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When the cold and snow outside are preventing you and your little ones from spending time outdoors, it does not mean that being indoors needs to be boring. How can you spice up your day? Do something fun, something that you enjoy. Perform any activity that has the ability to unwind you and keep the kids busy and entertained. If you still have no idea what to do, go look online. There are plenty of websites with creative indoor activities for children.

We had to chose between play dough and painting. I was happy that my son chose the latter. Thus at his request, I doodled some of animal characters we had created in our own bedtime stories. I drew them on his paper and let him have fun adding the colours.

Seeing how entertaining this activity was, I decided to get him more involved in the process. I grabbed some small canvases and told him he could paint on them. I offered him a bigger paintbrush and some acrylic colours, inviting him to paint directly on the canvas.

Switching the watercolours with the acrylic paint felt like a big upgrade for him. At first, he was a bit reluctant to grab the paintbrush or the palette knife, worrying that he would make a mess.

After a few encouragements and couple of unsteady brush strokes, he dove right in. He loved experimenting, mixing colours, trying out various tools (sponge, palette knives, wedges or his own tiny little fingers). In a nutshell, he had a blast doing the backgrounds for these paintings.

Here are some of the paintings we did together:

JIFFY, the giraffe

MANDA, the panda

PLUNKY, the monkey

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Cute painting, have a nice day @lymepoet

Thank you. Same to you @huslein.slash!

Yeah, I'm have fun with coffee and you with acrylic

I never tried making art using coffee before. It looks fun and tempting.

Oh ya good news, you can try it check my post if you want learn more. Paint with coffee the same like using water color

Fantastic graphics @lymepoet

Adorable! I especially love the giraffe.

These are so cute!

Great job you guys. Its always nice to spend time with the ones we love. What a great activoty to do that.