The Daily Dose - March 20th, 2018 by @freebeerfridays

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This #dailydose photo challenge is sponsored by:

I look forward to submitting more entries in the future! Anything to get the word out more and more about Geoengineering. I have a lot more people top talk to about this today verses 20 years ago when I started and I am very thankful for that!



I will work on some zoomed in shots and hope to get some before the end of this contest. Please follow and please comment if you do so that I know to follow you and upvote your posts! I will be adding some timelapse and super zoom photos and vids soon.

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Thx for your submission! R&U! :-D Welcome!


Hey there, yeah I am glad I came across your profile here. I hit you up on the Controversy Cafe about sponsoring a #dailydose. I am just getting into the Steemit platform so not sure if I would be of any value to you or not as I have low follower base but working on it.

Great pics!

  • I think I'm seeing an upside down A.
    • might stand for
      • ain't nuthin to see here
        move along
        move along

It amazes me when people say that's "normal." SMH...
Looking forward to more posts! @freebeerfridays

about that free beer...

  • is that RSVP or do I just show up? 😎

You have been followed- I loves me some Gandalf!




If you are in Nashville I am about to kick off the Original #FBF! I'll be putting together some home brew videos this summer as well!

Somebody UpVote this! I'm gonna collect $6.66 in just a few hours AHHHHHHHHH! Just really upvote me!