Hiking Mount Tamalpais

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It's the highest peak in the Marin Hills. It gives a stunning view of San Francisco and the surrounding area. The idea to climb up Mount Tamalpais came when we were in Mill Valley, and I was searching tripadvisory.com for things to do while there. To my surprise, Mount Tamalpais had the highest rating right above Muir Woods.

The elevation at the West Peak, where a radar dome currently stands, is between 2,560 feet (780 m) and 2,580 feet (786 m). It stood over 2,600 feet (792 m) before the summit was flattened for the radar dome construction. The East Peak is at 2,571 feet (784 m).

Our way uphill was pretty easy as we did much of it by car. We only had to do a 20 minutes hike on foot to reach the very top and it was totally worth it!

British philosopher Alan Watts owned a cabin on Mount Tamalpais later in his life where he ultimately died in his sleep of heart failure on November 16, 1973.

It was @karensuestudios, @acromott and I first hike together and one I'll never forget!

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You need to write some kinda travel planning summary at the end, if there ever is an end, of this wild journey you've been on with @karensuestudios. I, personally would like to see some kinda summary of what you checked out with what you did and did not like/why and all that.

You all are straight up living! Really cool to witness. How long have you all been roaming around, btw?


I will make some sort of summary! Great idea! I'm glad you like our trips! They have been epic. When she came to Canada and when I went to Portland and California.

I've been back in Canada for a couple of weeks now but I'm soon leaving for Europe to hang out with @karensuestudios there.


Explore and enjoy. I continue to pray for an opportunity like this, and by wishing you well, mine will only get closer!


Suggestions, suggestions and questions asked by @matt-a to post @teamsteem. This time is really good. both are great by using good technology. Dlive in steam and @karensuestudio view I like thank you

We can bring steemit in the peak of the mountain with the help of dlive! This is so cool😊

beautiful mountain, I want to go there @teamsteem

This dlive really great. upvote done. what a nicr place this is!

Woow! The view is really stunning! What a place!

That is a very stunning view! I miss climbing already..

Hello @teamsteem

That's a great experience. It's good to live life to the fullest when one has the opportunity. Life does not come with double chance. Congratulations.

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Thank you dlive-video.i like this post .. Very nice post sir

What a View! next time film it longer pls xD

Nice nature! I wish there were some mountains here, where i live, also. But then again...one more reason to travel ;)

Haha - I love the music! What a view from the top!!

This is just like our olumo, zuma and aso rock in Nigeria... Pretty view at the top.

wow this is really amazing

I Love @teamsteem
it is very Nice and Crative
They are help us go get upvote

Ohh My God! You did this man very enthusiastic you were on the hiking, but friend what I enjoyed most is your rock climbing in the last it's scary you know, take extra care of your security next time please my friend, wish you all the very best.
And one more thing thanks for sharing so wonderful view on the top.
Wish to See you soon on the top of next one.
I enjoyed.

This is fantastic.

Que lugar tan bonito! excelente toma!

Beautiful .. wonderful words
Travel is a life school, good for you
Well done on the pictures .. for more creativity..

It's awesome place , you are realy enjoying

awesome sites and terrain! wow i miss hiking! i gotta share with you my adirondack mountain trip at some point i think youd dig it :)

hahaha great climb to the top of the stone bro @teamsteem, it's a good way to exercise as well bro. Thanks for sharing

I'm a big hiker and nature person and I would love this hike. Though I'm pretty sure I would cheat like you did and use a car for a least some it. I'm glad you ended up hiking at least a bit.

I downloaded your video for watch more time. It's so attractive. Thanks for sharing.

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