Weekend Freewrite -11/16/2019 - Single Prompt Option: A ridiculous amount of fun (and, the Posture of Innocence, day 26)

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Lieutenant Longstreet gets the last two pieces of evidence to solve his case, in a foreshadowing of Captain's Lee's much larger task to come for the division ... but, for the time being, just enjoy the bells and whistles ...

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the posture of innocence, little version.png

Lieutenant Longstreet came flying into the cafeteria, holding a plastic lunch bag with a large broken-heart locket in it. He opened his mouth to make some loud exclamation, and then fell out of the proverbial air back to earth with one cold look from Captain Lee – who nonetheless sprang to his feet at once, picked up the bowl with the remainder of his lunch, cleaned his area with his napkin, and then went with Mr. Black back to the office.

“She gave it to me when I said what you told me to say – she gave it to me right away!” the lieutenant said as soon as they were inside the door.

“We'll discuss that in just a moment,” Captain Lee said. “First, a commendation for remembering, just in the nick of time, that our division has the exact same rule as the movie Fight Club.”

“Right. The first rule of Fight Club was that you do not talk about Fight Club. We modify that: the first rule about our cases is that we don't talk publicly about our cases unless ordered. We make our reports to the appropriate superiors and celebrate here.”

“Well done, Lieutenant – just in the nick of time, but well done,” Captain Lee said. “Well done also on following my instructions. Can you think to yourself, now, why they worked?”

“Yes … you knew that Miss Lovelace hated her stepmother so much that she would be willing to admit she had been lying if it would cost her stepmother all that money.”

“Right,” Captain Lee said. “Yet I still might not be right. Better check that locket.”

The younger investigator took the locket out of the bag with trembling hands and carefully opened it – and gasped, for there, folded, was a blood-spattered piece of paper. He unfolded it, read a little and shrieked – “That's it – it's the note!”

“It surely is,” Captain Lee said calmly. “Better update your true set in the computer.”

Mr. Black and Captain Lee drifted to stand behind the lieutenant as he updated the data and the two modes – True and Speculative – merged to create one green line, resolving the fork. The program made all sorts of bells and whistles before arriving at a very satisfying chord for resolution.

“Case closed – but, you already knew that, Lieutenant.”

And then that other chord –.

“Well done!”

Lieutenant Longstreet sprang up out of his captain's chair and put up his hand for a high five – and got it, Captain Lee suddenly smiling like the whole sun. Mr. Black just laughed and put up his hand and also got a high-five.

“Whooooo doggy! I love this job,” Lieutenant Longstreet said, “especially on a day like this! Just a ridiculous amount of fun when it all comes together! My first complete case – thank you for all your help and guidance, Captain, and to you also for the tips today, Mr. Black! I'm glad I'm only 27 – I plan to put in at least another 40 years on this stuff!”

“Go take these items to the evidence room and follow the proper procedures. Then, return – it will be just time for our 1:00 conference on the Stedman case.”

Lieutenant Longstreet all but floated out of the room, overjoyed, and Mr. Black smiled.

“Another success for your division, Captain – congratulations.”

Day 26.5 is up


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