The Corona Diaries #4 - personal stories from around the world [30 March 2020]

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This is a pandemic. Like in the movies. Like people never hoped would happen. But it has and it is.

Maybe not quite as bad as in those post-apocalyptic movies like 28 Days Later, Contagion or even The Walking Dead.

But for those losing their jobs, for those becoming isolated, lonely and afraid, for those not sure of how they will feed their children, and worse of all for those losing loved ones, it is just as bad.

Although the virus seems to be running amok across the world, killing thousands indiscriminately, there are some signs of hope.

China while it has not conquered Coronavirus, does appear to have it under control at least. Other countries like South Korea and Japan appear to be heading toward that point as well.

It is going to be a tough, hard few months ahead for most of us. We must be disciplined, we must be resourceful, we be must compassionate, we must work together.

Fighting, arguing, and hostility towards each other will get us nowhere.

Sharon French @fitinfun RIP

It is with great sadness that I bring news of the death of a well known member of the Steem community.

I am sure many of you will have encountered Sharon @fitinfun at some point during your time on Steem. If you went to the last SteemFest that @roelandp organised in Bangkok you may have even met her. She was an ardent supporter of minnows on the chain.

She was a Canadian living in Malaysia.

It is not clear whether her death was due to the Coronavirus or her underlying health issues, but her death report states she died of pneumonia - the main lethal outcome of the virus.

Her last post 17 days ago was from her hospital bed in Kuala Lumpur.

@littlenewthings from the Malaysia Steem community sadly reports that Sharon has passed away...

Rest in Peace Sharon.

These are the three previous editions of the Corona Diaries in case you missed them...

Please let me know if you are writing posts about how the Coronavirus is affecting you and your family. Post a comment below or message me on Discord (Pennsif#9921).

I am looking for posts about your life and how it is being affected rather than scientific commentary, or theories of where the virus came from. They are important, but not for these posts.


























[ graphics & images from @pennsif / Sharon French ]


We all hope that this virus can be prevented, keep the spirit and remain at home for all of us

Thank you - good advice.

I'm just about to write a post from Croatia. We had destructive earthquake (magnitude of 5.4 on Richter scale) with an epicenter our capital, Zagreb. It overshadowed Corona for one day. It's crazy times. Stay safe 💛

Sorry to hear about the earthquake.

Do drop me the link when you have made the Corona post.

Thank you for the link - I will include the post in the next edition of the Corona Diaries that is coming out soon.

Thank you!

Yes, this Corona Virus is like nothing else we have experienced, and it is touching the entire world!! Here in South Africa we are in our 4th day of lock-down, so far it is going well with me and my family. There are however quite a bit of people who are disregarding the lock-down rules, which is very sad. The police did make a few arrest already!! There is also a lot of fake news being spread around, which could also lead to arrest here in South Africa.

Nice post, thanks for sharing the relevant posts!1

Just saw your day 1 post - the braai looks good. Many years since I had one.

Let me know when you put out another update.

this is a great initiative to keep us all connected on our personal journey through it all..

If I post anything I'll @'you on it..

I take it there's a Hive version? I might end up doing it there, tbh.

Thank you.

I am including posts from both chains. Will probably alternate between the two for posting rather than just duplicating.

The previous one is already on Hive...

Grateful for your mention, friend @pennsif. Soon I will continue to write about these days in quarantine from my area, hoping that all this will pass soon and return health to the world. A long hug back to you.

Thank you - let me know when you do another post.

Hi my friend Pennsif, here in Iran, the part I am living, I havent seen anyone who got corona, not in my family and not friends and not far relations and not people who I met and saw, But we heard news that says there was one guy in my city who got corona and they are taking care of him. I didnt heard more about it. They stop people from travelling from one city to another and the hospital was looked silent and when I just passed from there I didnt see anything or anyone, and its front door lights were off. All Shops are closed and only shops for foods are open. As you see Iran was in top list for high rate. With that high rate we could expect something way bad than this. But from what I have seen and experienced, they made Corona too bold in news. But this is only what I have seen and experienced. I dont know about others.
My city has about 100,000 population.

Did you saw anyone who got corona in your place? Or died from it?

Good to hear it is not so bad there in your place.

It is beginning to accelerate here in the UK - nearly 400 died today.

I know two people here so far who have had it. But I live in a very rural area so it make some time to catch up here.

I hope you and your family can all stay safe and well.

I hope these misery and problems ends and everything becomes good sooner, stay safe too. Thank you my friend

Very sad to hear of Sharon's passing. I never got to meet her, but she made some nice comments on my posts and we had some interesting conversations. She seemed to be a fighting spirit.

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