starting blockchain initiatives. These will be game changers !

Ive just read the article on the 51% PoW attack cost. They only do talk about the PoWs. How vulnerable is Steem that is PoS? Can something like that happen here?

It would be more precise to say Steem is DPOS. To answer your question there's no such thing as a 51% attack on DPOS.

muy buen articulo amigo teamsteem, y bien documentado, y la realidad que presenta de la inflación de mi país Venezuela puedo certificarlo, pues esa inflación nos esta golpeando diariamente.

Very good information, great friend, congratulations, very interesting information and good graphics

You should check your facts. Even the first graph I looked at is totally wrong.

You should source your facts. Some of the graphs are a couple months to years old and are stated as such.

Very nice post. Gives out a great picture of where we are and where we can be going.

The total value of the world's money is $90,4 trillion.

Damn, can I just say how to me this doesn't exactly seem a lot? needs more "illions" bro and also feel that in true respects the USD needs to be higher up on that inflation scale, I don't even think half of Americans know what the Nixon Shock did your beautiful gold redeemable currency )

Crypto all the way, love some of the information shared on some of the cryptocurrencies

Remarkable and very interesting

Remarkable and very interesting

Great analysis from the @teamsteem the crypto is coming to the limelight now !

There was a debate about ripple being a pseudo-cryptocurrency and it's mostly centralized, though I'm not quite sure about that.

Nonetheless, cryptocurrencies are evidently making waves around the world and I hope this continues to greater heights.

merci pour ce post très riche en informations, heureusement qu'il y a le traducteur google....
C'est du travail de qualité, je l'ai enregistré pour pouvoir revenir dessus quand j'ai besoin. Continu comme ça. Bonne journée

a good sharing of information is achieved.

It sure fucking is...

Great news for crypto. It’s taking the worlds currencies over. More and more people are taking fiat money out and exchanging it for crypto. That’s a net gain for crypto considering it wasn’t on the radar of so many until recently.

I am eager to help the poor. but have not been able to give, but I'm not surprised if one day this intention can be achieved what has been revealed

Very nice post thanks for this beutiful information God we bless the work of your hands, whit crypto the future is brigth.

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