The First Exhibition at SGoA! Come on over and vote for your favorite!

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I'm very excited to present the first Exhibition of the Steemit Gallery of Art.

After one week since I started this project I have to say I'm very happy that I received a lot of positive feedback! If you don't know what the Steemit Gallery of Art is, please read about it here.

1st exhib2.png
background credit

Today is Showtime!

Let me just explain you again what is the SGoA Exhibition and how it works.
The Exhibition is simply the post you're reading right now.

Below you'll find some of the best artworks I've reestemed over the past week.

Now what I ask you to do is to enjoy them (because they are really awesome!) and leave a reply, where you'll write down the name of your favourite artist that you wish to vote.
E.G. "my vote goes to @artistname"

Doing so you will take part in what this project is meant to be: showcasing, protecting and promoting the art and artists on Steemit.

Infact at the end of next week, when the Steemit payout will come, the most voted artist will be rewarded with the 30% of the Author rewards. This means that by upvoting and resteeming this Exhibition you will help this whole project to fly and reach the goal.

It's only the beginning and it's exciting. Where this project is headed to, it's only decided by all of us as a community. Today the reward is 30% of the Author's payout, one day could be a real exhibition in a real museum! Who knows :)

welcom to exhibi2.png

The artworks selected are the followings, make sure to scroll down to the last and leave your vote :) Thank you and enjoy!


Portrait by @daio



Ojo Cuchara by @albagargon

Watercolor and black Pilot

Portrait Sequence by @ryanseslow

Digital GIF

Nomad 2 by @zinlim

32"x16" - Oil on Canvas

Female nude in recline by @groundcontrol

15" x 9" / 38cm x 23cm - Charcoal on Strathmore Bristol Vellum

Extract from Drawings about decentralization by @paolobeneforti

Ocean Dusk by @thecryptofiend

Digital Painting

LadySkates by @reinhard-schmid

4"x6" - Mixed media technique of acrylics and oil

Painting for Valerie by @in2itiveart

12" x 14" - Oil and Skratchwork texture on found cupboard door (wood)

Trekking in the french Alps #2 by @clodoweg

Digital Photograph

Munchen Mirror by @outerground

Digital Photograph

Less is more by @leoplaw

Triumphal Arch II by @gric

*60 x 40 cm / 23.62" x 15.75" - Acrylic on fiberboard *

Pewter age by @alain-bellino

Made from antique pewter ornaments mainly from old tableware and decoration items.

Spanish Girl by @chessmonster

12"x18" oil on linen canvas

The Hamburger by @elenasteem

Digital Painting

Drawing by @skangel22

Color pencils on paper

I really hope you liked the selection. Please leave a feedback and don't forget to upvote and elect your favourite.

- All the images above are gentle courtesy of the quoted artists. Make sure you have a look at their original posts and support them, because they are the real soul of the whole project -

Thank you for stopping by.


Winner announced here:

Congratulations to the artists and thanks everybody for the support!!

very small.jpg

Thank you @sgoa for including me in your first exhibition.
Also, well done on this initiative. Bringing artists together and sharing works in this way is a great move to keep steemit focused on original content to encourage more growth in this area.
Great work everyone!

Super glad for the appreciation!

Nice Collection! Upvoted

Congratulations @sgoa

on an eclectic selection of art for the first exhibition. Hopefully one of many to come. 100% upvoted & Resteemd. A very interesting selection of work with some real gems and I'm pleased to be included.

Notable mentions

include - all of them

Best of Luck to all the Artists here. For the ones I know, (hello) the others, I'll be coming over to check everyone out.

my vote goes to @cryptofiend

In recognition of the work by @sgoa and all of the artists included, I've just sent over 5 SBD to add to the prize pot..

@outerground! 😁Thank you so much! I can confirm!! :D So hereby I officially announce that the reward for the most voted artist of the first SGoA exhibition will be raised by 5 SBD, thanks to the donation of @outerground. :) Again thanks a lot!! For this donation and for the nice words in support of this whole project!

the pleasure's all mine !

My vote goes to @skangel22, you gained a new follower, great work very detailed!

Thanks so much for including me! This is awesome!

Thank you for your time and effort in creating your gallery to show this beautiful art and for presenting my work in this truly magnificent collection.

Thank you @reinhard-schmid! I really appreciate, you all made this collection magnificent and the support you're showing to the project is just great!

Nice selection , thank you for choosing my work SGoA

As above, thank you for creating great things!

Great ingenuity @alain-bellino really excellent craftsmanship !

Thanks a lot @outerground for your comment

Beautiful! Thank you for including me!

Always my pleasure. Keep it up!

great work @gric, (Peter) you just got a new follower !

Thats a cool Selection of pictures - great artists ...
"my vote goes to Nomad 2 by @zinlim"
Thanks for sharing this "Beauties"

you can check my blog too..
follow & resteemed

Your vote is already history. The first SGoA Exhibition vote ever!! :D Thank you so much for you appreciation and support. I will check your blog for sure. I'm glad this is spreading and I'm able to find new artists.

Ah - ok - smile - it was than a little mistake by me :-)

What? No mistake! You were just the actual first person to leave a vote :)

OK - cool- i just give you a big smile :-)

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My vote goes to Pewter age by @alain-bellino
Love the combination of alchemical material, classic architectural ornamentation all in form of a skull, which again reminds me of the typical mexican artwork in honor of the Dias de los muertos.

you've done the right choice @neumannsalva :-D

Wow I feel kind of like an impostor to be in with such quality artworks! Thank you!

@cryptofiend. Listen up, I'm from a whole family of artists and I've spent my whole life eating, breathing and sleeping art. Although your modest landscape is a simple piece of work and is indeed included among some very advanced work, you do have a talent and I would encourage you to develop it. @sgoa is right to include you here, and I think shows a great eye in selecting it. you got my vote, and I hope it helps encourage you to develop what you've obviously got a real feeling for. !! ART is life = meaning

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement:)

Sure thing you are among some Masters, but your artwork brought me to another place for a while and I think this is valuable. Observe the giants, learn from them and keep up the good work :)

upvoted and resteemed - thanks for sharing!

#sgoa is a wonderful idea, however I find it hard to compare and choose from different categories like these above. There is watercolour, oil paintings, abstract contemporary and realistic, digital artwork, photo, sculpture, and also very different variety of subjects. All of them has its charm and beauty, as an artist I can reckognise good quality artworks made with high skills. The confidence and boldness of the brushwork, or the detail of the colored pencil drawing. Its been said that "Competition is for horses not for artists" by Bela Bartok, and I can agree with that. I appreciate your efforts promoting art, I'm going to follow you and looking forward to see the future posts. I especially like the Spanish Girl by @chessmonster, because the style of his brushwork the colours and the texture of the painting. Also the coloured pencil drawing from @skangel22 looks impressive.

Thank you for taking time to check sgoa and leave a feedback. Everything is still beta and developing and every feedback is appreciated :) Anyway I don't want it to be a competion ever. It's a Gallery and I thought the voting thing would be fun and create more genuine engagement, more than a competition :) I know It's hard to choose your favorite one, but as I already discussed it with @reinard-schmid it'd be impossible to elect a winner if ipothetically everybody voted for everybody.

Very talented group of people. I enjoyed this, looking forward to the next one. Come check out my art sometime. Thanks, have a good day!!

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I will have a look at your creations for sure. I'm only glad to see more artists on Steemit. Before you leave the gallery, don't forget to vote your favorite ;)

I just finished up a pastel drawing for a blog post today. I'll take a look now and vote.

This is just incredible <3

Holy ! that is a beautiful collection! so much talent and creativity here! i'll be so honored to join!

Honor for Sgoa to have your work around here! :)

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