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In one of my early posts here, I already told you about the museum I once ran and my "Temple of the Secrets", where I had created a monumental artwork about the Tarot. The museum, located in the oldest building in town was filled with high quality replicas of ancient Egyptian and Greek artefacts...


The building used to be the hospital, founded in the year 1350 and rebuilt much bigger in 1432. That was, when they also added a chapel, which was used as such all the way into the 19th century. Many years later, it was to become the home of my "glass Tarot". I did my own version of the trump cards and since they are also called the "major arcana" (main secrets), I called the place "Temple of the Secrets". I combined the pictures of the cards with an invented story, of how the tarot might have come from ancient Egypt here to Bavaria in southern Germany.


Above I arranged elements I found related to the theme and also each particular card, the center resembling a winged sun from the ancient Egyptians.


In the end, the whole arrangement looked like this:

Tarot Panorama-1920x706.jpg

I look at the row of the actual tarot cards as the journey of a human life with all the ups and downs and experiences we all make. They are explained in more detail in a series of posts I made about them in the past. To find all my major arcana in one place, I thought it might be a good idea to list them here with a short "meaning" and a link to the matching post...

If using a smartphone, you might have to hold it sideways to see all cards

"0- The Fool"
The fool stands for spring, openness, beginning and sure instinct. He is usually funny, creative and entertaining
"I - The Magician"
"II - The High Priestess"
"III - The Empress"
The magician stands for actively creating, for passionate initiative and masteryThe high priestess stands for intuition, inner voice, knowledge of the right way and the mysteriousThe empress stands for the blossoming garden, constant renewal and growth
"IV - The Emperor"
"V - The High Priest"
"VI - The Lovers"
The emperor stands for reality, order and the implementation of ones desires, ideas and intentionsThe high priest stands for knowledge, search for the deeper meaning and for a healthy trust in GodThe lovers stand for devotion, great feelings and decisions from the bottom of their hearts
"VII - The Chariot"
"VIII - Justice"
"IX - The Hermit"
The chariot stands for activity, adventurous spirit and the departure full of confidenceJustice stands for the well-considered, just judgement and the decision with a clear mindThe hermit brings light into the darkness and stands for truthfulness to oneself, inner concentration and wisdom
"X - The Wheel of Fortune"
"XI - Force"
"XII - The hanged Man"
The wheel of fortune, with its endless ups and downs always produces new tasks and gives the ability to take fate as it comesForce stands for the taming of our deeper nature, passion and unrestrained vitalityThe hanged man stands for not being flexible or stuck and points to a situation that requires rethinking or a willingness to make sacrifices
"XIII - Death"
"XIV - Temperance"
"XV – The Devil"
Death stands for a natural ending of something, because the time has come, letting go, and for finally ending with old thingsTemperance stands for the healthy middle way and trust in our guardian angel, who shows us the right path and helps us to find the right balanceThe devil stands for temptation and dependence, a tendency to excess and also the temptation to abuse power
"XVI - The Tower"
"XVII - The Star"
"XVIII - The Moon"
The tower stands for liberation with a loud bang, the breaking open of encrustations and too narrow structures, or for a rebellious characterThe star stands for the prospect of a wonderful future and deep confidenceThe moon stands for fears and uncertainties that need to be overcome and the liberation of the unconscious
"XIX - The Sun"
"XX - Judgement"
"XXI - The World"
The sun stands for boundless joie de vivre, reconciliation, carelessness and a little exuberanceJudgement stands for healing, redemption, liberation and an expanded consciousnessThe world stands for the goal, to have arrived, to feel comfortable at the place reached, perfection

I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?



See more of my work on BeScouted


Thank you for being here for me, so I can be here for you.
Enjoy your day and stay creative!
Botty loves you. <3

So fantastic to have them all here with short descriptions in one post. I’m very glad you compiled this 🙏🏽 And I’m so fortunate that I acquired a set of these cards produced by you! Lucky girl

Hey! Good to see you :-) actually thought about you a lot as I put this post together. Been missing you here on steemit. Hope all is good for you!

So glad to know one of my card sets with you. Are you still using them somehow?


Yes I fed on your cards back at the steemit beginnings when you first revealed them here one by one. That’s when we first connected so I feel it with these too. 🙏🏽

Haven’t been here much lately…. I apologize for my lack of contribution to the community. I’m Not just here for the money, so I’ve not been absent because the value of steem is down. I post to express myself and for connection. It seems that the community here has just been down lately so there’s less chance of connection. Thus less posts from me. But I guess should “be the change...” right? If I don’t post because other people are not posting… That’s a dismal slippery slope. I’ll get back into it soon here.

I have continued to post more reliably on Instagram. But there I don’t feel responsible for quality of content. Because I have several auto votes here, I don’t feel right just posting a picture and making $15. Only if I have something really meaningful to me or contributory to the community here do I post.

Rambling thoughts ☝🏽😂

I share your thoughts - not on any social platform, only in my heart. "Ramble on"!( Another song by Led Zeppelin ...)

Yes, I remember several good conversations we had, inspired by the tarot and I always enjoyed our connection, which grew from there 😀

Every now and then I see you on Instagram or fb... maybe I should be more active there. Particularly fb with its policy to limit reach and censor artists is turning me and many colleagues off more and more...

Of course things are always changing, naturally here as well, but I still like the concept of decentralization and all the new things I learn around here. I understand very well what you mean with responsibility and meaningful contribution. Feel the same way. Sometimes I get concerned, if things I find meaningful, really are in the end... artists are naturally a bit egocentric and think everybody is interested in their creations. Rude awakening for many of us, to realize, that this isn't always the case 😜

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

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These are so amazing and I never get sick of seeing them. Thank you so much for putting them together like this, it's wonderful to see them together.

I love projects and ideas like there that are high concept. I really like story and narrative in art so the more the over all show or hang of a group of pieces, whether they be by one artist or many, are always so much more intriguing to me as a viewer, it's like stepping into a story book or the mind of the artists, to see such shows and spaces hung thus.

As always, you are an inspiration.

Thank you for your kind comment! Meant to present them like this for a long time. Been priming some canvases and while they were drying seemed like the perfect time to finally do this.

You are a great story teller yourself with your art and I always enjoy your concept and how you put things together :-)

I feel privileged to have seen this on several occasions before you had to close it down. What a shame - I just hope a new home for this monumental work can be found.
upvoted, resteemed and shared: https://twitter.com/visionaryartcom/status/1054156208276467714

What a great collection of tarot arts! :D
They must look really beautiful being displayed together and I like how you presented them also in the gallery.

Wow.. This is heaven for a tarot lover like me. Great job!

It was a lovely project. What finally became of the place?

Amazing cards and layout and since I know a bit of German super fun to see if I can remember it this way! Thank you soo much and [email protected]

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