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Vanity collage 1 lymepoet.jpg

Vanitas (Latin term for vanity) is a series of acrylic paintings I realized this year. I was inspired by the digital vanity trend that shapes not only the younger generations, but almost the entire world.

Each one of the paintings depicts one of the generations affected by this trend: X, Y, Z and Baby boomers. The elongated neck gold rings and the jewellery, symbolizing wealth, beauty and power are a gentle reminder the earthly pleasures.

Which one of the paintings you like the most?

They say vanity stems from pride (one of the deadly sins) and it can take different shapes: concern for the self-appearance and achievement of success.

There is no doubt that we are the most self-absorbed generation in the humankind history. We live in the Age of Vanity, where almost everyone is obsessed with selfies.

Each time I log into any of my social media accounts, it feels like I enter a museum of selfies. One more polished than the other. One filter applied over another.

The digital vanity made us be more aware of our good angles but in the same time turned us into narcissists. Within a short period of time, we became addicted to it.

Vanity collage lymepoet.jpg

Everyone is posting their perfectly policed selfie and striving to have an impeccable feed. God forbid to tarnish their public profile! That would be disastrous!

The selfie is no longer a record of our life! It actually changes it as we turned into picture editors of our lives. We are curating our own life very heavily on social media!

No wonder generation Y thinks of plastic surgery in terms of Photoshop or that the Millenials are having a heightened self-focused awareness. Even the baby-boomers got touched by it and post selfies!

Is it natural? Is it healthy? Is it superficial? Or is it just an unhealthy form of narcissism?
Some argue that vanity does help develop the self-esteem. As the social media dictates the norms those struggling with low self-esteem tend to go extreme.

Though how do you know when it is too much or where to draw the line? Do you let yourself guided by the cultural norms?

How important is beauty for you? How much you treasure it? To what extend you’d go to preserve it or improve it? Would you go for an obvious plastic surgery or a cosmetic enhancement?

Through unconscious conditioning people associate certain brands to attributes and seek constant validation of their worth. Social comparison is what empties their wallets by purchasing expensive, recognizable brands.

What is your point on this issue? Do you see social media as a cause or a as a tool?

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I like the one with the blue back ground the best but all of them are good.

Yay! You are the first who likes that one! Thank you!

15432833105093731723653822133978.jpgGreat post, but just so you know (and I'd bet that you do) not all of us have been swallowed up into the perfect selfie mindless juggernaut. Here's the best way I can 'show, not tell' my point. Number 1 is me.

Wow! There is still hope for the future! Thanks for sharing this! ;))

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

They look lovely, that last one with all the colors is my favorite! 💚

Thanks for stopping by my dear fairy!

It is not easy to chose a favourite one I would say the last one just for its mixture of colours....nothing wrong with the others :)

Thank you! That's my favourite as well!

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Thank you!

Amazing - I love number 2, that eye is just captivating, and number 4, for all the polka dots in the scarf in the hair :D Gorgeous paintings and I love the idea behind the 4 paintings!

Thank you! The whole series started as a joke but I am happy with the way it took shape.

Acrylic paintings are my favorite - lots of textures with the acrylics. I like how each in the series reflects a different generation, very nice.

lots of textures with the acrylics

That's why I love using them! I tried to keep a reminder of the previous generation by having some details reappearing to the new painting.

Great paintings you have here. I remember someone convincing me to bleach my skin that am too dark. And I was like, what is wrong with being dark skinned. She simply told me that I am not atrractive. I stood my stand because I love how God created me and I can't restructure because I want to impress. Well by the way, social media is a a great too but the abuse by masses makes one have a rethink

Thank you! Whoever said that to you must have been a very ignorant person, or at least very narrow minded! Leaving aside that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, all of us are equally beautiful. Social media is altering the truth and helping companies to get richer by reshaping the standards of beauty.

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