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Don't remember, where I first saw that "artist behind the art". I think it was one of these challenges on a different social network somewhere. But I liked the idea and thought, maybe it is time for me, to reintroduce myself as well.

It should be clear by now, that Reinhard Schmid is my real name. I'm a visual artist, painter to be precise, and I live in the south of Germany.

For a group exhibition in Paris, the participating artists got the task of painting a self portrait, and since I love riding my motorcycle, this somehow became the underlying theme for my piece...


The flower I'm holding in one hand represents "beauty" as part of my job as an artist and in the other hand I'm holding, what I call my "GO" sign, in contrast to the stop sign we simply see to often.

Back in 2014 I received an award which is highly valued where I live, and they made a nice video clip, which gives a pretty good idea of who I am, and what I do...

sorry, in German only

My hair is a lot shorter than in the video today, but other than that, its pretty up to date.


Just realizing, that there is hardly ever a picture of me without glasses or motorcycle outfit.. Alright, here is one. Guess it was simply too dark for sunglasses ;-)


That was on a vacation by the beautiful Croatian Coast. When I'm at home, I usually spend most of my time painting or fixing a 300 year old house we bought 10 years ago. Since it was really cheap, it really needed a lot of renovation. But I except for plastering and a few other things, I actually like doing this kind of work. Particular everything with wood, I do by myself.



Here I help building a café for my wife


I also like to "play" in the backyard with my '59 Deutz tractor


But every now and again, I actually have to work. I'm self employed for 30 years and my specialty as an artist, is to draw and paint on glass. This is my workspace:


and tools (some of them)...


Since I really like working with wood, I also make the frames for my glass painting originals


Did I mention, I love riding my Rocket?




When the weather is decent, I also take my paintings to exhibitions this way


And of course, for the shows I dress up a little



at the Grand Palais in Paris, with Lukas Kandl back in 2009

My wife and I we both love art and often go to museums and exhibitions, like „ Mythen, Menschen, Marionetten“ here, by Hans-Peter Müller und Alexandra Jontschewa.


Alright, that's it for now... my girl is waiting ;-)


Please take a look at my brother's beautiful hand made glass jewelry


I enjoy reading your comments!

Ich freue mich auf Eure Kommentare

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems



View all my pictures I posted here on steemit!
Viewer discretion advised, nsfw pictures visible without warning!

Alle meine Bilder auf Steemit
ACHTUNG! nsfw Bilder werden ohne Warnhinweis angezeigt!


All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?


Alle Fotos/Scans von mir, von meiner eigenen Kunst in meiner speziellen Technik, vorgestellt in Was ist Hinterglas?


See more of my work on sola
Mehr Bilder von mir auf sola

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This is a very nice presentation of you, I liked the video that represents you in your studio and I saw some beautiful works in passing. And what finesse always in your work. I am very impressed you even make your house! @reinhard-schmid

When I design the catalog for an exhibition, I always want to see the artist too, not only their work. Just to have a figure with the work, so it was logical, that I finally "disclose" myself too ;-) The house is more of a big endless adventure!

While not particularly talented myself as an artist, I can definitely appreciate the talent of others. Your home you've been working on seems like a great project too (that's more up my alley)

Being able to appreciate someone else's talents is very important to me too. I'm always in awe of what others can do!
Yeah, quite a project, that house. A friend once called it a feasible Hydra!

Your post made me smile 😊, thank you very good post

Glad you liked it, thank you 😊

Oh... very nice post! Always eager to see more that "the man behind the artwork" stuff....and I will be spending some time in next goming weeks, like wednesday to wedensday in Germany:)

Doesn't seem like the most attractive time to come to Germany... may I ask, where exactly you are going?

I'm from Finland, can't be worse :D quik stop in frankfurt and münchen and 5 or 6 days in Nürnberg.

I see. Munich and Nürnberg are both only some 200 km from here. Having some work on display at the Fürth theater!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great! I definitely wanna see it. ..and just find it at the Stadttheater Fürth website. Ausstellung 3
Wolfgang Harms & Reinhard Schmid

Yep, that's it. I only have 3 glass originals there, since part of the concept is prints. But the building alone is worth seeing!

we visited Nürnberg every year, going to IWA OutdoorClassics "the world-leading trade fair for hunting, shooting sports, equipment for outdoor activities and for civilian and official security applications." More like business trip (although it is more fun to me) I hope we have time to visit Fürth.

Great post Reinhard! I´m one of the lucky one´s who got to meet you and Karin in person, and all I can say is: You both are lovely and likeable.
Are you woodturning those frame pieces yourself also?

Thank you Sigrid, and that definitely goes both ways!

Yes, I'm turning those pieces myself. Need a lot more practice though...

Thank you Reinhard :)
I asked because my brother does woodturning too (if you´re interested here is his website), therefore I know how much time and skill is needed. I´ve always liked your homemade custom frames a lot!

BOAHHHH! Ist natürlich eine ganz andere Liga :-o

Nice meeting you again :) Now I guess how you will come to Serbia at Pigmalion :) Thanks for video, nice to see your tools, some sharp one there you have @reinhard-schmid.

My pleasure! Yeah, thatw as the plan, but its not possible with the Rocket for several reasons. Hate it!!

Well, consider first visit as exploring ground, and I know you will like it. Than you will come again :)

That's pretty much what I thought. Although Otto always teases me, saying my bike could pull a trailer, it doesn't seem possible to haul a big painting. Plus I'd need all the space I have for my girl... and her shoes ;-)

Yes, yes, don't forget the shoes :)))
Trailer is not bed idea, Otto is thinking correct hahahaa...

Lol 😁

Nice to have a little background. Thank you.

You are welcome. Maybe I should start an "artist behind the art" challenge here? Would you be in?

Sure! Sounds like a lovely idea.

Excellent! Please check this

Hey Reinhard, it's really nice to see behind the scenes into your life !
It is nice getting to know you better . Your ride is awesome, no wonder you love it ! Your wife looks like a nice lady too... so ..

Thank you! It was time to add a figure to the art.. glad you like my post!

Im not very artistic myself, but I do like to stand behind art and jump out when people stop to look at it. I kind of become part of the exhibit, you know. Live art. I'm like a sculpture behind the art, except I can't stand still for long.

Performance art so to speak 😜

Yes, but my performance is terrible!

LOL... you should make a video of it!

You better believe it! That award acknowledges more talent than your tiny, charming town can hold by itself. Thankfully big cities have invited you to exhibit your amazing craft (not to mention artistic talent). We may feel honored that you also treat us lowly Steemians to your treasures. An absolute delight to have been on a little tour of your work and play. Warmest greetings extended to your supporting and elegant other half (wife). I shall bear your tidy studio in mind forever more. Great things come out of great order!

Thanks so much, as always for your valuable and kind comment! It is me, who is honored, that my fellow steemians show this kind of appreciation for my work.
I like it, when my studio is so, that I could find everything in the dark, although its not always quite in that state.

Welcome to steemit. I hope you like it here and keep posting. :)

Thank you for your welcome. I'll do my best :-)

Einfach großartig;) Tolles video über Dich.

Danke, freut mich sehr! 😊

Interesting blog. Following.

As a Tarot reader I connect with your Tarot paintings.

That's great, thank you! I see, you just signed up. Interesting start!

Usually post my Tarot cards on Fridays...

One of my all-time favorite words came up in mind- Tinkering. The craftsmanship and the techniques that your work present is magnificent.

Haha... yes, tinkering with my house too ;-)

everything can be upgraded. Especially 300 years old house :)

LOL.. true! 😂

Wowwww so many cool photos 😊😉. Your wife is very pretty woman, you are lucky Reinhard 😁😋. I watched your interview, but such a pity i don't understand German at all 😐😐

Glad you enjoyed this and the pictures. I know, I am one lucky guy 😊
Haha.. I should make a dubbed version of that video. Or at least subtitles ;-)

Great stuff - and a good idea to introduce oneself. I should follow your lead on this. I might have posted the odd thing about my art, but I don't think much about myself as a person so far. Even on my websites there isn't that much personal, other than maybe some photos on an obscure page. Now there are some artists I know that shy away from this, they do not even reveal their real name, let alone who they are and what makes them tick as a person.

Micha Lobi jumps to mind! Anyways, I think everyone should handle it the way they are comfortable with it. Thing is, many of us know each other personally, so it never even occurred to me, that showing/introducing myself would be any big deal. But then I thought, that I always like to know the artist a bit too and that's how the idea was born 😁

I always enjoy your posts about landscapes, things and events, that give a hint of the full and exciting life you have. I'm sure you have a lot more great stories to tell and your audience would find all that quite fascinating too!

I don't know where to begin, I had already posted some background info from time to time, but I will try to put a summary together.


just an observation, since I tried to use this to find some of my photos: http://steemit.pics does not work anymore. It is almost a month behind, and when you try to force-fetch new images it says 0 images found.
The creator of the site, @blueorgy hasn't been around Steemit for 4 months.

Thanks a lot for pointing this out. Yes, @blueorgy has disappeared... don't even see his reply bot thingy now :-( Too bad, I thought that was a nice tool...

Ah...I love this post! You don’t seem to hide, but you’ve never revealed this much about yourself, personally. I really like getting to know you better this way seeing images of you enjoying life and having fun with people you love and your favorite toy, the motorcycle. 🙌🏽😃

I'm so happy you like this one :-) You are right, I don't deliberately hide, but it also never really occurred to me, that most people don't know me... LOL, devastating thought for an artist ;-)

How big is the engine on that monster?

I think that is the biggest motorbike I've ever seen!

Although I think I did see one similar and take a photo a few years ago

Its a 2.3 liter, the biggest production engine in a motorbike. There are even bigger ones, like Boss Hoss, but that's a different story ;-)


Loved this post - cme back from a more recent post, which I will return to comment on.

However, your video does have the option for English subs, but, as usual, they are like something made by a brain-damaged AI.

Would it be crass of me to ask how much you charge for creating a behind glass painting? Your "Venus machine" painting made me ask.

I am writing a story of a Talented family and they, to tease each other, create a girl, a dreamgirl image and she is blonde, but not really blonde, her hair is like very fine spun gold and her eyes are lavender. Robert and all 50'something girls fall in love with her, so they use their healers for the one of them to give birth to her.

She is incredibly delicate and beautiful and has the power to enchant, making her an ideal Mata Hari (not in personality though, she is too sweet).

If a project I'm starting to feel hopeful about does work out, I would love to have a painting of the girl. Depending on prices and actual profits I earn, I may want a painting of the other girls, plus some of some of the aliens (all wonderful people) and, last of all, a painting of their spaceship, which is a ball of energy with a midway platform on which they live, with rivers, hills, cliffs and...mile high buildings created for them by another specie, that look like trees attached to the inner side of the energy shell. At the top are waterfalls which turn into mist as they fall.

If you hate the idea of doing it, quote me some super expensive price, then I will not feel too bad as it will be because I could not afford it.

First of all, thank you for your interest in my work and your kind attention :-)

Your story reminds me of a painting I made last year about a sort of artificial figure in reference to E.T.A. Hoffmann's writings.

Not crass at all to ask for what I charge for my artwork. Painting is my job after all and people want to know what things cost, before they make a decision to buy :-)

Super expensive is relative and means something different for different people. The little Venusmaschine has a list price of 3800,- Euro. It is relatively small with the glass being 18x30cm. You can see it framed here.

Painting on glass is a very time consuming process and I do roughly 6-10 paintings a year, so doing several just for you could take a while :-)

Thanks for your quick and plesant reply.

If my deal goes through, I will contact you.

I checked the Hoffmann painting you made and it made me realise that those who design the automata are going to hire artists to design them, providing them with beauty that helps us accept them. maybe the next step will be small flaws, as in humans, so that we also accept them subconsciously as humans. Some say not, but often they are the ones who have cats or dogs that they treat as companions or children.


PS: About forty years ago, I ordered a mini cameo of the girl I loved. I watched the artist paint it using magnifying glass. He painted it on a paper-thin slice of ivory. He also made the gold frame for it and I paid, at that time $1,500. So, you are not expensive - anyway, what is expensive or cheap depends more on the talent of the artist, not on the cost itself.

So I wish you good luck and success with your project even more :-)

Interestingly enough, I had just heard from an audio book I listened to while painting about the subject of us accepting "artificial humans". And that it is in fact the little imperfections which make us view them as alive more than complete machine like perfection.

Thank you for your edit on an artworks value.. I always prefer that term over "price", which in my case is strictly based on completed sales and therefore realistic in my opinion.

The thing you might want to take into consideration, is that I live in Germany. If I read your profile correctly, any artwork from me would have to be sent to the US. The last piece I sent (to Texas) was 500,- in shipping, as due to the nature of the glass, it needed a lot of padding. For the money, one could almost get a ticket for a personal pick up ;-)

lol, even worse - South Africa

Let's worry about the logistics at the time.

Ah right.. now I see. Alright, lets cross the bridge when we get there ;-)