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Most of the things in life do not go according to plan. Painting is no different.


Sometimes you have an image or an idea in your mind of what you'd like to do, of how your painting should look like, but the final result is not quite what you expected or wished for.


When I do an abstract painting, I am not always sure of what I want or how it will look. I only know what are the colours that I want to use or the theme.


What I do is to look for pattern or lines that I can follow on the textured background.


All the backgrounds of my paintings are done by my little Pollock, who loves to paint as much as I do.


I started this painting thinking of a marine theme and I ended up having a sort of marbling effect.


How did I get there? Let me give you a hint: I had a little helper! Now let's see what happened!


At first, I asked my son to apply some modelling paste on the white canvas and create a random texture for me. That was yesterday. We let it dry for 12 hours and then I continued to paint.


Once it was all dried, I added blue paint with the palette knife and created these beautiful thick layers of paint that you can see in the photo above. If you look carefully you can notice the textured background that my son did.


I added two other shades of blue and mixed them with titanium white and covered the rest of the canvas using a sponge brush. This operation took place while he was having a nap.


When my phone rang all of the sudden, he woke up. As I had to continue my phone call conversation, he came to the kitchen and took over my painting. He started to do a finger painting. Needless to add that my jaw dropped when I found him full of paint all over his hands and face.


At this point I was not able to take any photos because I was not too thrilled about what had just happened.

While I was washing the paint off his body, he looked at me and said he had an idea. He added that he knew how to fix the painting: do a dirty pour.


That's precisely what we did! We gathered all the bottles of fluid paint we had and poured them into a plastic cup which we flipped over the canvas. Once the paint was out, we tilted the canvas in different directions in order to spread the paint and create a marble texture. Voilà! We presented you the making of Under the blue.

What do you think of our painting, Under the blue?

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Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed it! Please leave your feedback in the comments,
I would love to hear your thoughts!

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Wow .. incredible in the art of painting, if I may know what kind of cet you use ..

Thank you! I used acrylic colours only.

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I love the story that goes with your process. It's like that so many times. An image appears in your mind and goes completely awry. I loved the colors you used.

Thanks! When I manage to have that mind picture on a canvas I am super happy!

I have to say.... I loved ALL the stages of the painting - including the finished product!!!!

Just so happens that Auntie Dreemie's favorite color is blue! hehehehe would the little artist put this one up for sale???? ;)

Glad to hear you liked it, Auntie Dreemie! Though this was a present for a family member, so it is not for sale.

I really like the story, the progress and the result. It's so cool you can collaborate with you child :)

After this incident I learnt it is safer to get him involved in the process ;o)

I am very sure the first thing that you will think of is that the artwork will have been messed up by the kid. Thank God he/she slept for inspiration and turn out to make your work a magnificent one.
You have done a Great job to achieve this

That's exactly what I had in mind when I found him pushing paint with his fingers on the canvas. But everything turned out alright.

Quick, creative thinking, indeed!

Namaste, Jaichai

I loved that he had come up with a solution right away.

I like the texture you made on the canvas, and colors - in one word everything looks great :)

Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

In one word, it is remarkable. well done

I love how kids tend to "break the rules" of "what makes sense". I believe art is no different. Beautiful result! Something like this can't be planned or re-modelled.

For sure, there's no way we can re-create this. Thanks for stopping by!

That's indeed a great post and work!

Quite interesting texture. While reading the article, I did not expect there would be your kid's contribution. Nice work. :)

Thanks! I did not expect him to be involved either, but it turned out great.

Did you say a 4year old child did this. Is unbelievable.please that child should be given the opourtunity to explore more into the world of painting please. I wish i can see him to speak to him in person.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. He is given the opportunity to explore more each week. ;0)

I am charmed with the textures that you achieved. Beautiful colors @lymepoet

Thank you! It was not what I had in mind, but I was happy with the final result.

I love seeing the art you do together, it makes me look forward to doing it with our son, althought I think it will still be with fingers for some time lol. Thanks for sharing.

You will love it! Just a bit more time and will be able to do it with him. ;0)

@lymepoet excited, not long at all, just under two weeks and we meet him :)

Yay! two weeks! Wow! This must be so exciting for you too! I am really happy for you!

@lymepoet Thank you we are so excited and a little scared shitless... But that is life lol.

Verry beautiful! :)