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Today I decided to vote for witness, for the very first time I have visited the steemwitness voting page, well I just gave you a vote, to everything you deserve that vote I still have 29 left but who should I give it to and why? I just gave one to you, I am not doing you a favor our making it look like I did you a favour
I must confess fews things after I saw your post about something with the content that has something top 100 people with the most powerful votes on steem and you been 53 on that list, the post was made 6 months ago, you also spoke about your goal in the community and some many interesting topics, my bad my english is not 100% but try to get my point, You said you hate deceit? and you don't like people messaging you and you suggested the kind of messages you liked? Correct me if am wrong please, I messaged you even without dropping a comment on any of your post maybe that's why I was never responded to? deceit i guess? I seek attention alot that I know is my problem yeah and sometimes I feel is just me that is available lol creed? Not more to say @teamsteem I habe been trying hard make people recognise me here, if am getting all the rewards and no comments on my post I will not be happy even, I upvoted my comment from your past post to make you see it but on seeing that post I am awre you read all comments on your blog so no need in trying to? That post had it downsides too, for those who want to be smart they will have huge task ahead, I just saw myself been the smart one haha, about the good and quality content what is will you call a good content? A good content depends on the way I perceive it. I must post a picture of myself and someone will say wow lovely, nice you look good or I might do a research about a cat and get one comment about it or nothing at all, let me end here. Is not how long you have been here that you succeed, someone might open an account today and hit $50+ on an introduction post. Sometimes we should just help minows if you think they are trying.


I use to spend more than 4 hours a day doing things related to Steem and that wasn't counting the time I spent writing my posts. I can't be reading all the posts I receive and even less responded to the comment I receive or at least that's not what I think would be the best use of my time.

We all have a finite amount of time. We all must choose what I put my mind to. Steem can't multiple the things I can focus on. Steem is a work in progress.

Steem has its limits just like all of us have their limits. All of us have a life and want the best for us and our love one.

I hope you can understand that my actions aren't necessarily perfect but there is clearly more than what meets the eye.

I think Steem would be better if it had stayed under super linear reward. Have you read about this? Have you read my post about Dan Larimer? Reading Dan Larimer's writing was one of the most rewarding thing I did on Steem.


Yes I have, you wrote about him Six months Ago, that was where I found out about the deceit word and messaging. I perfectly understand. Tomorrow I will make a post about giving someone a chance inform of encouragement. Like you said steem is a work in progress, if we don't have time for love to be shown to those around us family then we might never be happy nor make others, I completely understand

Slurp some soup for me @teamsteem


Happy cooking. Lol

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I love how technology keeps us together, you guys are so much fun that you give me a good vibe, you gave me a smile.

Thank you to you two for providing such good Content ;)

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travel, food and fun.....nom to the nom!

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