A MAGICAL UNICORN - acrylic painting

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Last November, a little angel was born: my youngest niece. A gorgeous little girl, the fourth one within my family. Prior to her birth, I wanted to get something for her, thus I asked her mother what was on her baby shower checklist. She smiled and asked me to make a painting for her little princess.

Her request did not seem unusual as I had other friends or family members asking me to do some artwork for them. Though, this last one was a bit special. When I inquired my sister in law what type of painting she had in mind, her reply came shortly: " An unicorn!"

I had never painted an unicorn before. To be honest, I don't think I had ever drawn one in my whole life. Most of my artworks were abstract. I took the challenge and tried a few sketches until I decided how my unicorn was going to look like.

One month before her birth, I finished her Magical Unicorn, which was a 60 H x 40 W x 1.5 inches artwork that I have done using acrylic paint colours. I was happy that I was able to finish it on time, so that it would be waiting for her in her bedroom when she first got home.


Right before applying the varnish coat on the painting, my son looked at it and said it needed a bit of magic. He ran to his art and crafts cabinet and returned with a few glitter glue tubes saying that glitter had magic. He was right! All kids love glitter!

Here is a close-up of that magic!


And one more photo of the same magic.


This painting inspired me to create a new series of goofy paintings for my son, which I named Having fun with acrylics. I will have another post coming up soon about it.

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Truly lovely. That dash of magic is perfection.

Oops. Meant to comment from my account and used my husband’s. Oh well. Double upvotes for you!