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Me on my latest project (Rapanui, fb7b).

When I came to Steemit, I set up my personal account @HaTo which I use to write articles about my passions, hiking, and climbing. Then I saw that there are others with the same interests. But what was missing was a platform to share exceptional hiking and climbing content.

This was why I founded the @Climbing-Trail!

After about 100 days the @Climbing-Trail is following more than 100 Steemians posting regularly about climbing and hiking! In turn, almost 100 Steemians decided to follow back. Since inception the @Climbing-Trail resteemed 67 posts by 44 unique authors. That is amazing and only possible because of you!

There is a wide range of posts that have been considered. Posts by people getting out for the first time or professional mountain guides. Posts writing about simple Sunday walks, going for a relaxed hike, serious multi-day hikes in the desert, rock- and ice climbing or mountaineering in the Alps and climbing Matterhorn.

Fun facts

  • The average payout of a resteemed post is: $22.71 (Min: 0.06, Max: 141,75)
  • The average number of votes of a resteemed post is: 47.19 (Min: 5, Max: 234)
  • The average number of comments of a resteemed post is: 17.21 (Min: 0, Max: 69)
  • Sometimes I was able to beat @curie in curating a post! ;-)

Giving and getting back

I myself read a lot of stories from professional climbers, watch videos of their trips and follow their journies on Instagram. Those stories are super impressive, touching and well told, but often so far away from my own reality that it's hard to see more in them than stories.

On the other hand, reading your stories I can relate to. It's impressive to see what is possible if you love what you do. For example, I love the posts by @derekrichardson, describing his hikes in every detail and remembering all the names of the valleys, creeks, and mountains around him. Or @tateshep describing his impressive ice-climbs or solo climbs of El Cap with his own humor. All the stories I shared are unique in their own right and worth a read. This is why I attached all of them at the end of the post.

What is most rewarding is getting in touch with you!

Reading stories or watching videos about professional climber is often a one-way channel - you read/watch their stuff and off you go! But here on Steemit everything just starts: for example a day ago I read the article about ice climbing by @markpu and was wondering how long it would take to set an ice drill, et-voilà an hour later I had the answer (It takes between 30 seconds and two minutes! ;-)).

In sharing the posts with you I want to embrace the beautiful nature we see around us. I want to show you how important it is to protect. And I want to show you that we are all united in this beauty.

Improving and questioning the channel

Tell me if you want to write about hiking or climbing, it is highly likely that I'm going to follow you! If I like your posts you may find yourself resteemed to more than 100 Steemians interested in hiking and climbing in all its various facets.

What do you think? Did the @Climbing-Trail have an impact on you? Do you think it adds some value to the community? Do you have ideas how to grow the channel or improve the work it's doing?

Do you know of a tool that is automatically and reliably inform you about a used tag?

Drop a comment, I can't wait to get in touch with you!

Thank you for your support!

First post about what I do and offer.
Second post about how I do it.

Summary of all the unique authors resteemed by the @Climbing-Trail: @bar0nsamedi, @bestitineraries, @bobbyboe, @brixter, @cesarvalencia, @cookingwithzumi, @dabeckster, @dacinka, @derekrichardson, @doverland, @dragonslayer109, @extremeromance, @forbesi, @freiheit50, @hato, @icountedzero, @islandfood, @itsparthhi, @josiahthomas, @katecloud, @kkaos, @kristinbr, @lovejoy, @markangeltrueman, @markpu, @markus.hiesmair, @maticpecovnik, @matthewshaw, @nikkicole, @nofatnowhip, @realtom, @ricjames, @saper, @silasdavid, @sniffbiff, @strongbow, @tateshep, @theaustrianguy, @therightduke, @toocurious, @trakulja666, @travelstheworld, @unipsycho, @zalb.

Below you find a complete list of resteems in reversed order of appearance:

1@trakulja666hiking the italian dolomites alta via 1 stage 1 to 3
2@nofatnowhipexploring pemberton or joffre lakes
3@markpuice climbing in italy
4@hatonational park paklenica part i climbing chronicles 3
5@travelstheworldhiking up pyramid mountain in jasper canada
6@strongbownorthwest hiking hidden lake lookout
7@nikkicolekalamalka lake snowshoeing adventure vol 1
8@extremeromancefinally the best experience in morocco climbing the mount toubkal
9@derekrichardsonmecca hills wilderness adventures ladder canyon big painted canyon loop
10@maticpecovnikthe hiking series part 1 the heart of the julian alps
11@tateshepchasing early season ice in canada part 3
12@tateshepchasing early season ice in canada part 2
13@tateshepchasing early season ice in canada part 1
14@dabecksterhiking in the usa lake tahoe s eagle falls trail
15@lovejoyanother day in guatape colombia we climb la piedra
16@katecloudhiking rattle snake ridge photo galary on top of the world
17@saperthe highest hike in the world from phaplu to mt everest 1
18@dacinkaa walk in bulgaria 3 the 7 rila lakes
19@silasdavidmoss hollow adventure vol 2
20@dabecksterhiking the usa palm desert california s bump and grind trail
21@doverlandroyal arch loop grand canyon 5 day backpack
22@cesarvalenciatoday s climbing shenanigans morrsion co
23@tateshepblack hills bouldering south dakota
24@derekrichardsonhigh sierra adventures north lake to south lake loop
25@therightdukesetting boulder routes
26@markangeltruemantrekking to everest base camp part 1
27@tateshepmuir wall solo solo bigwall aid climb
28@bestitinerariesphoto diary the john muir trail a 20 day backpacking trip in california
29@cookingwithzumihiking adventure in colorado part i
30@josiahthomashiking adventures in rocky mountain national park
31@brixterfrom dusk till dawn mischabel hut von daemmerung zu daemmerung mischabelhuette
32@ricjamestraveling with ric zermatt
33@islandfoodbackpacking the ansel adams wilderness day 1
34@dragonslayer109hiking at the golden gate day 1
35@derekrichardsonsan gabriel mountain adventures little jimmy camp
36@bar0nsamedihiking on rigi switzerland
37@kristinbrautumn colors hiking in norwegian forest or photography
38@sniffbifftravellog 6 switzerland in canton uri eggberge beautiful mountains and nature
39@cookingwithzumiwhite oak canyon and cedar run trail hiking in shenandoah national park
40@toocurious30 stories nineteen the most beautiful hike in norway
41@toocurious30 stories eighteen fenna s first hike
42@itsparthhilife in nim base camp 12 500 feet garwhal himalayas
43@hatoautumn colors in thuringian forest
44@realtombergtour zum hochtausing im ennstal
45@theaustrianguyhike with me 3 a marvelous lake view from the kleiner schoenberg
46@icountedzeroclimbing austrias highest peak grossglockner 3798m
47@tekewinhiking the subway in zion national park ut
48@unipsychorocky mountain hikes alpine rockbound lake part 2
49@freiheit50drei gipfel oberhalb von schloss linderhof ammergauer alpen
50@unipsychorocky mountain hikes alpine rockbound lake part 1
51@matthewshawthank you very much appreciate all your comments steemit is brilliant love to share mountain photography
52@derekrichardsonsan bernardino mountain adventures san bernardino peak
53@kkaosvon schloss linderhof auf den brunnenkopf 1717m die grosse klammspitze 1923m feigenkopf 1866m und hirschwang 1868
54@markus.hiesmairclimbing stories 2
55@icountedzeroclimbing through the white hell of piz palue switzerland
56@zalbmorocco part i toubkal the highest peak in the atlas mountain range
57@hatopreparing for the next climbing trip climbing chronicles 2
58@bobbyboeadventures in 360 5 mountainclimbing
59@kkaosaufstieg auf den krottenkopf 2086 m ueber die esterbergalm
60@travelstheworldtrekking to everest base camp my experience part four
61@icountedzerobivouacking in austria
62@markus.hiesmairclimbing stories 1
63@forbesitriple peak hike climb
64@unipsychosummiting mount holy cross with crazy weather
65@therightdukepart ii climbing starcheck
66@therightdukepart i rappel to starcheck
67@hatocastle hill world famous bouldering spot climbing chronicles 1

Thanks for curating this subject and featuring some of my hikes! Have a happy and prosperous new year!

Thank you for your work here, it is really nice to have a place where you can find all the good climbing stories!

Thanks, I hope you enjoy it!

hello! i am a trail runner and also like hiking on the mountain! i'm glad that i found you @climbing-trail :D

Never thought about trail-running! But sure it's great. Followed you.

I second the trail running idea!

I'm an avid outdoorsman that has a passion for hiking and backpacking. Your resteeming climbing/hiking posts is awesome. I'm following you and looking forward to your future posts/resteems.

Thanks, that's amazing. Can't wait for your contributions.

Thank you for this post! I am mountanier, rock climber myself...
One love!

I saw your post about Mount Elbrus 5642m (Classic route). Great stuff! Upvoted it.

Keep up the good work. I followed you.

Thank You! Will keep those stories comming!

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