Day 744: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: knee (and, The Posture of Innocence, day 13)

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Captain Lee gets his warrants today for the true criminals in the Soames case -- a case in which a lying witness and corrupt officers inside the Big Loft Police Department have combined to let a murderer live free for 25 years while an innocent man and his family have suffered ... but why Captain Lee can get his warrants so quick has to do with what he did, months before this, when he saw a senior citizen with an aching knee...

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Judge Lorelei Brown had granted Captain Lee an appointment 15 minutes before she finished for the day, and instantly realized the second reason why she had needed to fit him in.

The first, however, was that every day of the week, Captain Lee lent his strength to compensate for the intense pain she felt in her left knee every time she had to climb the county courthouse stairs. The knee itself had been replaced, but the nerve damage around it was a much slower prospect in healing. So too was the prospect of ADA fixes on a building so old it had been “grandfathered” in without changes being immediately required.

Judge Brown had been considering retirement, but was still at work because Captain Lee, every day, got her there – and so, she was glad to take the last 15 minutes of her workday and look over the Soames case.

“Oh, this is a shame – shabby, shabby piece of work!” she said. “They knew the man was guilty all along, and our tax dollars went into his pockets anyway! And this DeVille woman! Who knows what other lies she's told? I mean, everybody ought not try to live in every neighborhood, but still, there's just no excuse for this kind of shabby evil!”

Captain Lee frowned mightily.

“Do you believe, Your Honor, that all citizens are not free to exercise their freedom to live where best suits them?”

“Would you move your family to where you know there are sniper's nests?”

“I see your point, Your Honor. Yet it is not our choice to make for any other citizen. We are bound to provide equal protection under the law to all citizens, wherever they lawfully live.”

“You're right,” Judge Brown said. “I'm doing your warrants to help us enforce it. But enforcement is slow in coming. I'm talking good tactical sense, Captain.”

“I see your point, Your Honor,” the captain said. “Thank you for always doing the right thing, no matter what we think about the costs of it.”

“You're a lot of help, my young friend.”

“I will wait for you to be ready to leave, and we can deal with those stairs together. I am not in that big of a hurry.”

Judge Brown was already packed up to go, so after she gave Captain Lee the warrants, out they walked together, and down the steep stairs they went.

“Thank you, Captain Lee – be careful out there, or I'll have to crawl up crying tomorrow!”

“Your Honor, with you in mind, I entreat the Lord to keep me safe today, so He can keep you safe on these stairs tomorrow.”

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