My psychedelic drawings - Spider #24

in art •  2 years ago  (edited)

Yesterday I published my psychedelic drawing of a rat. I read in your comments that there are different oppinions about rats. So I thought, why not draw another animal that has a bad reputation: a spider! I know lots of people have some kind of phobia about spiders. I consider them rather nice for they eat mosquitos and annoying flies. Eventhough I am a friend of spiders in general I destroyed lots of their nets in our room last week for we had been sparing them for a long time and their artwork was all over the place... Should I feel guilty? Maybe they will take it as a chance to create something completely different :)

If you like this drawing also check out my previous works of this series:

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Tiger & elefant
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Duck & shoebill

Lots of Light and Love <3

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Bad reputation? Maybe, but I like spiders (and your drawing, too).
Anyway no animal causes as much damage on earth as we (Homo sapiens) do, so let's better not talk too much about reputation ... :-)

WOW!! Great Work!!

Thank you very much ;) I checked your profile and saw that you resteemed my post ;) I appreciate your support a lot and I follow you now <3

No problem. You're welcome!

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I love when you give it color and turn it into a gif.

Thank you ;) I am happy to give you such a good feeling <3

incredible art style! Like your rat i love also your spider, the cartoonish look combined with all the detailed patterns, wow!

Thanks a lot for your support ;) I am happy you enjoy my work so much <3

Love your art!! I really like that I see some nice spider lips as I look.. hmmn oh and the gif is cool at the end. Really adds some life!!

Thanks a lot ;) I am very happy you enjoy my work so much <3

I will follow for more, you've caught me in your web! :)

Geteilt mit meinen Followern :-)

Vielen Dank ;)

This is really good! 😊

Thank you very much <3

El dibujo esta bastante bien, le tengo miedo a las arañas, no panico pero si miedito, algunos sustos de niño que se reflejan aun en mi adultez

I used google translator and I think I understood. I hope this drawing did not raise your childhood fear but helped you overcome it ;)

jejej :P

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Thank you very much @sature for your support ;)

Wow! Any chance to get hi-res versions? tip! 0.5

This is the best my camera could do atm. Maybe I will scan them one time at a copy shop to get better quality images :)

I like it :) this is interesting.

Thank you very much :)

you are welcome :)

Love it. This could definitely be

Cheers ;)

Ops, I meant to write: This could definitely be a badass tattoo!

haha, I was already wondering ;) I thought you ment that it could be like this in nature. I mean there is a lot of trippy coloured and patterned folks out there ;)

excellent work. great art. thank you for sharing

Thank you very much <3

Congratulations, I really like your article, thank you for sharing, and your material very successful.

So cool!

Cheers ;)

nice, love it

Beautiful art work than u for sharing this unique art, I love spiders , the normal ones is great but I'm more leaning to being a fan of the poisonous ones, different colours or just how they weave thousand webs it's all so fascinating and beautiful!
U should be a little guilty however it's a bit difficult to leave their work in the house :-) .

I don't know how you did it but this is the most innocent spider i've ever seen. Awesome!

Amazing work :D

This is awesome, I love the gif (even though I don't particularly like spiders!).

Looking forward to your future posts!

ha ha.
On the one hand you are guilty. Because you destroy their nest. On the other hand they damage the cleanliness in your place.
But I like your posts. I must learn from you.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Cool! From me - Resteem! Upvote! And follow!

Wow! Crazy!