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ITACHI 1.jpg

Will Smith is one of my favorite actors, I love to see his series The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air; and his performances in the movies: Men in Black (MIB), The Pursuit of Happiness, I, robot...
I have not seen his performance as the genie of the lamp in Aladdin, Do you recommend it?
My favorite line (MIB): "You know the difference between you an me? I make this look good..."
With this phrase and the fact that I like to make portraits in pointillism, I thought to draw it!

ITACHI 1.jpg

Will Smith es uno de mis actores favoritos, me encanta la serie El Príncipe del Rap; y sus actuaciones en las películas: Hombres de Negro (MIB), En Busca de la Felicidad, Yo, Robot...
No he visto su actuación como el genio de la lámpara en Aladdin ¿Me la recomiendan?
Mi línea favorita (MIB): "¿Sabes la diferencia entre tu y yo? Me queda bien le negro..."
Con esta frase y el hecho de que me gusta hacer retratos en puntillismo, pensé dibujarlo!

ITACHI 1.jpg

Process / Proceso:

will s


I usually start making the sketch with a pencil, later I use a fountain pen to place the points. Image Source

Suelo comenzar dibujando el boceto con un lápiz, posteriormente uso una pluma fuente para colocar los puntos. Fuente de la imagen

ITACHI 1.jpg

If you want to see my other drawings and its process, here the links:

Si quieres ver mis otros dibujos y sus procesos, aquí los enlaces:

ITACHI 1.jpg


(1. Skull/ Calavera)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(2. Scorpion/ Escorpión)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(3. Thighs/ Muslos)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(4. Hawk/ Halcón)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(5. Ballerina/ Bailarina)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(6. Owl/ Búho)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(7. Darth Vader)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(8. Yoda)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(9. BB-8)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(10. Rose/ Rosa)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(11. Butterfly/ Mariposa)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(12. Wolf/ Lobo)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(13. Giraffe/ Jirafa)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(14. Dolphins/ Delfines)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(15. Raccoon/ Mapache)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(16. Iron Man)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(17. Robert Downey Jr.)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(18. Jack Jack)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(19. SpaceMan/ Astronauta)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(20. Blue Jay bird/ Arrendajo azul)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(21. The Reaper/ La Parca)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(22. Beetle car / Carro Escarabajo)

ITACHI 1.jpg


(23. Hippogriff / Hipogrifo)


(24. Capricorn / Capricornio)

ITACHI 2.jpg


--hola! me parece genial tu dibujo, lo postulé para la curación de @pifc! sigue trabajando así, generando buen contenido en steemit :)

Your post was upvoted by the @art-venture account after manual review and included in Art-Venture magazine. The upvote and support of Art-venture magazine would greatly appreciated!

thank you so much!

Excellent work I congratulate you my friend, I am in the magazine @ art-venture, it would be great to support each other, so we have more vision on the steemit platform.

gracias! ahora reviso tu publicación :)

Hello @itachi24j, thank you for sharing this creative work! We just stopped by to say that you've been upvoted by the @creativecrypto magazine. The Creative Crypto is all about art on the blockchain and learning from creatives like you. Looking forward to crossing paths again soon. Steem on!

thank you so much :D

Beautiful work @itachi24j. To me it's clean and very well defined.

You featured in Week 74 of @pifc's Pay It Forward Curation Contest by @rainbow83.
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thank you :D

Very cool style! You've captured his smile really well!

Congratulations on being featured by @rainbow83 in an entry for the Pay It Forward Contest

thank you :D

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