Introducing @tipU - service for super easy sending tips, promoting and sharing profit on steemit :)

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What is @tipU in 3 seconds:

Write tip! anywhere in the comment under a post - author of this post will receive small amount of SBD from you and you will get share in the service profit :)

Hi guys, this is @cardboard here. 7 months ago I wrote a post about cool features that would make steemit a much better, social esperience. Amongst the propositions there was an easy, fast tipping system. Steemit devs were too busy to do it so I made my own: @tipU :)

Quick @tipU guide:

  1. Send any amount of SBD to @tipU
  2. You now have made a deposit on @tipU
    Please note: you can withdraw your deposit at any moment without any fees or restrictions
  3. If you like someone's post: write a comment with tip! anywhere in the comment
  4. The author of this post will get 0.1 SBD from your deposit within few seconds
  5. @tipU will automatically add a comment under the post praising your generosity :)

There's more:

  • In the comment write tip! 0.5 - the author will get 0.5 SBD. Any other number will work (min tip = 0.1 SBD)
  • In the comment write tip! post - the automatically added comment will feature your latest post so the author can check it out right away an upvote ;)
  • In the comment write tip! link - the automatically added comment will feature a link that you have set up earlier - for example a referral link (more about it in a moment)
  • In the comment write tip! hide - @tipU won't add any comment - you're a humble person... You can even delete the tip! hide comment after few seconds to leave no traces...


Every 12 hours @tipU checks its SBD balance and compare it to the sum of all deposits. If the difference is positive, 50% of the profit goes to Steem Power buy fund, the second half is given to the users - proportionally to size of their deposits.
The profit will come from:

  • upvoting @tipU comments (including @tipU selfvoting with small amount of vote power)
  • upvoting @tipU posts
  • @tipU will invest Steem Power into @minnowbooster for daily income. Investments into other useful projects are of course also possible.
  • donations

@tipU will be posting about:

  • service updates (no daily generic report spam, just valuable content)
  • guides about programming your own bots on steem / cryptocurrency exchanges
  • guides about using cryptocurrencies
  • usefull tools on steem platform - overall lots of tutorials and handy stuff

Please note, that you can deposit and withdraw your SBD without any restrictions or fees. You can also deposit and not send tips at all - so @tipU will work as a bank that pays you interest from it's earnings. But sending tips is to cool to not do this ;)

As for using vote power to sell votes - I think we have enough voting bots already, it would be much better to use Steem Power for upvoting and promoting valuable content, especially from new users. I will look into curation guilds that does this job :) If you have any suggestions, let me know!

Communication with @tipU:

You can communicate with @tipU by entering your steemit Wallet and sending any amount of SBD to @tipU with the commands written in memo. Every SBD amount sent that is greater than 0.001 (minimal transfer amount) will be also added to deposit. @tipU will send 0.001 SBD back with required information in the memo. List of available commands:

  • deposit - you can use empty memo or type in deposit in the memo - both will work as making deposit
  • balance - sends back your actual deposit balance
  • withdraw - withdraw all your funds from your deposit. It can also look like this:
    • withdraw all - works the same as withdraw
    • withdraw X.XXX - where X.XXX is a number of the SBD you want to withdraw
    • For example withdraw 1.25 will withdraw 1.25 SBD

  • tip X.XXX - sets the default amount of tip when you use tip! in the comment. All your tips are by default 0.1 SBD but you can change this using this command
    • For example: tip 0.5 will make your tip! send 0.5 SBD every time. Of course you can still use tip! 0.2 in the comment to send 0.2 SBD tip (or any other value)

  • link URL TITLE - sets your link when you use tip! link in the comments
    • For example: link Check out my blog! - will feature link to your blog in the @tipU comment. Use tip! link in the comments to use this feature

  • donate - is treated by @tipU as an income - instead of increasing your balance, it will be divided betwen Steem Power fund and all users - so part of it will go back yo you :)

I know this can look complicated but don't worry - I will write about it with more examples soon under tipu tag.

Why use @tipU

  • it doesn't deplete your vote power
  • it doesn't deplete reward pool
  • it shares its profit with users, helping to spread reward pool more evenly
  • to send a tip you don't have to go to wallet, load your whole transactions list and send a transaction using private keys - you just write a tip! anywhere in the comment. Super handy on mobile :)
  • author gets SBD instantly - not after 7 days, no price variability
  • @tipU automatically adds comment that advertises your profile / newest post / link

How can I support the project:

  • use it! :)
  • follow @tipU and upvote its posts
  • upvote @tipU comments
  • delegate SP to @tipU (even small amount helps!)
  • donate

Please feel free to let me know about your suggestions or found bugs - you can write posts under tipu tag, I will be happy to answer any question :)

I would like to thank user @felixxx - for creating 8 months ago this post: Howto: Steemit Bot Tutorial For Newbies #1 - Votebot - this showed me that developing tools on steemit can be easy and with enough time anything is possible ;)


Awesome. Upvoted and resteemed! Will give it a try. Thanks.

It is not very clear how you would withdraw where do I send the command to.

Why would it's balance be higher than the amount of deposits, am I missing something.

In general I like the idea and want to support it when I get a couple of answers I will send a test amount.

Thanks for the question - you need to send the transaction with for example 0.001 SBD to @tipU - and in the memo you are typing the desired command, for example: withdraw
I will be writing about it with more detail in the next posts.

And the other question

For example the payout from this post will go into the profit :)

Awesome, this makes a lot of sense :) deposited a bigger amount and will aggressively tip over the next days :)

cool :)

Hi @cardboard! You have just received a 0.1 SBD tip from @strangerarray!

@tipU - send tips by writing tip! in the comment and get share in service profit :)
By upvoting this comment you support the service - thanks!

I can confirm that it works - been using this for a couple of days :-) tip! post

Hi @pibyk! You have just received a 0.11 SBD tip from @cardboard!

@tipU - send tips by writing tip! in the comment and get share in service profit :)
By upvoting this comment you support the service - thanks!

@tipU wont tip itself :D

I know - copy pasted short code by accident. Nevertheless it works :-)

remember to make deposit first :)

tip! .1 ;)

But I can tip! your comment :)

This a great idea! I love how you've structured things to also make it an interesting investment opportunity as well as a super simple way to spread some SBD around. I'll be playing with this soon.

Thanks @lukestokes for the 'tip off' on that interesting Africa post. Not sure if I doing this correctly so this is just a test.

Sixth attempt lol tip!

You're welcome! I think you need the ! at the end, not the beginning. It may also need to be on a separate line, but I'm not sure about that.

Yep I just got it to work on another post. I'll edit this above.
The last one took 15 minutes to appear? Must be busy lol

The minimum tip amount is 0.1 SBD - check if you have sufficient deposit :)

My mistake. Not to worry. Just edited it above.

Now this is weird. It's working now everywhere else except on this thread?

Cool, thanks :)

Just edited it. What's the usual delay time? Also no link?

First of the tutorial series is online - deposits and withdrawals:

Thanks, I have read them already. There are a few typos in those posts hence I was putting the ! in front of word tip initially.
I've edited the above again...still not happening. There's plenty on deposit.
I really want this to work. It would be a great asset. It has worked for me once.
wait 1...I've got an idea

I like this service and i would love to give it a try someday when i have enough in my account , excellent post thank you for the share i also followed

I would love to see this work in real time!!! Can't wait to start using it if it works!!!

Quite a creative idea and a growth proposition for the Steemit community. it is never easy to get a tip these days but now we have a chance. That's too innovative.

Resteemed for more steemians to know!


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