The Daily Dose - A New Type Of Challenge, Phase 4-B Update.

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The Daily Dose Challenge, Phase 4-B Update.

Phase 4 is currently active. So are you going to look up, capture, and submit?

There a lot of great entries this phase and we are looking for more! :-D

The following changes are now in effect:

In order to submit, just resteem the latest contest post or an update post. There will be 1 main post and 2-3 update posts for each phase. If you have more entries to submit, just make your post according to the rules, and submit your post link to this post below.

There is also going to be a special bonus of 3 SBD to THE BEST PHOTO of the Phase

So for this phase, the days are: Mar 3rd - Apr 2nd 2018 with the winners announced on Apr 3rd 2018.

You can submit multiple entries, and not be limited to just one set of photos! We need your submissions, and we are looking for some quality photos with as much details as you can get.

26 Submissions posts thus far:

So are you game?

Do us all a favor, go outside and point those cameras into the sky, and start clicking!

This photo challenge is sponsored by:


Update 03/29/18: There will be no 4-C update, seeing as how it will only be for one day. So to make an entry, just add it into a comment as usual, and I will make note of it, thx! :D
If you are interested in being a sponsor of this challenge, hit me up on Discord: CC Discord

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Pulled these ones from January 26th, 2018. They are disgusting.


Thx! :-) Disgusting, that is putting it mildly LOL I have a few choice words, but I digress! LOL Have a great night.

Another dose of poison. Because they love us so much.


Thanks for the submission, gotchya covered too! :-D Yes they do show the love don't they! Have an awesome day.

And upvoted


Thanks! :-) Added into the list above, appreciate it.


I appreciate


Resteem this post for entry, thx!

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Ok here is my last submission this month. @inthenow I left instructions on which photographs I am entering but take a stroll through some of my archived photographs from a few years back.


I guess I can't resteem twice; I am still in steem learning mode here.


It's cool, you are covered ;- ) Adding your entry into the list. Have a great night! :-D

Hey @inthenow! Great iniciative! I have not posted content about geoengineering for a long time. Check out my post.


Thx for your submission, much appreciated! Have a great evening.


You're welcome!

Just a couple bonus photographs from this afternoon. Not for contest submission but just getting them out there.


Awesome shots! The IR is great, good idea on that one. :-D Have a great night.

Ah, I've missed sharing my sky art!!


Hiya :-) Still time to enter ya know.... hint hint! :) And the new contest will start in a bout a week there about Have a great evening... Well morning now! LOL

here is my first entry! What a fantastic contest!


Awesome, thanks for your submission, appreciate you entering. Have a great day. :-)


Thank ya kindly! :-) Added in to the list.

Here is the continuation of my last post about Geoengineering Above Our Heads! Give a view. 👍


Thanks, putting this in the updated list.


Yeah! Thanks!

Trying to join at your contest, here is my entry and thank you.😊


Hi @sweetcha Got your entry confirmed, and will add it to the list, and the next post. Thanks I appreciate you entering the contest. Have a great night. :-)

Just realised I forgot to post this link.


Thx my friend, gotchya covered. :-)

@inthenow I loaded a video and finally had a sky where I could do a time lapse. Thanks for the time you have put into this and looking forward to the future of this #dailydose. I'll look for you on discord later man!

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Nice work! Thanks for the share. :-) And yeah gotta keep spreadin the word!


Cool, thanks for the submission! Gotchya covered. Have a great day.


Hey welcome back! And thanks for your submission as well. Have a great day.