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The @minnowbooster bot project is the "Swiss Army Knife" for minnows, which can do a multitude of things. It is a vote bot similar to @randowhale, except with a predicible upvote return in proportion to your spending.

In addition to the upvote bot feature, @minnowbooster is an ATM for Automated Delegated SP Leasing, providing minnows with the much needed STEEM POWER BOOST to be able to have a greater influence and effect on the platform. Kind of like leasing a Ferrari for a week, you can similarly lease delegated SP and become a dolphin or whale for a week to accelerate your reputation and esteem in the community.

Delegated SP Leasing

@minnowbooster takes the role of an automated delegation leasing ATM, where you can instantly lease delegated SP from the bot without having to negotiate with an untrusted third party or private loanshark, along with the associated risks.

Delegated Steem Power (SP) Leasing is now instant and automated for both the investor and the lessee for a hassle-free leasing experience.

To lease Delegated SP, just send STEEM (at least 1 STEEM) to @minnowbooster and get 65 times the amount in delegated SP for one week.

Examples: Send 1 Steem and get 65 SP delegated to you, or send 100 Steem and get 6500 SP delegated to you (the sender) for a week.

Leasing for at least 4 weeks or renewing for additional weeks after your first week is cheaper, you get 100 times back in delegated SP that way.

Example: Send 400 Steem with the memo '4', which covers payments of 100 Steem per week over 4 weeks and then receive 10 000 delegated SP for the 4 week term.

Delegation will most likely bring you back your investment after a few days of curating (subjective) and increasing your esteem, enhancing your interpersonal networking experience.

Commands - send STEEM with this memo:

  • no memo defaults to one week of delegation to the sender
  • memo 4 secures 4 weeks of delegation to the sender

Want to gift someone delegation? Maybe have a contest running? Just enter the recipient username in the memo and that person will get the delegation.

  • memo recipientname sends a gift of one week of delegation to @recipientname
  • memo 4 recipientname sends a gift of 4 weeks of delegation to @recipientname

If the delegation order cannot be filled immediately by @minnowbooster itself or the offer is too low for @minnowbooster, it then goes straight to the open market where it will be filled by other users, or refunded in 3 days if the order hasn't been filled. The Delegation Leasing Market (DLM) currently only facilitates filling of complete orders, partial fills may be available in future.

Upvote Bot

You can request upvotes from the @minnowbooster bot. Just send SBD (at least 0.1 SBD) to @minnowbooster and receive an upvote worth up to 5 times what you paid. Add the post or comment url as memo.

Please check the bot's voting power at because the bot's AI autoregulates its Voting Power to ensure the bot does not get drained.

At 100% voting power the bot will give your nominated URL an upvote worth 5 times what you paid in, with the received vote value decreasing proportionately as VP decreases, ie 80% VP yields 4 times and 60% VP 3 times, right down to breakeven at 20% VP and a loss if you pay in when the bot has less than 20% VP. (These are gross percentage values, please take into account that on Steem 25% of the post value goes to the curators, in which case the NETT breakeven is actually at 26.67% VP)

The bot will try to detect invalid urls and send funds back but gives no guarantee. Also check if the bot has voted on that post/comment before or it is in it's last 12 hours before payout. Double sends or not possible votes are considered a donation!

Investing STEEM (Powering up @minnowbooster)

You can invest STEEM in the bot and expect roughly 100% return per year, less our facilitation fees. You earn from all delegation leases and/or upvotes the bot makes prorata based on the undelegated portion. Returning your investment later is on a best effort basis and subject to 13 weeks of powerdown rounds.

To invest, power up STEEM but send them to @minnowbooster instead of to yourself (you can do this with the ADVANCED button). You will receive an automatic daily payment of your earnings.

Investing by powering up @minnowbooster gives you "best of both worlds" returns from the vote bot and from delegation that the @minnowbooster account makes at higher than market rates for microlending fulfillment.

Investing delegation to @minnowbooster

You can also invest without sending funds by delegating STEEM POWER to the @minnowbooster bot and get roughly the returns you would get if you voted up only your own posts, but without the shame!

Delegating SP to @minnowbooster will earn you a prorata share of the funds paid by users for @minnowbooster to upvote their posts, less our facilitation fee.

Just delegate STEEM POWER to @minnowbooster and you will receive daily payments of prorate profit returns. You can always undelegate but will lose the earnings for the current unfinished day.

We created a tool on this link to help you delegate to the @minnowbooster bot.

You can delegate with our tool or the tool you are most comfortable in, steemconnect is a convenience offer and shows you the exact amount of vests to delegate.

Investing delegation to fill market lease orders

We also have a nifty market at which shows all of our users' delegation request offers; where large and small SP holders can delegate to the market offers of their choice that are in their ability to fulfill. Try it ... we find it is fun and rewarding filling orders and lending SP to others!

Below we can see user @raziel has requested 2200 SP for 4 weeks and will pay upfront 88 Steem which we will escrow, the lender can then click on the "Fill this offer" button and enter his own username in the next page and delegate to the user using our Steemconnect tool.

Note: If lenders prefer, they can use other tools of their choice to delegate, our bot will parse the blockchain for delegations of exactly the listed vesting amount). Please be sure to delegate exactly the displayed amount of VESTS if you are using an external tool or Cli wallet!

Lenders will be paid daily in arrears and if the lender cancels delegation early we refund the balance back to the lessee, it's that simple and safe and no-one loses out!

In addition, for convenience @minnowbooster sends a memo to the lender upon expiry of the contract, wherein they will be sent a Steemconnect link to cancel the delegation or again lenders can use their own tools to cancel.

Webpage and Transparent Steem Wallet

The bot has a website showing all things that happen with the bot and all market transactions that take place:

Please allow transactions a few minutes to get approved by the blockchain before they appear.

All transactions can also be transparently viewed at:

Facilitation Fees

We currently have a 10% facilitation fee charged on all investor returns during the development phase, this percentage will diminish over time with greater adoption and development maturity. We reserve the right to publish amended facilitation fees at all times.

No fees are charged to the borrowers or anyone requesting upvotes.


This is still beta software and can break. Ping @reggaemuffin in Discord if you find any bugs and we try to resolve them. But refunds are on best effort basis.

Please use our service responsibly, test with small amounts first to get acquainted with the functionality and projected returns, @minnowbooster and related parties and persons shall not be liable for any loss, financial or otherwise arising from the use or misuse of our services.

The @minnowbooster Terms of Service are subject to change at any time at the discretion of the team, or as required by any fork changes on the Steem blockchain.



(1) Does delegating out my SP to others reduce my witness voting strength?

Delegating will have no effect, witness voting is agnostic to the delegation and references the Steem Power belonging to its owner regardless of delegation.

(2) Will I receive a reminder at the end of the delegation term to cancel my delegation to the market orders I filled?

Yes, we will send a memo to your wallet with an undelegation link. Later we will list expiring orders on our website.

(3) Can I initiate multiple Delegation Lease Market requests?

Yes you can, there is no limit to how many open orders you can have.

(4) What is the break-even Vote Power percentage of the @minnowbooster bot?

Currently approx. 26.67%, catering for rewards attributable to curators, remember to take post value decay into consideration as well.

(5) How much is the @minnowbooster bot vote worth currently?

Visit the web-service, enter "minnowbooster" in the Username field on the right and on the left drag the vote slider to match the Voting Power showing on the green status bar to see the approx. dollar value return at the current SP and Vote Power levels.

Project Team

@thecryptodrive - Steem serial entrepreneur, @minnowbooster co-owner and original thought leader on Delegation, @steemsports founder, Peerplays Witness, @steemvoter co-owner and top witness.

@reggaemuffin is a new contender for witness, @steemsports CTO, @minnowbooster co-owner and CTO, @steempact co-founder, @whaleshares contributor and backend dev.

If you like what we are doing for Steem, vote for us as witness!

Advisors and Contributors

@coinhawk, @lino, @mikepicker, @smooth, @arhag, @fabien, @good-karma, @claudiop63, @picokernel, @lukestokes, @neoxian, @someguy123, @bulleth, @cryptomancer.


I have delegated some steem power to the bot, but i find the sbd i am getting back each day is quite different. What contribute to that and whether i can predict the next day payout? Would be interested to explore more such that i can promote to the cn community. Many thank :).

nice to meet you @minnowbooster And @wilkinshui
I hope we can be friends , please follow me to

i also wanted to know the same upvoted you

if more people upvote that day, then you get more payout. That is the gist of it.

This comment has received a 29.34 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @wilkinshui.

Resteeming this to 10,000+ followers.

Hi Joan, I see you are a software developer. I am raising a developer army in the name of developing and growing Steem, please contact me in @thecryptodrive in or the @minnowbooster Discord Chat

hey could you get one of your dev army to think about making a bot to downvote flat earth posts and comments? i posted recently about the need for one but no responses yet...

Try the Steemcleaners they sometimes help. Minnowbooster deliberately does not do flags as it is a slippery slope and a lot of manual work to review them

Why do you want to downvote a certain subject?

because flatearth is a toxic virus, and entirely retarded. people should not be rewarded with steem for spreading ignorant bullshit and polluting the world mind with their idiocy...

Why do you want to downvote only that subject, when there is so much more idiocy in the world, like those who think initiating the use of force on others is appropriate?

Why do you say it "is a toxic virus"? Do you have fears that you will be exposed to the truth if you spend any time studying it, and you won't be able to get back to the mental state you're in now? (You'd be right, but, I'm curious as to your reasoning.)

I get the "retarded" aspect; cognitive dissonance causes real physical pain, and there was a globe in your first classroom; the indoctrination is strong with you. It was with me as well, up until two years ago.

I don't make many posts on flat Earth, but I find your campaign to be a little misguided. Take care.

flat earth is a pet hate of mine because it has effected people that i know. i say its a toxic virus because it poisons the minds of people who lack the knowledge required to see through the fallacious deductions and "logic" used to justify the belief.
I have no fear of being exposed to the truth if i study it. I have looked into the cult, only because a (ex) friend got sucked in and began spamming facebook with all the usual bullshit youtube videos in an attempt to "wake" his friends. i needed to understand his reasoning in order to debate his claims and debunk the "education" responsible for his indoctrination.

i am sorry to hear that you have been bamboozled by this bullshit too. i hope you manage to find the errors in your logic one day and find your way out of this insanity and back to the real world.

flatearth propoganda should be banned to save people such as yourself from the twisted, broken and flawed thinking of its proponents. in my opinion, convincing a child that the earth is flat is a form of abuse. by doing so you condemn them to a life of ridicule and exclusion from intelligent society. such abuse should not be tolerated.

Thank you for the detailed explanation, without vitriol or hatred. Did your friend return to globalist thinking?

It's funny, because I think similarly to you about child abuse; except, I think that teaching children in their first classroom that we're on a globe spinning madly in many different directions, but that we feel no change in forces, ever, to be quite confusing to fragile little minds. Generally, it's not children that learn this -- it's adults, who start questioning. Most children get the government-school indoctrination.

I really enjoyed the book, "Zetetic Astronomy" by Dr. Samuel Rowbotham. It describes many experiments, which either showed flatness, or failed to show a globe. Some of those experiments have been reproduced recently, with lasers, showing the same results but with greater resolution.

Oh, and in reference to your "cult" wording, I don't follow anyone -- I just learned some new data, which violated the model I had built up in my mind; and then, I changed the model, rather than rejecting the new data. There's a great book by Richard Maybury, the first of his "Uncle Eric" series, in which he describes how we create mental models, and then generally defend them. I've been blessed with a missing eye, so the neurons that would have gone to service the input from that eye, got repurposed -- which helps me to find more connections than most. Not necessarily "more intelligent" but I tend to loop things through my mind and find weird connections that way. Anyway, that first book is titled "Uncle Eric Talks About Personal, Career, and Financial Security (An Uncle Eric Book)", and is at Amazon here.

I understand that we won't see eye-to-eye on this one (which I just realized, in review, is a reference to my birth defect). Still, I upvoted you, and take care.

Oh, I'm not a software developer in the same way you and others are. I'm primarily an Internet Marketer, and I create software now and then, but it's limited to database type software for Windows - mostly file organizers and management software. But thanks for thinking about me. :)

Cool no problem, we actually are setting up a marketing team for @steemsports and developing a frontend for it. If you would like to be part of the marketing team let me know.

hey @thecryptodrive -

I may actually be interested in assisting the marketing team. I'm in the process of my 2 weeks notice at an dev/marketing agency, and starting my own agency.



Hey mike can u join the Minnowbooser Discord chat and pm me there? Check for the link.

I m front end devloper

We will need your service in our steemit group. Pls follow me back @chiefhunter1 for better communication.

I'm not interested in doing that (not a sports enthusiast), but I appreciate the offer, @thecryptodrive. Thank you! :)

Awesome, many thanks!

This is fantastic and I love its ingenuity.

As an investor who powers up and sends over Steem, what is the process of returning what one sent over? Does one get the same amount of Steem (the nominal principal) back or does one get one's pro rata interest in the MB account back by some accounting?


We will most likely have to power down the amount over 13 weeks. If you are lucky we have that much liquid and can send it immediately. But that is for removing the investment.

Daily payouts are prorata and happen automatically 😎

Thanks for the reply. How do we contact you to initiate the redemption? What is the procedure for that?

Currently it has to be manually, best pm me on discord.

you are boss!!

I ask in part because @reptrader stiffed ppl seemingly when he returned Steem to people during @robinhoodwhale 's unwind. He did not adjust for the time value of Steem.

We won't account for any price changes up or down. We will give back the same amount you gave us if we unwind.

Obviously daily earnings are what the investment is about and they get send to you each day in liquid steem so you can do whatever you want with them

So we get daily earnings as well as get out full investment when we decide to cancel our investment?

Ooh.. Very interesting!

Wow what a great idea, I will be reading more about it and will be looking to invest a small amount to test it out.

Is it possible to set up a website that interacts with steemit so people can lease and lend SP in a more user friendly UI?

Will follow and look forward to see your progress

We already offer tools to help you do that. They use steemconnect for signing of transactions. If you feel something needs improvement, please tell :)

ok see the link to the site now, maybe put that in the first paragraph or 2. Also the links on the site don't stand out as links I thought the page was static with just info.

Can I delegate SP with entering my password on your site?

You can delegate SP with steemconnect and don't have to give us your password :)

can I do it without giving them my password, is it just in the steemit interface?

It will be local on your client. Never actually send to them. And sadly steemit provides no interface for it yet...

welcome to Business on the Steem Street.

when will you start.png

Steem Blockchain is where we can go for more than jut social mieda
look i invented a game of steemit chess! its your turn!
(COpy the image, paste it into MSpaint and cut out the piece you want to move , recopy the image, repaste it into steemit, send as reply to this comment,winner gets 1 SBD!(if u agree)

youre move!

Can you provide me with a link for the Steem Street?

How did it work out for you guys?

How does the delegation timing work? If I pay to get some power delegated to I get that power right away? I've never used delegation before, but I thought there was a 7 day delay or something?

The dealy is when we take it back, you get it really fast and for full 7 days.

Ok thanks! Might try it out.

Is there any information how the daily quota works ?

After how much time we get the delegated power after we transfer steem to minnowbooster?

Depends on what investors are online at the time to take up your offer, normally within 24 hours.

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