Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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Note: Re-Posting to share more details on the basis of my Technical Analysis method.

I'd like to share my understanding of how and why Technical Analysis works. It's a comingled effect of my training as a scientist, business executive and musician. So, yes, it's a perspective through my set of unique lenses and just perhaps, our lenses could have some "phasic" overlaps.

The basic tenet of Technical Analysis is that sentiment drives all price actions. Simply put, price is a reflection of sentiment. This sentiment is an aspect of duality composed of Fear & Greed. These are opposites of each other and each alone can not be in this world. Both move in waves or cycles and all according to the Fibonacci Golden ratio. Nature's biology to the spirals of the galaxies and even the helix turns of our DNA strands abide by this Golden Ratio. Sentiment is no exception as its ebs and flows occur according to Fibbonacci sequence.

We are all familiar with Einstein's special theory of relativity or the below equation which states that mass and energy are the same. It is the energy mass equivalence principle.

To me, this equation embodies sentiment. Allow me to explain. In the equation, C2 is speed of light that posseses the photoelectric effect, and the basis of all life begins with light and this is undeniable. Plants converting light into energy using water and CO2 is an actual application of Einstein's equation. This way, energy contained in light can be converted to mass, in other words transferred. This is also why water, light and magnetism are essential for a planet to harbor life. Mars has light and water...but it's dead in magnetism and thus will never harbor life.

Having said the above, sentiment is an expression of energy that is chemically conferred. All biologic material absorbs specific light frequencies. The amino acids have an aromatic molecular ring that are designed to absorb uv light of a specific frequency. What happens when your skin absorbs sun light? It gets warm. There is no difference at the molecular and atomic scales, when light is absorbed, energy is gained. This is called the photoelectric effect for which Einstein was awarded the Nobel Prize. This is why AM sunlight contains more UV-a light and has significant impact on your hormone homeostasis while PM sunlight is more rich in UV-b which activates your vitamin D synthesis as well as sulfates cholesterol. Water is the most dielectric molecule and thus essential for life and broadly absorbs light frequencies to attain the third state of water called the Exclusion Zone (EZ). This EZ coherent structures allow water to have semiconductor like properties that surrounds every protein in our bodies. When water takes on EZ structure, it has a plasma crystal feature and acts similar to a semiconductor which is paramount to enable interaction with photoelectric effects and magnetism. A bit complex and your head could hurt with all the quantum physics. By the way, getting a good dose of AM and PM sunlight is critical to good health. Sunlight in your eyes and sunscreen needed.

When hormones absorb light, it is a quantum event. The gain of energy in a living being in effect reduces entropy. If entropy is allowed to go to equilibrium, then you have a dead body, a non-living mass. So, thoughts and feelings are quantum events. To me, this means that sentiment has to follow the laws of E=MC2.

I had earlier indicated that sentiment is another form of conferring energy. For me, the bottom line is that not much can come before sentiment except thought and before that is Perfect Thought. There is a famous saying in the Plato's Republic Essay: "what are words but symbols of symbols; hence twice removed from reality." You might also be familiar with Plato's Allegory of the Cave which too has the same rationale.

So, thought is expressed as sentiment, a form of conferred chemical energy, which is reflected and expressed in duality: Fear and Greed. For cryptos, such expression is seen in its price actions. This is also why measuring price movements can't be perfect as all techniques are twice removed from "Reality". This is why Elliott Waves need updates and edits with new price action data as it only measures the reflection of sentiment.

It's important to remember that no Technical Indicator is less than "Twice Removed" from reading sentiment. The only object that can be "once removed" is called a Crystal Ball and unfortunately no living being possesses that. This is why experience is so vital to enhancing the accuracy of TA. More specifically, failure experiences. I'm a firm believer that failures teach better than successes. A novice pianist will always be poor compared to a seasoned pianist. A novice in Technical Analysis will always be poor compared to a seasoned Technical Analyst.

I humbly state the following: As a Technical Analyst, I thought I was pretty good after five years and really good after 10 years. Now, after 15 years, I've realized that I'm still improving.

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Essay: Is Technical Analysis a Quantum Event?

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why payment declined ?


It's a repost of an already posted article.

Very nice post! I especially like this one:
So, thoughts and feelings are quantum events.
This i also my personal understanding, but I do not know how scientific it is yet:)


You people are real pathetic. It’s insane how you talk crap about Haejin when the proof is in the pudding his teachings have helped A lot of people myself included. Troll somewhere else !


@beniesanders: Pathetic what jealousy can do to people.. @Haejin earned his way to this community unlike some uneducated and untalented crook.. unfortunately you are only making a fool of yourself.
Instead of commenting and downvoting randomly, how about you come with something useful instead so we can approve and upvote you. Until then adios!




I can't read that but I can make an educated guess :-D


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Just provide some good contents, people, as I, will upvote you too ... And stop being jealous and thinking you owns your share of the reward pool, the system is made to reward people who make posts that other people like, not to fullfill the pockets of people that doesn't create anything ...

I love how you tied in life in its most basic essence (with the chemistry, biology and physical mechanics of it) to states of the mind. Which is how I saw it through my lenses.

When I say states of the mind I mean consciousness. Fear and greed existing as a duality is one aspect of it, like joy and sorrow. But everything is not just dual, but all interrelated.

My understanding of quantum mechanics is limited so I may not have grasped a lot of what you meant in this post, but it most certainly tied in with my understanding that crypto's (ie implementations of the blockchain technology) can bring about an amazing change in this world. But it's benefits will be maximized if people begin to evolve to more refined states of consciousness. I hope that as a collective, people use blockchain to benefit wholistically and move away from an individualistic mindset.

I went on a tangent there I apologize. I think your analysis posts are amazing and I've learned so much from them! Looking forward to more posts from you.

sometimes I often see your post about battle flags. but today is somewhat different. I really like science. and you have a good explanation today. i like you sir

Saya melihat seluruh reference yang anda bagikan untuk saya pelajari. Ini mungkin akan menjadi ilmu yang bermanfaat...

allow me to make your post as a reference when writing post #tag science. your description is easy to understand. thanks for sharing sir

Great article.But Master, I have a doubt! What if the bots are working on most of the exchanges?As those buy and sell is done by computer algorithm which is not driven by human sentiments.What if these all price actions are driven by the computers or software program? How can we be sure about these centralised exchanges are really honest and they are not manipulating? My doubt gets even bigger when I go to some DEX and see there is no volume at all. (Note : I am new to this crypto world and trading stuff)


I would see that as a MORE predictable sentiment being revealed. After all, who programs computers and their algorithms? Humans of course. And more so to that point, humans want programs to be predictable and to play to their believed strengths while still staying safe as they are handing the reigns over, and want little risk.


I also love your answer!


I love this question!

interesting article

I wholeheartedly agree with you Haejin.

Great essay! I've learned so much from you Haejin. What do you think about this analysis on AUGUR?

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 22.49.20.png

Thank you for helping people put these things together, you truly are a rare gem

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Much better. Or not..

Lol, you have fun wasting your power on little ol' me.. Lol, I don't care. Now you aren't earning either...

I'm a firm believer that failures teach better than successes.

Failure is the only teacher.

"Success" is a positive outcome tied to a certain context. But change is all pervasive and what once worked, has very little chances to work again, because the context has changed. So chances to "succeed" will always be lower than chances to failure, unless context awareness is developed and trained. And this process of training is just the sum of all the failures from which knowledge is extracted.

I assume this has something to do with what you call "twice removed from reality".

By the way, there is no objective reality. For something to exist, it needs 3 inflection points: the observer, the observed and the connection between them. With every observer, "reality" changes.

Enjoyed your essay. Would love to see more of these.

I love this essay

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Real insightful words @haejin . As a father, I will one day pass along this essay to my son so he also may learn the ways of the wise Prophet...Thanks!

You are an amazing analyst Haejin! Thanks for sharing a bit of your philosophy about trading.

Thank you for the re-post @haejin, you put my mind to work once again :) I started posting my own TA charts at my blog here last week and realized the knowledge of others seeing my work is pushing me ahead.

Really helpful for me

Love this.

Verry deep read. There is an old saying (a.m) sunrise sunlight carries the wealth get up early to catch it.

What an excellent post. I love how you tied everything together.

You are my idol!!!!!!!

There is a real appetite for this information right now. For every one you see and know is following you, there is one or two more lurkers wondering what temperature the water is. Only one sure way to find out!

Hi Haejin, Any chance of a Golem update & Civic or Civic still following last path coming out of the cup and handle position... Thanks! :)

I will read this every time you post it. Found a lot more in it this time that I hadn't maybe noticed or understood as well before. On we go...

P.S. I’m sorry I can’t upvote you at the moment. I appear to have run out of something. Steem perhaps? Can anyone offer advice please.



Every time you up vote, you lose a percent of your "power". Starting at 100%, it dwindles down to 0 until you give it enough time to replenish. Thing of Steemit as a video game (Dan Larimer does apparently). That will help you navigate the ways and means of Steemit better.


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@haejin. Thanks for taking the time and share.

The human brain is programmed to be self improving. It's mentality that gets you there.

좋은 글 감사드립니다.
새해 복 많이 받으세요.

Thank you!

Whoa. This is awesome.

Totally didn’t expect this from you. LOVE it! 😎

@Haejin, Reading your TA and watching your videos is an activity I really look forward to. I have learned so so much. The Quantum aspect blows my mind. I keep practicing and keep trying to identify trends, I love looking big picture on charts too. This being said I was taking a look at digi byte and it seems as though Digi has just completed an ABSOLUTELY MASSIVE CUP AND HANDLE from its start to today. I would love your feedback on this chart I traced out on tradingview. Getting feedback really helps one learn.

Best Regards, T

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You say that Mars cannot exhibit life due to no magnetism.
Then which planet did you come from?

best one !!!!

really as you say, I should learn first

How about NEO?

WOW, finally something different from your usual 1-5 liners post, still as always very informative and educating the icing on this post is the fact that its also inspiring. Though something that remains the same is that your still too busy to respond to some comments at least. i used to think you were being rude but with this post i have chilled a bit. i think you need to work on that too. bravo!!

Great share. i know more knowledge <3

@Haejin what are your thoughts on XVG ?

Excellent read, thank you!

I've been thinking on this very thing, lately. The fact that the cryptosphere as a whole really makes no sense whatsoever from a rational, logical investment approach only serves to further support the theory that what we're really doing here is creating a self-fulfilling prophesy.

The predictions of BTC hitting a half a million or a million dollars are what really got me started down this train of thought. I thought to myself, "Why the hell would anyone ever pay a half a million dollars for one bitcoin when there are far better technologies available this very moment?"

This of course leads to the logical conclusion of, "...Because they're willing to pay $14,000 for one bitcoin even though there are far superior technologies available."

None of this really makes any sense whatsoever, and we're riding a wave of speculative investment that will end up making some people very, very wealthy and some people poorer than when they started.

It will be a very interesting day, indeed when the first cryptocurrency overtakes BTC in terms of market capitalization. Breaking that psychological barrier will have some far reaching and dramatic effects on the entire ecosystem.