Drawing and Coloring CONTEST 🌟WIN SBD's🌟

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A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you a drawing made by my great-grandfather in the 1960's.
This drawing generated a few interesting conversations (as per the nature of its meaning - open to interpretations of course), and after a few interactions, the idea of organizing a coloring contest was born.
I think my great-grandfather would approve, so why not?!


Click here to get the (slightly) larger version

Let's give this drawing a little more life and color!

Here's what I'm looking for:

  • incorporate a motto/catchphrase/title to the drawing
  • you are free to take out or add any elements you wish (if you wish to change the coin to something else for example, something that has more meaning to you, then by all means, be my guest)
  • you must draw the rest of the body of the lady in the back (only the head appears)
  • provide a small description with your drawing (explain your title, give details of the process, explain the medium used and/or why you added/took away certain elements...)

Rules and guidelines for the contest:

  • one submission per person
  • create your own post featuring your drawing + drop the link of your post in the comments below (or I will miss it)
  • you are free to use any medium you wish (pencils, digital, collage... whatever floats your boat)
  • submissions will no longer be accepted after the post has payed out in 7 days
  • if you enter this contest, please also upvote this post (all sbd's from the post go to charity)

The judges will be myself, the lovely @immarojas who is also kindly donating 5 SBD to the winners and is part of the @steemph team, @natureofbeing will also help thanks to her artistic eye and attention to detail, and @abh12345 whose Curation League is another great contest you can enter.


1rst place: 5 SBD

2nd place: 3 SBD

3rd place: 2 SBD

All SBD's generated by this post will be donated to A Walk Of Hope project by @steemph
The more you vote, the more you help.


Our steemian friend @flabbergast-art and his team in the Philippines are about to embark on a journey: a walk through the towns and villages of Visayas and Mindanao, doing what they love best, teaching Music and Arts to the underprivileged.

target population in this tour will be of elementary kids, high school students, inmates, special education kids and out of school youth. There are also talks of reaching out to the teachers and do Music and Arts workshops if it can be arranged.
click here for further info

So grab your pencils and let's see what you got!
Don't be afraid to be provocative and/or funny. The sky's the limit!

(but keep it clean😉)


Don't hesitate to leave comments and ask questions if need be.

Special shout out to @majes.tytyty for creating a how-to-enlarge-photo tutorial

To view some of my previous posts, click on the links below:

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Illustrations by my great-grandfather

“Learning is not a race for information, it is a walk of discovery” - Jane Healy

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Great Oscar! I will go check it right now :)

Thank you for your entry @jezmacher. I've commented directly on your post. Best of luck 😊

thank you very much.. looking forward for your next contest soon.. not aiming for reward.. for recognition instead.. and its a great challenge for me to improve my skills as what you've said.. have a good day!!!

Thank you @ciaolovers. I've commented directly on your post. Best of luck :)

thanks to you @osm0sis i love coloring.

This is such a wonderful contest and a great aide to walk of hope and what an HONOUR to be able to add to and colour your great grandfathers wonderful work. Here is my entry, I hope you like it.



Thank you so much for participating @donnadavisart. I'm off to check out your post :)

Very English countryside😍

Well, I adore the English countryside!


Voilà mon oeuvre d'art, amuse-toi bien.
ze crazy steem race

Thank you so much for participating mom! That made me laugh :)

Remember what i said in changing that coin???

J'adore maman😂😂

Hahahahaha Auch! Está bueno pana.

Thank you for entering the contest @kaneket2066. Good luck!

what a fun contest, love it! I'll look forward to seeing the entries but will have to pass....too much to do this next week. also, your friend's walking project to teach art and music in the Ph sounds great, I'm going to support.

Thanks for your support Fannie.. @flabbergast-art is a friend of mine in the Philippines xoxo

Fine, then you are now one of our guest judges ;)


Hello everyone. I have decided to join this prestigious contest. My work can be found here. The explanation of the concpt can also be found on the link.

If you have other perception on my work, please feel free to comment.2018-03-13 06.19.37 1.jpg

Thank you so much for submitting your entry. A very colorful one and a well thought-out explanation to go along with it. Best of luck to you @gailbelga!

Glad you had fun @orangina. Best of luck!

Great, Participaré!
Resteem, dear @osm0sis =D

Thank you so much Oscar! Long time no see.
I hope many participate... even yourself 😊

Let's see what u got bro!!

I can't even draw stick figures, but I will reach out to some newbie artists to see if they are interested. It is a grand prize and going to a good cause.

btw, I was able to go MIA for part of a day. Got my VP from the 50's to 70's. Woohoo!

Nice @beeyou!!! I'm back down to 75 again 😭 We might need to chill for another day.
It's a super easy contest so I'm hoping tons participate. Stickman or no, you can even do this!
Thanks for your support as always dear :)

I'd rather not announce to the steemit world how artistic inept I am, hehe.

Resist the urge to upvote any comments on here. You can do it! yw :)

Hahaha aaaaaaaah I caaaaan't! I'm too trigger happy. I promise I'll try. Tomorrow. Maybe. We'll see... lol

Thanks for supporting A Walk of Hope. ❤

My pleasure @luvabi! It's a great cause 💓
Shame this week is a very slow week and the steem is so low, but let's hope next week is better.

I believe that steem will go up soon...i read that somewhere i mean.
I printed some last night but they all came out half of the bond paper😛😛

Yes, Steems have a tendency to do that if you try to print them. Not very reliable, always one foot in, one foot out 😜

Oh @luvabi..your kids, can they join coloring that drawing???

yup, I will print it out and try to let them color it. We'll see lola :D

This is a cool idea. Now to find printer and some pens. 😃 👩🏻‍🎨

Cheers @dfinney! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

What a brilliant idea to let the artists here to color what your great-grandfather has left blank. He would definitely smile and approve this game.

I think so too :) and I truly hope you participate as well @fr3eze. That's an easy one for you.

Im going to take part if this isn't a coloring contest where I think best suit for the digital artists. I have no skill in digital art so gotta pass it this time. Good luck hosting the contest!

No @fr3eze it's for anyone, using any medium. So if you have a printer and want to share your awesome drawing and coloring skills then you'd definitely be a serious contender. Would be great to see your submission. If not, i understand.

Yeah I know the printer way but I have difficulty access to one now. I shall try to find one if the time allows. Anyway, hope one day you will come out with a contest which I can create art from scratch. Then i will make sure I'm the first to hand over my submission! Haha.


Aww nice! I'll print this out and try and make it a group activity with the kids in the next few days :) Should be fun!

That's an excellent idea! Look forward to seeing what you and the fam come up with.
HaPpY CoLoRiNg :)

My daughter's done her bit already! I'm going to collaborate with her and add to it :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ooooh a collaborative piece. Look forward to seeing it :)

Here we are :D

My Submission Post :)

Collaboration with my 6yo daughter

Love that seed of hope Teo.

Thanks so much for submitting your entry @teodora. Best of luck :)

Thank you so much for submitting your entry @itachi24j. Best of luck!

Excellent initiative! one question... can it be published in spanish or only in english?

PD: Great talent from your grandfather!

Whatever you feel most comfortable with @horty. I'll find a translator no problem.

Thanks a lot for doing this Silvia...am sure your great-grandfather is smiling down on you😁😁

Hehe ;) Spread the word!

As am not participating...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Ok. Now you just need to color it, finish that little lady's body and tell me what it's all about! And do the hokey pokey ;)

That's why am judging..i got no clue on what to do with it😂🤣
You may wanna show us how it's done??

Hi, This is my entry for "Drawing and Coloring Contest"
Thank you for hosting this contest for good cause "Walk of Hope Project". I wish it gives us a hope and awareness to makes World better place to live in.

That's a great contest...I will try to participate this contest...😊😊

That would be awesome @nnajmull. Don't forget to upvote :)
Look forward to seeing your drawing.

I would love to join this. I would make my entr after tomorrow's church service. Hurray! 😙

Good to have you on board @kennethjames! The more the merrier :)

Oh.. very exciting and more fun!!! after I submitted my entry seeing a lot of people with creative art skill... This contest is really amazing!!

You led the way with your entry! I hope to create more contests in the weeks to come. Cheers @jezmacher.

I will follow your post everyday.... I am very much willing to join your contest.. as long as I can manage.. cheers to you aswell @osm0sis

Damn and I left my colours home. Well I will see what I can find ii not the hostel. Hopefully I can print it there :)

Oh, I hope you do @teodora!

Lovely idea ! too bad I have no time this week for I have to travel, but hope that you will get hundreds of creations for you to vote !

Thank you @tiloupsa. I hope so too :)
Safe travels.

really great things i will join this contest...
thank you for shareing best of luck...

Great news! Look forward to seeing your entry.