My Favourite Steem Tool

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"For every job, there is a need for a specialist."

Let's face it, most of the users here are advanced computer users, if not superusers. If you are not one of them, you most likely made sure to know at least the essentials. You know, stuff like voting power, vote value, delegation etc.

What you may not know, is that you can display stuff like:

  • When is your post going to pay out
  • How much is the payout going to be
  • Do you earn more from posts or from comments
  • Your engagement percentage
  • Your complete post history

To view things like these, you need to use specific tools. These are usually built by the members of the community. My opinion is that in order to simplify the user experience as much as possible, many of these functions should really be built in the user interface.

From the average user's perspective, this one seems to be the most useful one. It has a simple user interface, yet it shows all of the stuff that's missing from the main frontends. Because of this, it is my favourite tool to use.

What would make it even better, is if there were statistical data about past payouts. I simply don't know how much I've invested on my own and what my earnings have been so far. And that bothers me. I know that I could have kept history on my own, but it's just too inconvenient.

Granted, there are other useful tools such as, or but they just are not meant for your average John Doe.

This post has been created as a part of @dragosroua's May 30 Days Writing Challenge. If you don't know what it's all about, I suggest you go check it out. I've already learned so much thanks to this challenge.

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