Welcome Giveaway - write your first post and win a whale-vote! Week #6

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Hello fellow Steemers, You probably view this post because @welcomebot greeted you.


You are most likely new to steemit and still need to get the hang of things around here, but that is okay.

We are a loving community and we want to see what matters to you. So to get you started and known here, I am launching a giveaway.

Post the content that matters to you and get a whalevote (a vote that is worth a lot) to directly promote your post.


  • Be a new user joined less than 10 days
  • Be a new user with less than 50 reputation
  • Introduced yourself to the community
  • Wrote a second post with original content about a topic that matters to you
  • Voted on the post
  • Voted on at least three other entry
  • Bot votes will be ignored

If you fulfilled all these conditions, write a comment below with a link to your post and a small explanation on what you wrote and why it matters to you.

Other Steemers will then read and upvote your post and comment, based on how much they like it. And this is worth it for them too because if a whalevote hits and they voted for you, this means curator rewards.


  • The top 4 upvoted comments on this post get a 25% whalevote (worth over $50) on a post they choose
  • A fifth winner gets a delegation from @minnowbooster for 4 weeks
  • All others get a warm welcome and many eyes on their first post

Please call out spam and copy pasted content! This should be a genuine thing and not a money grab. I reserve the right to ignore the votes on content I feel abuses this content for a quick gain.

A big thank you to @officialfuzzy and @jphenderson for sponsoring the whaleshares for this giveaway. Money made in this post will be used for even more whaleshares in the next giveaway!

Last weeks winners were:

To redeem your vote (or receive whaleshares to vote yourself) please join the discord: https://discord.gg/v2KnvzE


Here's my second post:

No one likes poetry, not even poets, but honestly, it'll take you 2 minutes to listen to it and at the end you might feel a little bit creeped out and hey-- who doesn't like creepy? What-- everyone? Damnit.

Words are the content that matters to me, fiction mostly. Reading, writing, performing, singing along. I don't write as much poetry as I used to (because: ew!).

I'm honing my fiction writing blade these days. Sci-fi, which goes well with the theme of this poem-- humans as transitional devices, on our way to becoming something else. I hope some whale out there likes it. Or is creeped out, whatever. Fellow minnows too. Good on you all

Cheers to @reggaemuffin for running this comp. I'm loving the warm nature of this place already

hey @reggaemuffin I appreciate your helping hand for minnows!

I don't know if you still can take me into count (joined 30.06.17)
but here's my second post on steemit:

Unfortunately except an answer nobody upvoted it :(
It's like I have followers but they don't pay attention to me.
But this post didn't matter to me I was just curious and asking a question.,

If I shall choose which post you should read than I would link you to my 3rd post:

This post and story does matter a lot to me because I'm writing about my dog which I very love and like to share his story with the community.

As advised I upvoted @flatscreenface @evelyniroh and @goltyfab
not only for the eventual whale boost but also the help them starting though i have a slightly other experience so far :D

Cheers man!

Maybe i should give you a link where still can vote for :D

The others can't be voted anymore

Hello @reggaemuffin , thank you very much for doing this! I never win anything but here is my submission and hopefully you will at least enjoy some of it :)

Introduction Post

I believe that my first post is by far my best, as I talk about my ups and downs in my life and fight for financial freedom which I recently achieved.

Second Post

My second post is the beginning of my Weight Loss Journey, I will be making a daily post talking about my weight loss progress. As time get by and I get more use to using Steemit my long term goal is becoming one of the best Fitness Author on here.

Thank you very much!

Hi Steemians,

I would like to share with you my second post (link below). I started posting here on steemit for 1 reason and 1 reason only:

To let the world know my wife is as talented as I think she is!

I convinced her to quit her job and follow her heart. That is creating her own company based on her creative skills. She's loves to paint, but following a study to become a pastry chef. While the study is still ongoing she focuses her business on creating (wedding) cakes.

She knows I post her work here, but she doesn't know it could make some money. I plan to surprise her one day by cashing out and invest in her company.


Pictures are worth a thousand words! If only they could be worth a thousand tastings as well! 😋

Haha yeah I would gladly post the taste as well for steemians to try...maybe they'll invent something in the future that can... than it's cake for everybody 😄

Thank you for your vote @wilbertphysique 😄

Hello, here is an artist, just joined, worth following and upvoting:
I try to support great artists on Steem. Thanks for voting

Hi, I joined a couple of days ago and just made my first post (after introducing myself yesterday of course!) https://steemit.com/technology/@anrikevisser/why-do-startups-fail-lessons-from-an-investor

I wanted to help startup founders on Steemit avoid the main pitfalls and share what investors look for. It’s important to me because they all start with a great idea and want to change the world. If I can help them in any way, help the world, that’s great!

Please boost so that as many startup founders as possible get this information!

Thanks @forgetmenot! I'm following you as well :)

Followed both of you @forgetmenot and @anrikevisser :) Have a great day!

Follow back @aereone! Have splendid day too :)

This is my second post after my introduction. I am a mom to four young children with special needs, Autism, ADHD/Anxiety, and Epilepsy. We are managing a lot right now and sometimes I feel like I am just keeping up. Therefore, God forbid, something happen to me or I don't get around to it, I wrote these 25 Life Lessons For My Children that I want to pass along to them:


Great life lessons! As a teacher, I would say those are the same things I want my "kids" to learn. I'll be praying that through the difficulties, you can "be" your lessons. Kids will pick up on what you want them to learn as they watch you do it :)

Worth reading! Thanks for sharing these @forgetmenot

My first post is about a thought experiment I am doing where I am using Physics principles to explain human behavior.

Here is the post: https://steemit.com/physics/@udochiokeke/an-introduction-to-persuasion-alchemy-aka-the-physics-of-life-and-love

Please let me know if anybody on this forum is interested in these types of topics as well so I can follow you back. :)


I wrote this post cause I love space, learning about space and the cosmos is a passion of mine so i figured I would share my passion with others to maybe get them interested in the universe we live in also :)

Hello, Steemit friends! Here is my first post, but I think it count as a second post because my second post was my "introduce yourself" post hahaha!


This post was about some thoughts I had being abroad in the just moment in which my home country was going through really difficult times... I was really concerned about the future of Venezuela, concerned about the future of my family and friends... It's kind of difficult to stay positive when you know that your people is suffering, when your country is going through an evil dictatorship... Sorry about the negative stuff.

If you really want to know about that topic, "what is going on in Venezuela these days", I'll be posting some experiences and analysis very soon.

And here is my "Introduce yourself" post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@maerod/hi-everyone-i-m-new-here-on-steemit

Thank you for this oportunity, greetings from Venezuela!

Hey, @reggaemuffin!
Thank you for your possible help!

This was my first blog:


Why did i wrote it ?
I love Game of Thrones, and the next season will start this weekend. I made my own theorie what can happen in the next season, based on the trailer and the earlier seasons.
I would like to reach some Game of Thrones fans with it, but it didnt actually worked out that great. :x But i will continue posting things, on themes that i like and others like aswell!

Im very new to the System of steemit, so someone like you could help newer people like me! Thanks and have a nice day!


Enjoyed reading your post! Left comments over there :)

I'm passionate about your wellbeing, health and personal development! I wish to inspire you to learn meditation and similar practices that can enhance the quality of all your experiences and boost many areas of your life! Much love! Right now udemy has awesome discounts on really great courses! So go and grow, love and take full care of yourself and beautiful mind! Blessings / @linuslife

Hey @raggaemuffin thanks for hosting these welcome giveaways.

I have my intro post here which I talk about leaving my full time job to experience the adventures of travel + working:

and my second post which is a travel diary to one of the most interesting place I've visited in Australia.

My interests include: Travel, Self Development, Natural Health, Wellness + Plant-based Food so i'm hoping to share more posts on those topics :D

Heya, this is a short story I wrote of how I ended up with a rickshaw in Berlin and much more than that! I do think you guys might enjoy it!


Also thanks for organizing these contests, gives new writers some chance to get noticed!

Hi, here is my blog post for consideration

I truly believe that being physically fit and active is the key to a better life, one of my passions in life is showing that there are no secret tricks, no hidden codes to personal fitness (regardless of what the fitness industry tries to sell).
I will be posting more fitness related blogs, so hopefully I can help people achieve their goals.
Hope you have read and enjoyed

My very first blog -
Welcome steemit

My first valuable content - DESIGN!
Design on my porfolio website

Greetings to all, I may be new here, but I feel very positive. Here is the link to my second post https://steemit.com/adventure/@touchone/the-native-and-the-great-philosopher
It is just about motivating and inspiring others. It starts with a short joke and ends with the purpose for which it was written - Inspiration.
God bless you all.

I love the thought of cryptos who has not been ripped of by banks and middle men and watched goverments around the world waste million while millions starve. Hope fully we can find the answer to become a better regulated open world and come out of the shadows heres my two cents for what its worth https://steemit.com/steemit/@trickydicky/steemy-thought-s


I believe my articles would give encouragement to many people especially those who feel down and out. I hope my article would be a help to others.

Hi all! I'm new to Steemit, just created my account 2 days ago..

Check out my post: https://steemit.com/linux/@spartan23r/my-first-experience-with-linux

I started with this 'My first experience "with"' series.. I will be posting on the regularly about my first experience with a lot of things, feel free to follow me so we can discuss about all kind of topics. Feel free to mention some things I should try!

Hi! This is my second introducemyself post. Here's the link https://steemit.com/photography/@travelingmercies/i-like-taking-p-h-o-t-o-g-r-a-p-h-s

Thank you @reggaemuffin for this welcome giveaway! :)


The third of my introductory posts. This one talks about my family how they have impacted my life.

Thanks @reggaemuffin for giving us this opportunity!

I'm passionate about helping people overcome the challenges in their life. Whether it's significant life changes or a series of "trivial" stressors, I want to hear about others' struggles and help them persevere. Sharing my own painful experiences usually helps others open up. So, here's my first post, a recent ordeal that changed my way of thinking: Giving up 105 pounds overnight to start my minimalist journey

Thanks for the opportunity @reggaemuffin your generous acts are appreciated :)

Please check this link for my second post https://steemit.com/life/@aereone/what-matters-to-aaron-vladimir

It is about the things that matter to an Ambivert like me. Hoping you guys could take time to read, upvote or follow :) Have a nice day everyone!

I love the term ambivert. It really takes off the pressure. lol :)

haha true! the creation of that word is a blessing for me lol

first of all hii steemitians..
i joined steemit yesterday (little bit late to introduce myself) and trying to understand "how it works?"..

I dont know what to say.. BTW

I Am Daxit from Gujarat, India.


Reading, Music, Wanna be a Whitehat (may be grey) Hacker

interested to know about cryptocurrency.



sorry for bad grammer :)

Hello there! Just got here today. Nice to meet you all!
My first story: https://steemit.com/steemit/@roderichsehn/talking-to-you-without-talking#@bottymcbotface/re-talking-to-you-without-talking-20170714t005824

There are a lot of things to do and ways to improve everything around us. Social media is a way to communicate and reach those who wouldn't be reached in conventional ways! My slogan is: Social Media is the People's Media. That is what I stand for.

[email protected] !
yes ! you are right and it's a very important post for beginners and for me too. thanks for this post.
i've FOLLOWED and UPVOTED you.

@reggaemuffin if god is my witness I voted for you. Cheers following

This is great, it will really help beginners

Postingan yang menarik sekali

Great stuff y'all
we be in the steem
no money in our pockets
just livin' the dreem ????

"GONG" "GONG" !!! Alright, maybe next time

Family Peace Love Prosperity ... Have a good one everyBODY !! (-:

Awesomeness :) I actually found your profile from the @minnowbooster post :)

I wrote this because I miss my Dad and wanted to share my thoughts and see if there were any like minds on steemit.

I'm sorry for your loss.

My second post after my introduction post. https://steemit.com/technology/@kheldev/whats-up-with-gpu-pricing
I was looking to buying a budget system a few days ago when I realized the crazy prices of GPU's, so I wrote this when I joined.

Its better late, than never!

i'm not pro by doing art or paint. But when i create steemit make me feel so energetic to explore my ability, Everyday i want to explore and do the things that make scared before. Because Steemit is the site that make me feel comfortable, no people judge you. No one want be rude! All people in steemit want to help each other, and make each other comfortable.
To all people out their in steemit i just want to thanks, not because of money. But because i just want to enjoy every little things here, And such a blessing that many people see helping each other to reach the goals.


I am empowered by STEEMIT to write freely about my thoughts and opinions.
It has given me the stage to speak to a like minded community of people who respect CONTENT and not the ethnicity or name or religion of the author.

I would like to submit my personal journey post here, my escape from the tyranny of being unable to speak freely to finding STEEMIT

That's great that you finally feel free here!

@reggaemuffin, sorry if I'm asking an obvious question ... are we supposed to vote on the person's comment (here) or on their original post?

For the contest, vote on the comments. If you like the post, vote on it too

Hello. New here too. Slowly making some nice posts this weekend.
Here is one of my firsts.

This seems like a great idea!
Thank you for the opportunity.

This is my first blog, that introduce myself. I just mean because this is my first photo i post in steemit. 😊

I really hope I understand this, but here goes. I posted a speedpaint video here:
Some years ago, I experimented with time lapse video as a popular way of showing an artwork to my FaceBook friends and now I can share it here!

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