The Posture of Innocence, day 9.5

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In Day 9, the "Cold Person" freewrite, Mr. Jetson Black made the scene at Big Loft police headquarters -- Captain Lee was out of the office, but Mr. Black certainly made an impression on Lieutenant Jackson!

In day 9.5, the second installment of the day, Lieutenant Jackson goes and finds Captain Lee to announce Mr. Black's presence ... and walks into a teachable moment that just might cost the young lieutenant a trip to the Hair Club for Men!

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Lieutenant Jackson arrived on the third floor huffing and puffing as Captain Lee was coming back down.

“Mr. Black is here,” the lieutenant announced.

“I hate that you winded yourself to tell me that,” the captain said.

“I needed to tell you some things – first of all, he is Black.”


“I mean, he's that kind of new Black man that's been coming out of the woodwork since all the stuff started with the Lofton County Free Voice. Rolled into your office like he was some kind of king, ready to be served!”

“Well, Lieutenant, the tax-paying public does pay our bills. Black people pay taxes. We work for them too.”

Lieutenant Jackson bristled –.

“I did not say we were bought and paid for by them, Lieutenant. Examine your thinking.”

The lieutenant took several deep breaths, and calmed down.

“When we all learn that the equality of the African in America does not at all debase the European in America to a slave, we will at last be able to have a little peace in this state,” Captain Lee said with a shake of his head.

“Sorry, sir … you know how that whole thing is. My father would have slapped you for even suggesting that men like us ever worked for Black people, and I guess it's in me too.”

Captain Lee narrowed his dark eyes, and said something that his lieutenant would never forget.

“And I would have tossed your father over the staircase or through the plate glass window to his death, his actions having established that he, not any Black man on this planet, was the true enemy of my peace and freedom. I am neither color-blind nor blind – read something beside Lost Cause fictional attempts at history, and you will know who has been the scourge of peace and freedom for millions on this continent!”

After that, Lieutenant Jackson meekly followed his captain down the stairs, inwardly making a note to check and see if he still had hair on his head, making another note that racism was not tolerated in the cold case division, and making a further note that it would probably not be good for whoever caused Captain Lee to have to directly explain that. The indirect explanation had been rough enough.

Day 10 is up!


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