Staple a Piece of You to the Final Draft. Day 27 of The Total Writer Transformation

A drop or two of blood will work, too.

Are the Kardashians like an accident scene- you can't look away? Do you know the Jersey Shore guidos better than your own siblings? You, my friend, are guilty of what most red blooded television viewers are- addicted to reality shows.

Do we watch to see what life's like for the other half? Are we tuning in to laugh at the mistakes of others and shake our heads while exclaiming at least my life's not that bad! Do they make us feel better about our own shortcomings or give us ideas for greatness to strive for?

Of course. Reality shows do this and more.

We enjoy watching how others do life.

We are human, therefore we empathize with others having the human experience. We get it, all the silly things and serious moments. And while watching them do life we commiserate and realize ours is not so bad. Whatever it is we're going through becomes more tolerable when we see that others have issues too.

Because none of us has our life all figured out.

That's why true stories are so popular.

Autobiographies are the Reality tv of the literary world. Adding snippets of your story to your writing allows the reader to identify with the idea you're trying to convey in a personally relevant way.

When relevant, (you don't want to start off a technical car manual with *when I was a boy,) adding a bit of you to your work helps the audience connect. They've been there and done that, so you already have them on your side.

Adding a personal story that's relevant and entertaining will liven your piece and make you relatable, and your content that much more understood.

We're all connected and share the same experiences of being human. Because not one of us has truly gotten the hang of it yet.

Take a lesson from reality TV and put yourself out there!

Today's Challenge

Write today's Steemit blog post and add an element from your life. It could be a relevant experience, a story, or even an epiphany or enlightenment you had. Weave this into your blog post. If it doesn't fit then try a different story or use that story for a different blog post.

Do this for the next few blog posts and pay attention to the reactions you get.

Put a piece of you in your writing and watch your audience grow.

Disclaimer: I wasn't being literal about the blood- that'll likely frighten away a number of readers. Minus the Bram Stoker aficionados. But if they are the audience you're going for, by all means- carry on with the bloodletting!

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Hi how are you, I send greetings.

What you're saying's correct.
I identify a lot with everything because I watch several reality shows.
And also programs like closed case. I do not know if you know him!
Although my publications are from my travels, I often talk about my experiences.
But I will have more in mind to talk more in a more personal way.
I hope and everything is better.
Thank you very much !

Tomorrow I will write about my trips this weekend. I would love it if you could see it and hear your opinion.
Only that it is written in Spanish.


Will you be translating your posts? Sometimes I'll use Google translate on posts here, however with that it's usually unreadable...


Yes, it can be read.
I do it to read your publications.
And to write you I also use Google.


Sounds good, please send me a link when you publish tomorrow :)

@arbitrarykitten I don't mind the blood......


Erhmagherd. It's like a bat and Cobra mated...


Kitten you always make me Smile..........

I must admit that I sometimes struggle with adding the personal touch to my Steem blog. Some of my articles​s are more instructional. I also to inject my personality, but that personal touch is tough.

And then I have moments when I feel that I am sharing too much. Still learning a lot on the Steem journey.


Always pour your heart out in your first draft. Then step away for an hour, or a day. When you come back to it, edit the heck out of it, and be sure you read it out loud before you publish.

As far as sharing too much, I think we writers, as with any creative soul, are our own worst critics.

Steemit is the perfect place to fine tune your writing. The community is incredibly supportive and encouraging. Try getting some feedback from your followers. Ask them if they feel you are sharing "too much" in your post. Remember- you have 7 days to edit your post :)

Adding the personal side to whatever piece of writing is essential here ins this platform, specially if it is addressed in a way that amuses your audience alongside with the value you're providing. And in most cases, personal experiences can highly support your input.


Exactly! They add a personal touch when done right.

Yep @arbitrarykitten your are right.

We are humans, we laugh on others pain. As most of videos have, which we call funny accident.

Every one love to watch how the life is going on but of others.


One man's pain and misfortune is another man's pleasure! True story!