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Twenty five very long days ago, I had posted an update on Stellar Lumens (XLM) with projections that were just far, far exceeded!! The below charts were used:

The below chart shows a 646% MASSIVE PROFIT MAKING SURGE!!!

The 25 day ago update showed the below XLM/BTC chart and projection:

Today, the XLM/BTC pair has EXLODED from 756 Satoshi to as high as 6,377 Satoshi for a phenomenal 769% PROFIT!!

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Tutorial on the use of Fibonacci & Elliott Waves
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Legal Mumbo Jumbo: This is only my opinion, make of it what you wish. What does this mean? It means it's not advice nor recommendation to either buy or sell anything! It's only meant for use as informative or entertainment purposes.**


I'm going through all your coin analyses one by one now. I love your bold and daring predictions.


Siacoin made over 83% in the last 24 hours! Also really great :-)

And suddenly....the Bsanders army has gone quiet, and we can see just how many people/bots/ sockpuppets were actually involved. It really was quite something, fingers crossed that it is over. @haejin, you are awesome. Love you:D

Please read back the posts of @haejin about GAS and VERGE.
In my opinion GAS is...................scroll down down down for the rest of this UPDATE

A sight to behold...XLM has big things coming in 2018...Solid team behind it...But who cares right? White paper, shmite paper...it's all in the TA ;)

Hello Haejin,
Is xvg verge ready to explode into wave 1?

Wow looks primed 💰📈🎉🚀🏀

Theres been a dip! I might finally buy some!

steemit for $100 just wait and watch

I don't doubt that at all.

It will happen. Guaranteed

Typically I sold off my free Stella Lumens issued last year as it didn’t seem to be going anywhere! Still, you can’t win them all!

It's great to see good projects getting adopted, looking forward being able to go from on FIAT to coin directly. Thanks Haejin.

Right on the money, as usual Haejin!

Nice to meet you @haejin. Your posts are quite useful. I just came to know about you since yesterday, so I didn't have a chance to read all your posts, but hope I do that soon :) Are your predictions based on technical analyses only, or also fundamentals?
What's your opinion about siacoin?

Check out the link below. It's a recent post where Haejin offers some insight into his strategy and his philosophy on chart movement vs. fundamentals, and it's very interesting.


Below is a much more in-depth essay of Haejin's thoughts on TA that he published shortly after. It's heavy stuff, so you might want to grab a big glass of wine before sitting down to read it.


Haejin uses technical analysis.

Thanks for replying :)

Could you please do an update on Status (SNT)?

Pretty Happy that this Flag-War ends...

Your Analysis is very accurate.i love to hear from you more.

Wish I got in on this one

I'm curious about what the future holds for this coin.
Fundamentals say blue skies are ahead (it would theoretically rise alongside Ripple for the coming months). The chart, however, might point toward a long period of consolidation....

I'm still learning about Elliott Wave analysis, but perhaps someone else can offer their take on what the next few weeks have in store for XLM?

@haejin There is parabolic movements in alot of coins, i know this is amazing for investors but as a technical analysis, is greed jsut taking over???

Maybe someone can word it better than me but most of these companies have no product yet, some never will, like the dot.com era, only maybe a double hundred will remain.

I guess my question is, can this continue for the rest of 2018?


Personally, I don't think the bubble bursts in 2018. Though, I think that some of the teams behind these coins will fold over time. There could be many top 100 marketcap coins that are out of the picture in months, if not the end of the year. Only time will tell though.

In my opinion, this is just getting started..

yeah i think there is going to be alot of jump on the bandwagon coin this year though. As someone said to me, only invest in a coin that does something that is not available or improves on existing tech.

As haejin would say, wishing you massive massive profits, just remember to take some..lol

Ohh my God,, It's really surprising news.
646% PROFIT, It's really unbelievable and good news for us.
Thanks dear for this awesome post share with us.........Hope, good luck to all.......

Finally, you’ve got prooved that you are the man who comes from the future!!🤔

Please read back the posts of @haejin about GAS and VERGE.
In my opinion GAS is gonna make his second wave 2 to 3 as mentioned by haejin.
Verge is burblin on his second wave 2 to 3 that must be higher than the small first one Verge made.
Buy GAS between 0.0022 and 0.0025
Buy VERGE (XVG) between 0.00000999 and 0.00001100
Time is the most difficult thing to outline but boosts might happen between now and 24 hours. Verge has the potential to give you 100% on the short term.
Using the information we got from haejin and looking at the charts this is my opinion at the moment. I'm not a financial adviser, so invest on your own risk. Happy trading and don't forget to take profits.
Verge/BTC 4 hours Charts ()
Verge showing a POTENTIAL profit of alsmost 100%
GAS/BTC 60 minutes chart

Great post @haejin. This validates your analysis. How long to expect this run to last?

마마 Are you Ok ^^

stellar is a sleeping giant and we have to wait till he wakes up!!! hold and then it goes to the moon

So you expect some consolidation at this point? Just a flat period, or a drop in price?

Where do you predict it will consolidate to before the next upwards cycle?


Great Crypto Analysis @haejin you are always at your best keep it up brother !

I am hodling XLM and BAT. I hope to see my portfolio go from Minnow status- to Um... Largish minnow status.

On other news...
Its amazing the snowball effect that @haejin posts cause. People upvote knowing that everybody else will upvote- thus making curation rewards. basically he could put out a dog turd that would get upvoted based on this snow ball effect alone.

He does put out good stuff though..

If they only knew that curation rewards aren't even worth thinking about util you have over 1000sp.

Smells like a good profit my friend. I'll monitor that coin from now on.

This is the highest quality "called it" post I have ever seen, keep it up :)

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It's great to see good projects getting adopted, looking forward being able to go from on FIAT to coin directly.
Thanks for sharing with us @haejin

Hi ~ I'm a beyondkiller.I just upvoted your post!
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Time to find the next one!

Haejini. Great Call! Where do we see things going from here on the charts?

Bro, you are a machine. Good work on trading, someone should hire you to trade for them.


Thank you @haejin can you please do HTMLCOIN (HTML)?

This could be the hand that takes me out of minnow status and into...uh large minnow status? Lol
To the moon..and stuff !

Unbelievable! @haejin, you are awesome. follow you!

I told y'all if Ripple aka xrp makes it to Coinbaese, watch Stella 💹🚀

But ripple ain't coming to Coinbase as of now. At least that's what they tweeted.

Their tweet was meaningless, actually. they said nothing.



I can´t believe bro!, outstanding....

You are the man Haejin! Keep up the good work

I've just heard about the result of war from Juno!

Congratulations!!! : )

Thank you! Wish I would have been here 25 days ago ;) missed that train. But so many oppurtunities all the time anyway. No need to get greedy.

I´m looking at PPT/POPULOUS.
It looks rather bullish in my eyes somehow. But it doesn´t have that triangle I´ve seen in many other recently. But I do see some triangles.

It looks almost like EVX just before it started popping. I looked at it, was thinking about buying. 5 min later, BOOM - 40-50% up.

Can you please look at PPT/Populous?
Doesn´t it look very bullish?

a very good post I really like it please vote my post too

Hi everyone, I'm developing a tool for myself to keep track of my trades (for Bittrex), like

  • entry prices, and avg. entry price for each position (I ladder in as Haejin recommends :) )
  • profit/loss per trade (Unbelievable that you can't easily see this on Bittrex)
  • setting price alerts
  • setting moving stop loss order, and intelligent trailing stop orders
  • able to set entry price points without putting limit order. I think this is important for setting lower ladders and at the same time following price upper breaking points, so we can still buy when the price starts to climb.

My initial feature set are these, and setting price alerts require a mobile client. I was thinking to write an iPhone app, but later on realized maybe a Telegram bot is a better choice, since I'm also planning to have a web page.

Do you have any ideas, recommendations? What do you think about a Telegram bot to manage our trades?

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i am korean

i have invested SNT

Open my account

SNT income 10,0000 $

damn i wish i knew about this 25 days ago.

I sold the majority of mine way too early. I'm usually so good at hodling too.

i like your article. and i already folow you. if you have time visit my bog @ yulissari

Nice bro good work
I didn't get in on this one b/c I just started following you but I'll be sure to jump on the next one
Thanks for all your work

you did a good job @haejin! :)

How To Buy Your First Altcoins Video

Where To Buy Stellar Lumens. Click on tab and scroll down page for list of exchanges.

Stellar is now 0,72 he lose market cap from 16b to 12b in one day so i think stellar is not so strong

I love the work that you do! Keep up the great job! Any chance you might do one on KIN?

duh... this post has no value, no projections or analysis only patting your own back ... and you are collecting 529$ and counting

I have some and sell it!!

Good job Haijin. Appreciated

2018 is the year of Altcoins :D

I love your analyses! Found out about Steemit yesterday and I'm already hooked :)
Looking forward to your upcomming analyses

Called it again! WOW

Nice article

cingratulations to all of the holder of this coin, patience is a virtue after all. and there more to come.

Thanks @haejin. Can't wait for updated charts on xlm.

Furthermore, suddenly....the Bsanders armed force has gone calm, and we can see exactly what number of individuals/bots/sockpuppets were really included. It truly was very something, fingers traversed. @haejin, you are wonderful.

Thank you for your analysis. Could you tell me your view about next step of XLM?

Hej everybody .
Just want to share this video with the community as many here are new and have a lot to learn, this video is a good place to start learning about trading like the pros!
His other videos are also good, so I suggest you watch them and learn :)

You posts are pretty on point. Been following you for a week, haejin seems legit. Great post.

nice work,hope i would have followed you earlier..

Been loading up on this one. Let's expect some of those XRP profits to flow in!

Is it worth to buy some Stellar (XLM) coins? Sorry guys I'm new to this crypto thing

Yeap, i bought 5000 at around 13 cents partly bc of your analysis on this one.

I had been looking into it quite a bit at the time & your blog definitely influenced.

I ended up selling a bunch of it when it first went up in order to take my investment back and then the rest of my lumens left over have been pure free money profits :)

posts that can be very outdoors, teach us that we can post the right, greeting steemit

I would really appreciate it you update what you think is gonna happen next with the kaboom posts. Thanks.

Next, a healthy correction and then...UP!

if thats the case why request any charts from haejin? Just buy and hold right? LOL. I just wanted his opinion on it in one shot. Hate Kaboom posts with no upcoming scenarios. May be extra post pays well lol.

Almost 50% down, extremely healthy !
Hope to get in again at $0.20 !

I dont see it going to down to .20. Thats almost 80% correction. Probably wont happen in this bull market.

haejin!! Thank you, your Post.

Wow what a rise. Early buyers must really be happy now. Good post

I love the stellar lumens - this coin has a big future. It is a pity that I did not buy more in 2017... always the same :)

I have been holding XLM for a while. Nice to see them taking off...

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