Day 730: 5 Minute Freewrite: Sunday - Prompt: harbor cruise (and, the prologue to The Posture of Innocence)

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To a mind adept at pattern recognition, a dream did not necessarily constitute the seeing of the future as much as it did in unconsciously organizing known information the conscious mind, for whatever reason, could not. To those given the facility to remember what they dreamed, they could work on those issues that were troubling them 24 hours a day, although they might not have meant to do that …

Captain H.F. Lee of the Big Loft police department was increasingly frustrated, the week he interviewed Mrs. Tallie Mae Jones (see the “Visit” freewrite) and looked again at the Soames case. There was a lot of data missing because of the way the case had come out in court – an acquittal, clear removal of information about another suspect, the acquitted young Black man, Mr. Tom Jones, being run out of the state, etc.

Yet, more and more, the captain looked at what was present and realized the chief witness had lied. Even if there was not sufficient evidence present to solve the case directly, Tom Jones might be exonerated beyond a shadow of a doubt – and if that were done, the missing evidence might come to light. Someone knew. Someone just might need to know they could trust Captain Lee and bring it forward.

The problem was proving that chief witness had lied.

Knowing that his own department had fudged that case as they had others, Captain Lee took his interview with Tom Jones' grandmother as a new starting point and went from there. In 1994, young Mr. Jones was just married and had bought a house in the neighborhood the murder of John Soames had taken place in. So, Captain Lee pulled all available data on what that neighborhood had been like in Big Loft since the city was founded, and just started crunching it.

It was not long before he found a motive for someone wanting the Jones family out of the neighborhood: the neighborhood in question was among the very last to racially integrate, and Tom Jones had been the integrator. He had gotten around mortgage contract clauses that still prevented sales to Black people by having a White friend pose as the buyer! The neighborhood newspaper had a sly little note about it … a modern but thinly veiled call for somebody to do something about it … .

So: motive to do in Tom Jones was present. Time-dishonored but usually effective method: false murder charge by a White woman. But how, exactly, could she be proven a liar?

Captain Lee went through 14 whole reams of neighborhood data in getting that far. He was exhausted between that and his other duties as cold case division commander by Friday, and went home knowing he was close, but not close enough.

Still, Captain Lee was as stubborn as they come – came with being a Lee of that famous line in American history, doubled up by living a whole denial of the Confederate legacy. He went to sleep still reviewing neighborhood data … and ended up going in dreamland back to his own young love story, to that harbor cruise in New York that was one of the happiest days of his life, in 1992 … cruising New York Harbor on a gorgeous day with his late wife, Vanessa Morton Lee, their son kicking in her belly between them as her dark fingers intertwined with his marble ones (see the “Ferry” freewrite for the first iteration of this tale).

“How far do you think we could see from there, Harry?” Vanessa was saying as she pointed to the Statue of Liberty.

“Let's find out – it's in the guide book,” then-Cadet Lee had responded.

They had looked.

“Wow. 22 stories – 305 feet!” Vanessa had said. “That's a lot of stairs!”

Their son had kicked, and kicked, and kicked.

“Calm down, Henry Victor, trying to get up all those stairs,” Vanessa had said. “Not even here yet, and you are just like your father!”

“Well, let's go see anyway,” Cadet Lee said. “Some things, you just have to go see for yourself. If you don't want to go up, we won't. If you do but you worry about you and Henry Victor being safe doing it, I'll carry you up all 377 stairs. But let's go see.”

“I told you he's just like you,” Vanessa said as her son kept on kicking. “I'm carrying him while he climbs and you plan on carrying us both as we climb … you Lees are tough when you want something, I tell you.”

“You bet,” Cadet Lee had said. “That's how I got you, Mrs. Lee.”

“Good point,” she had answered, and their son had done somersaults of joy as their parents kissed and shared a moment of the passion that had produced him. “All right, all right! Henry F. and Henry V.: we Lees will have to go and see … .”

And Captain Lee, 27 years later, woke up with a start … he and his Black wife and son had found the answer, two years before Tom Jones had been falsely accused. Captain Lee did not know how it was the answer, but he would search it out.

“Lord,” he prayed as he sat up from where his head had rested on the table, “I understand what it is to lose a Black son. Henry Victor's life of just a few hours mattered, for it was long enough to teach his White father love for Black sons everywhere. Lord, give me clarity as You gave me Vanessa and Henry Victor, and I promise you – to the death, as I did with my family, I will follow through for this justice for another family missing a Black son!”

(This was the prologue -- day 1 is up!)

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I'm so proud of you to get right back on this, @deeanndmathews. Four or five books in the series out in a year, and you will be making bank over at Amazon. Over time, people will just buy the whole series in one fell swoop.

Here is a good prompt for your story:

Thank you for the encouragement -- the first is done, the second is BASICALLY done (still not quite sure of the ending for The Posture of Innocence, but by the time I finish posting it up day by day I'll have it done, Lord willing), the third is started as well, so, I am on pace! Also putting up a non-fiction series of short texts on the music business -- the idea is that by March, my one-year mark here, I will have AT LEAST two series of THREE books in length.

Gotta make time to reach out to the musicians in these parts with From 360 Deal to Work for Hire Clause... so much writing done and to do, so little promo time...

360 Deal Book Cover-01.jpg

Wow! you are a whirlwind, @deeanndmathews. I am taking strength and inspiration from you.

Glad I can provide! The thing about #newsteem ... we just have to keep moving and building ...

So true, just keep working it, @deeanndmathews. I advise visiting the blogs of people you are tagging to comment and upvote once or twice a week, Some people frown on the continual tagging here, other do not care, but still you would be best to engage in the other direction if you are going to do it.

I do try to roll through on people I have tagged and make sure I do that ... gotta spread the wealth, and I appreciate the reminder.

It's so much about voting. It is the interaction that matters here. You might want to take a look at my most recent post, @deeanndmathews. It's a jaw dropper!

I've been there and voted on it -- my voting power runs at an average of 70 percent daily at the end of the day because I certainly do my share of voting, even though my vote is not even a cent, and that much voting spreads it even thinner. But there is a lot of content here, so I have to spread my votes, and then there is also the question of having a whole life off of Steem and time to create for it and away from it, because Steem directly pays no bills in the U.S. However, I am open to being tagged by anyone I tag if there is something they want my support on that I have not seen, and, in the interest of not flooding folks with tags -- because I realize I am running 12-14 posts a week just between freewrites and The Posture of Innocence, and will potentially go up to 16-21 posts a week when I start doing music again or start sharing from 360 Deal -- I am going to adjust my strategy a little bit on that.

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Hello Hello!

I am happy to read again of your writings, they are super precisely what I want to read♡ Congratulations!

Greetings from Venezuela...

Muchas Gracias, my friend ... I am tagging you every day on The Posture of Innocence, as I put it out day by day ... but even before you get caught up with that, enjoy a story very like this freewrite in tone, featuring Mrs. Thornton stepping up her game in catching the captain's eye ...

Wonderful!! I never tire of admiring your exquisite narrative. I congratulate you. I hope an editorial publishes your stories. A cordial greeting @deeanndmathews

Thank you for reading and commenting -- the @creativecrypto magazine picks up my work quite often, but I don't wait around for others. In July I did an extended narrative that introduced Captain Lee in a supporting role -- and THAT is now a published book on Amazon Kindle!

black, white, red cover 6.jpg

Black, White, and RED ALL Over, on Amazon, available to be enjoyed! Voila!

This is an excellent piece! Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love the detailed description you give that gave the story so much life. I love you work! 😍😍😍

Thank you for reading and commenting! Here are day 1 and day 2 of The Posture of Innocence, and also yesterday's back story to the day described in day 1, a very descriptive and pleasant afternoon in the "Inappropriately Dressed" freewrite. If you like, I can tag you on the coming days of the story and related freewrites.

dear @deeanndmathews, your writing is really good, I haven't read all the chapters but I like the way you write :-)) I've seen from the comments you've written a lot and you're ready with some finished books, then all the best for you and congratulation for your curie rating

Thank you for reading and take your time -- the great thing about the blockchain is that the writing will be here for you to get to when you have time, and I am linking up every day so you can work your way backwards and forwards. If you like, I can also tag you on the daily chapters so you don't have to miss anything as it comes out -- let me know!

yes thank you, very kind of you :-))

You're welcome!

And of course I didn't remember to tag you as soon as I heard from you -- so sorry, and here is everything up to now -- day 1, day 2, day 3, day 3.5, day 4, day 4.5, day 5, and day 5.5, where I HAVE added you to the tags so you will be notified from here on out!