The Daily Dose - March 7, 2018 by @iowabuckd

in geoengineering •  last year


See the two planes?

This post is for the #dailydose initiative started by @inthenow to help spread awareness on the dangers associated with chemtrails.

Planes Planes Planes

Are these normal flight patterns?

Look up people “The truth is out there!”

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Hey @iowabuckd, I'm not sure if I shared this with you here or not (I did with someone!). I just watched this last weekend, it was sort of my "baptism" into chemtrails. Needless to say, I've had lots of new things to consider this week. Not exactly pleasant.

if I did already send this to you, apologies for my aging memory :I


You did send it, I watched parts of it. No need to apologize. I have been watching the skies for the last 10-12 years. People telling me I’m crazy, when the visual evidence suggests otherwise. Anyone over 35 should know the skies look different.


Gotcha. You know, I've lived in rather cloudy areas for quite a while (currently Syracuse, NY) so they weird "vaportrails" never really hit my radar so to speak. Out where you are I can only imagine it gets very concerning looking up at the myriad funky clouds :(


I trust what my eyes tell me, and people can think I am crazy. I remember before these trails were commonplace and everyday was overcast. I also know "new" cloud types are becoming more and more prevalent. The white hazy sky should be obvious to all, as should the red glow around the horizon at sunset.

Welcome to the madness @danielshortell.

Thanks for submitting your post! :-D I had a brain ded moment, and forgot that you can't upvote past 7 days LMAO :D