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Have a look at my photos below and tell me what do you see? Some might consider these rocks as art, while other may think of them in terms of simple boulders.

Let me tell you that having these beauties in your backyard would make not only neighbours jealous, but the whole neighbourhood!

What are the tricks you are using to tap into your creativity? What do you do to spark your creative energy?

Images Credit: Lavi Picu

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Nice post. One of the tricks I use is to read and analyze other people's work. In doing so, I will typically form some type of opinion or idea inspired by something or several things I've read. Once I have the opinion or idea, I use my creativity determine how to convey it. Thanks for posting.

@moeknows That's a great trick! Thanks for sharing it. For me as well, checking out others (the competition too) is great way to see where I stand and what are my options in terms of mediums.

These are pretty rad. Yeah they would totally brighten my day.

This is my favorite - not 100% sure if the yellow thing is supposed to be a part of the face but it kinda looks like the face is extruding a pseudopod to wave at me and I like that :) I waggled my tentacles right back at it.

Much love - Carl

@carlgnash The monkey is my favourite, too! The yellow thing is supposed to be a banana. Thank you for your comment.

oh lol that makes sense :) Yeah the monkey face has a strange appeal, the eyes are great and give it kind of a startled expression :) These are all really cute

Thank you for sharing this! I have always been the type of person who would shy away from calling myself creative. But I have realized that I am actually an extremely creative person. I still struggle to fully tap into my creativity as I do have fears and insecurities about the end product. I am very meticulous, analytical and a bit of a perfectionists which often times stifles my creative mind. But I am working on really tapping into that part of myself more by just letting my creative juices flow! Some of the spaces I like to create in are poetry and music.

@introspector When I started to paint, the first rule I learnt was that I should have fun while creating! Less inhibition, more space to full around, experience with mediums and discover that mistakes are a positive thing! As for the poetry, in my case is therapy! ;0)

Yes! Poetry and music are definitely therapy for me as well. I definitely have to work on just creating for the sake of creating and not being concerned with it being perfect. Mistakes are part of life and sometimes the most beautiful things are birthed out of our imperfections.

You have a very nice hobby and you're very successful. You gave life to a stone. Thanks for sharing. Good Luck.