Day 774: 5 Minute Freewrite: Tuesday - Prompt: circle (and, the Posture of Innocence, day 41)

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A private moment in which Captain Lee realizes that indeed, he is making progress in his journey toward healing, just before going to work (and getting a huge breakthrough there)...

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On Tuesday morning, Captain Lee woke up and did his private worship and exercise, and then picked up the notebook he kept in lieu of a journal. He did not write every day or even every week, but each note was of significance. Several weeks earlier, he had made a note about something of importance: “Mrs. Magdalena Thornton: she resonates.” It was his first admission about what had begun to grow in his heart toward her.

Captain Lee considered what he should write this day, and then, drew a circle, writing on one side “Composure” and the other side “Calm.” He considered this a long moment, and then drew an arcing arrow around the circle. At the tail of the arrow he wrote “giving,” and at the head, “receiving.”

He then wrote his thoughts out: “I am now relearning the difference between composure and calm, between Christ granting peace in the midst of the storm and Christ calming the storm entirely. I always strive for composure, in order to present and provide the calm to others that they need in order to function well – and for that strength I have always prayed, forgetting that I, too, need to have peace and calm, and can have it. Today, however, I am at peace, and am calm, and can share in what others receive from me. I have at last moved around the circle, and can receive as well as give.”

One great tear slid from the captain's eyes as he added, “Thank You, Lord, for granting me this day, in which I see You have been here all along, waiting to provide for me as I provide for others You have put into my circle of responsibility.”

Day 41.5 is up


Christ is the Lord to him power and glory. Excellent freewrite friend @deeanndmathews.

Amen and amen -- and muchas gracias, amigo @felixgarciap.

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Mrs. Magdalena Thornton: she resonates, Love it! A true romantic.

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I love how you have days .5 😄

An adjustment to the reality that it would take WAY too long to tell the story with one short post a day ... I have given some thought to even having days .33 and .67 in order to get this done this week, but, the story needs to breathe ... The Field of Blood is a straight line, but The Posture of Innocence is multi-dimensional, getting deeper as it goes ... wait until today's freewrite, and you meet Captain Lee's OTHER grandmother ...