The Secret to Making a Living as a Writer ✏ Day 30 of The Total Writer Transformation

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People always ask writers "how did you get an agent" and "how many times did you submit before someone accepted your manuscript". These are what I like to call hopeful questions; they bypass the meat in hopes there's a tasty secret dessert not on the menu.

The truth is there is no secret. The truth is if you want to make a living as a writer, if you truly are called to write and have stories to tell and are passionate and consistent and keep writing, you will make a living from your writing.

Sure you'll have to put in the hours and make little to nothing for years sometimes, but it will happen.

There's no secret to being a successful writer.

You just gotta keep writing.

Keep trying and reading and bettering yourself. Keep learning and refining. Write every day, even if it's just for ten minutes. And keep making steps toward your goals.

The "secret" to making a living as a successful writer?

Be so good that they can't help but notice you.

Today's Challenge

Write your heart out.

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@arbitrarykitten You will write your Heart out......................


Beautiful my friend 💝

Thanks for the sometimes brutally honest tips @arbitrarykitten. I have recently decided to take the leap and leave my current job position to become a freelance writer and editor, wish me luck, I think I might need it!


Oh my stars Sweetpea! How exciting! Congratulations on such a brave choice, I know that took a lot of strength and soul searching :)

I know you will do well, you definitely have what it takes. Good luck sweets! May the words flow easy and the ideas dance incredibly <3

I agree with you, because I believe that there is no secret, if someone wants to earn a living as a writer.

We just "have" "to have" a little vocation, passion, know and like to read and write, have stories to tell, and definitely we want to make a living with our writing.


The 3 P's: Passion, patience, and persistence. That's what is needed.

People are not going to like you saying that the secret is patience and hard work. Wise words. So true!


Good things come to those who work toward them. Nothing great was built in a day :)


Completely agree. I am facing some things​ right now and my flesh screams "hurry up already" but my spirit is trying to be patient and wait for the goodthings​s ahead.


Oh I know the feeling!

How good you will do more?


Thank you!

I'm baa-aack ;)

It seems to me that for writers everything works the same way like for representatives of any other profession - doctor, chef or engineer. If you love your job, you just do it every day, trying to do it well, learn new techniques and improve your skills to become better.
The only difference is that the writer needs to create something from nothing. And this part of work can be not so easy.


That is true. In that sense you can say writing is one of the hardest things to do, as you say: we must build something from nothing. Doctors build off the patients body, chefs build off a table of raw ingredients, etc.

Agree @arbitrarykitten writing comes with experience the art of presenting your heart is what make a good writer....👍 as far as as todays writing concern...i tried to put down a bit in my post...


The art of presenting your heart. Beautiful!

Nobody has noticed yet, so I will need to keep writing I guess. However, I don't aspire to be a writer, just to funnel my creative channel. I thinks that's a good reason.


That is an excellent reason!

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Nice to see your optimism, Kitten.

“Be so good, they can’t help but notice you.”

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Good words. Good advice. I still haven't reached a place where I have been able to write on a daily basis; I'm not sure if I ever will, but I'm fairly sure if I don't, I'll never make a living as a writer!

THIS!!! So much this. And also, if you're a writer and passionate about it, you can't actually stop writing anyway, so you find a way. Love this post. Just keep writing. ;)

So true @arbitrarykitten about Writing. You got to do it and do it and do it with unstoppable passion before you even think about things like an Agent, imho.

Thanks for this Post. Keep up the great work :) ...and btw, I'll be gone for a Month on Vacation in a couple of days so will be limited in my visiting my fellow Steemian's blogs. I we will be back, though :)

Practice makes perfect they say. I agree that you just keep doing it and improving and one day you will get there!

I needed this thanks!

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