Create a Haven for Writing. Day 28 of The Total Writer Transformation

Your surroundings are critical to your creative mastery, as is your mindframe. Our lives can get so busy that it's important to unwind and recharge in order to allow creativity to flow through us into the page.

You've gotten into the habit of writing for ten minutes every day. That is the most important piece of the Successful Writer Puzzle. Now, implement the following tips before your daily writing practice, and enjoy how much more easily the ideas and thoughts come to you.

If you're just joining the Total Writer Transformation, I've linked days 1 - 27 below. Each day can be used alone, or follow the days in order for the Total transformation. But if you take only one thing away from this take this: the most important step is to make time to write every day. Set your time for ten minutes and just write. Usually you'll find you keep going long after three beep.

Clear Your Headspace

Before you sit down to write, take a moment to clear your mind. Leave the stress and to do list outside- it'll still be there when you're finished but it has no business invading your writing time. Practice deep breathing: inhale for for seconds, hold for four, exhale for four seconds, pause for four. Repeat ten times.

Simply Cozy

Keep your writing area simple and comfortable. Declutter, sit in a comfy chair, and surround yourself with colors and things that inspire you. Take off your shoes, have a cup of your favorite beverage, and be sure you're not hungry or too cold or hot.

Pace Yourself

Change the pace to trigger your mind and let it know you're moving on to a different task. Take a brisk walk around the block, do some stretches or jumping jacks, take a quick shower, or turn up the music and dance. The point is to do something different for a few minutes to signal a change in the days pace.

The Power of Scent

Scents are powerful. Use this to your advantage by utilizing essential oils. Lavender relaxes. Cedar helps with focus and removes mental fatigue. Citrus like lemon and grapefruit rejuvenates and energizes. You can also use your favorite essential oils as a signal to tell you're brain it's time to write.

Today's Challenge

Create a space for writing, and start a pre-writing routine.

Creating a physical and mental haven for your writing will pay for itself with super powered creativity and productivity.

What is your favorite way to get in the writing mode? Share your techniques in the comments!

Images via Photolab & Pexels

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Thank you @arbitrarykitten for some great tips on finding the right environment for writing . I do like to switch things up and go around to different rooms of my house to blog and comment here at Steemit.

Also , I do go outside in our backyard under our Cabana to hear the birds chirping when I'm writing :)

Very peaceful !!


Going outside and surrounding yourself with nature is a wonderful idea!

This is how @arbitrarykitten knows that it is time to do her BLOG.....................


You are spying on me! I knew it!


You know it Lady

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Persistence is the key.


Yes! And after only a few weeks of daily practice it's ingrained as a habit :)

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How very nice and educational, and yes I agree, scents can have a lovely impact on us and relax us so our creativity can flow more easily. 💚

Scent and all material in the place where we are working affect our performance a lot, thanks for the post :)


Exactly! You can do so much with just a few drops... Make scents work for you!