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This is my second entry to the contest. I was just coming out of the Kroger in preparation for some Mid Day Munchin' and was getting the regular "what the heck is he standing there looking in the sky shaking his head" looks from people walking by. I got out my new camera (which I need to work on the sky settings a bit more) and snapped this pic.


I drove down the road just a ways to a less crowded parking lot and took some more and this next one came out the best. I have been noticing the long arcs from some of the planes as the discharge their aerosol soup above our heads here in Nashville.


Good luck to everyone entering the contest and I will be posting more photos and videos of the #geoengineering campaign as it applies to Nashville, TN.

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When geoengineering is finally officially admitted, we will look back at this time and wonder how so many people could ignore something so obvious, for so long.

Well the thing is that the CIA came out in July 2016 and said they had been doing experiments in Geoengineering; they even had a link on their main page for a couple months. While at the same time employing internet trolls to debunk it.

Thank you for the upvote and I will be posting a lot more personal content and other documented information as we go through the summer