Welcome Giveaway - write your first post and win a whale-vote! Week #5

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Hello fellow Steemers, You probably view this post because @welcomebot greeted you.


You are most likely new to steemit and still need to get the hang of things around here, but that is okay.

We are a loving community and we want to see what matters to you. So to get you started and known here, I am launching a giveaway.

Post the content that matters to you and get a whalevote (a vote that is worth a lot) to directly promote your post.


  • Be a new user joined less than 7 days
  • Be a new user with less than 50 reputation
  • Introduced yourself to the community
  • Wrote a second post with original content about a topic that matters to you
  • Voted on the post
  • Voted on at least three other entry
  • Bot votes will be ignored

If you fulfilled all these conditions, write a comment below with a link to your post and a small explanation on what you wrote and why it matters to you.

Other Steemers will then read and upvote your post and comment, based on how much they like it. And this is worth it for them too because if a whalevote hits and they voted for you, this means curator rewards.


  • The top 4 upvoted comments on this post get a 25% whalevote (worth over $50) on a post they choose
  • A fifth winner gets a delegation from @minnowbooster for 4 weeks
  • All others get a warm welcome and many eyes on their first post

Please call out spam and copy pasted content! This should be a genuine thing and not a money grab. I reserve the right to ignore the votes on content I feel abuses this content for a quick gain.

A big thank you to @officialfuzzy and @jphenderson for sponsoring the whaleshares for this giveaway. Money made in this post will be used for even more whaleshares in the next giveaway!

Last weeks winners were:

To redeem your vote (or receive whaleshares to vote yourself) please join the discord: https://discord.gg/v2KnvzE


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Hello Yashas here,

I have stated a campaign post to create awareness on suicide after loosing a friend to it. This is my entry to the thread. Let us stand as a helping support for all whose who are suffering silence under depression

Steemit suicde awareness alert: Remember you are not alone in this fight

Long live Steemit !!!

I'm excited about this community and I'm glad I can be a part of it. Never got into writing blogs until now and so far I've enjoyed it and I'll definitely keep writing about any subject I find interesting, want to learn about more or simply like.

My second post is about relationships, and what I believe is the ideal realtionship as well as what aspects are needed for a couple to truly enjoy their bond.
I hope my post can help out at least one person out. Since with one person benefited I know my time invested was worth it.

Well done post You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

This comment has received a 0.05 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @hamzaoui.

Hey there. Anybody who is interested in Europe should check my channel. Unfortuntely my culture is, again, on the tipping point of political development inside Europe , for the better or for the worse.


I try not to by biased but i am defintely against the EUSSR, soviet style Europe, preferring smaller regional communities.

Hello, my darlings!
My name is Elena, and I'm glad to be a part of your friendly team!
I want to share with you, friends, my beautiful photos and impressions after a walk in the botanical garden.

My post: “Dear friends, I send you these beautiful roses!”

Firstly, for me it is very important, as a memory!
Thank you very much for the supporting post for beginners! I love you, Steemit!)

Hi there,

I recently started a project on collecting and sharing movie stories/ movie watching experiences. Today I wrote up this post on a film that I watched yesterday.

We are looking for people who want to share their stories with us/ the world.
The following post written by me - although it is kind of meta - can be seen as an example of what we are looking for:


Can you write or do you have a story to tell and you want to share it (audio is also a possibility) with an audience, feel free to reach out to me.
We aim to bring personal movie stories into the world :)

Kind regards,



This was my 2nd post after my #introduceyourself 4 days ago. It's about hidden artworks situated here in Makati, Philippines; an artist's rendition of an injured cat placed right on the bottom part of a lamppost.

Why it matters to me? As i have stated in my post, "I just hope the local government would notice that this hidden gem should be restored and preserved."*

These kinds of street art not only does give life but also brings character to the city. So it would be very fitting if they are taken care of and preserved.

Thank you Steemit for giving us (as for me a first timer in blogging) a chance to express ourselves and share a little slice of our life.

Steemit is not just a community. It is a family. :)

Hi! I'm Vinicio. Here is my introductory post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@viniciosanchez/hello-steemit-i-m-vinicio-and-i-m-looking-forward-to-share-articles-about-computer-programming

I recently wrote a pots about how to learn programming languages in as short time as possible. I'm very interested in learning tenchiques and on self improvement. Please take a look :


Photography is my recent passion (I've only been taking pictures with my DSLR for about a year) and I wanted to share with the community my photographic adventures :)


This is my latest post but be sure to check out my others as they have pictures in them too :)

Here is my introduction post: https://steemit.com/introduction/@deterrencepolicy/introducing-myself
And this is the post I accidentally posted first https://steemit.com/photography/@deterrencepolicy/kangaroo-in-golden-hour-light


Great pictures....keep up the the good work...you have an eye for photography. I'd be interest in seeing some of your 3D work too.

Happy Creating!

Thanks @artistlife I've followed you and I will write a post about my 3D soon! I've just posted about my recent Kimono photoshoot in Tokyo so you can check that out in the meantime :) https://steemit.com/travel/@deterrencepolicy/kimono-photoshoot-the-majesty-of-traditional-japanese-clothing


glad that this is my 6th day :)

i wrote this post after experiencing users giving out comments and upvotes on my post without reading it and how it demotivates me. This was written 3 days ago

It's not the one I posted as a submission, but I too made a post about upvote and follow swapping

Hello, I joined 6 days ago and this is my second post in which I spent quite a time writing: https://steemit.com/lucid/@alphapack/lucid-dreaming-what-is-it-and-the-best-techniques
I've tried to make it as cool as possible summarizing my knowledge on the subject - lucid dreaming. I hope readers will find it fascinating as much as I enjoyed writing about it :))

I'd be pretty happy if I win, but nonetheless, this is a great idea of you!

Wow, the generosity is strong in this post!

wow. great opportunity for newbies. thanks

Thanks for inviting me to your competition. As far as I can see I'm fulfilling at least the technical requirements to participate.

Here is my entry: https://steemit.com/adventure/@tomtrader/24-hours-on-steemit-let-the-adventure-begin-a-newbie-s-first-impression-and-why-a-robot-is-managing-my-agenda

Have a great one!

You're not alone in that sentiment. I am also less than a month into this and just posted my sentiments against such people.https://steemit.com/disclaimer/@philosophist/disclaimer-to-vote-and-follow-swappers

Hi @philosophist! I'm just starting so really brand new to everything. Thanks for commenting my post!
I have just one question if you permit: which sentiment do you exactly mean? I actually didn't want to be "against" somebody here. Maybe it's just a misunderstanding. I followed your link but can't find a relation between my post and yours. You say that you don't like people that just follow others to be followed, correct? That's surely an interesting topic I still haven't thought about.

Ugg, my bad. I think I was trying to reply to someone else but the moving around of posts after I upvote got me lost. I replied to the wrong person/comment.

Steemers, I salute you!
I spent a substantial portion of my professional life in the hospitality industry and I am endlessly fascinated by the power of new ideas to disrupt traditional sectors. In my last role, I helped to create the blueprint for holiday sharing models used everywhere around the world. After writing a well-received book on this subject, I am now happy to advise property owners and help them navigate the waters when starting out. My first and second posts give my readers a flavour of what they can do with their biggest asset, their property, and I will continue adding value to this community to the best of my abilities. Here you have links to my first two posts people. Enjoy! [https://steemit.com/holiday/@bogdanvasile/safe-and-profitable-short-term-and-holiday-rentals] and the second post [https://steemit.com/business/@bogdanvasile/can-hotels-and-serviced-apartments-turn-the-tide-and-survive-the-rise-of-the-short-term-and-holiday-rentals]

Interesting post. I am currently attempting to invest with a small amount of capital and I like to hear different opinions on what's happening in different sectors.

fyi, I think the brackets are breaking your link up above. For markdown here, your links are automatically changed to clickable with no extra syntax necessary. If you want a link to be inside of text to something you want to share, like "Check out my post!" you want to put the text in brackets followed immediately with the link inside of parentheses, like this:

 ["Check out my post!"](https://steemit.com/fiction/@philosophist/tale-of-the-beer-tycoon-really-short-story)

Good luck with your investing project. I am also a professional trader and my advice to you is first to invest in your education. There is no substitute to this. Learn from real traders and not "educators" and "analysts". They don't have a clue about the markets and risk management. Fingers crossed for you!

Hi STEEM! New to it all here. First post was today. Would love everyone's support to back my blog below:


THANKS! One team. One STEEM.

Hi there! Because it's summer and holiday time, I made you an article about 3 beaches to visit in Europe. Enjoy


Thank you very much for that post, it is so nice to know that you are in such a loving and supporting community! I just wrote my second post a few days ago and I would love to share it: https://steemit.com/inspiration/@denitsa/daily-inspiration-what-i-realized

I always wanted to have a blog, as most of the newbies here, and wanted to share everything I am interested in.. I love to read articles in the morning with my coffee, so steemit is the perfect place to find good and motivating content. I try to bring real value to the community, follow only people whose article I really like and try to make my blog personal and interesting at the same time.

From day 1 I have received so much positive energy that now I am definitely planning to stay around for as much as possible!

Thank you for that opportunity & hope you will enjoy my first article!

Many thanks,
Denitsa ♥

  • Wrote a second post with original content about a topic that matters to you.

IOW, it needs to be a post that isn't your introduction. You can edit the link in this post once you have one to submit. Good luck!

Thank you very much for this comment! I have two more posts and I edited the link!

wow what a great idea to support newbies.
I like to share my experience starting a new life in a difrent country , all the ups and downs you are confronted with. Maybe it can help somebody do the same with less problems or just have a better vocation if you plan to visit.

Hi there, my name is Jake and I'm new to Steemit. I'd like to thank @reggaemuffin for the opportunities he provides for us minnows on Steemit.

I have never blogged before and I'm only a week removed from getting into crypto currencies. I decided to research crypto currencies when I was unable to find a job for the summer before my senior year of college. Shoutout to r/cryptocurrency for introducing me to Steemit. My post is about my favorite rapper Logic and what his songs mean to me, which might interest a few people but it's my blog so I'm going to write about what I love.

Intro Post:

Second Post:

Congratulations ! This post has received 5% upvote from @cryptokraze for participating in 1st Giveaway | 200 Followers

Thank You
Win $25 SBD | 2nd Giveaway

Great post ! Today i just lost my job...i worked really hard as a waiter for like 10 years in a restaurant...worked night after night shifts but still they decide they don't need my services anymore and that they don't have money to pay me so they just kick me out . It was really hard for me to find this job because i don't have much education....i did't go to college...
The real problem is that i have a debt of 759 $ to my apartment rent and if i don't pay till the end of the month they gonna kick me out from my own home. I don't have friends and my family won't lend me any money...
My only hope now to raise this money is steemit...i like it alot here and the community is very nice...

Please if anybody would like to help me , a upvote would be awesome and would help me tremendously to raise the money i need .

Thank you very much for your help and i hope you have a great day .

Upvoted and followed.... Chin up brother, all the best roller coasters have big drops, but there's a rush coming out of that drop with enough momentum and speed to take you anywhere!

You are not alone. I've been there. I'm still kinda there. Step 1, breathe. Step 2, prioritize and prepare for the worst. Reaching out is good. Trying to improve yourself at every turn is good. Step 3. It's not your fault. You just have to deal with it. Seek therapy if any healthcare is available to you. Ask about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and look online for CBT self help to help you focus on things that will keep you feeling ok and productive. Step 4, If it reaches the top of your priority list, clean up this entry and write a blog post that means something to you. This operation is a place to invest. We are all at risk of wasting our time with Steem if we are in it for the money.

Hi there! Here is a post about first ever walk of my puppy Mr. Oliver. https://steemit.com/animals/@vikky/mr-oliver-s-first-walk-in-the-street

I write about my life too, but mostly about him. That's because I do love him and want people get positive emotions when they're looking at him. He's really adorable and ready to bring up good mood to all of u. Thanks 💫💫💫


New to Steem, but bringing plenty of history with me as my introduction explains. I write in several other places so I'll often be adding extra insights and then poitning to those, as you can already see in my blog, but one news item I brought here first was about Qualcomm attacking Apple to block iPhones. I've been out & about commenting and voting on other posts and will be interested to see the outcome of my investment of time over here! I would really like Steem to work out as I think a system like it is the future of publishing in the meshed society.

Here is my puppy post: Meet Zeus! He is the cutest dog ever and my best friend!

here is my link https://steemit.com/deutsch/@biergarten/brazil-und-bier-01-ger-eng
I would like to present brazilian craft beers and breweries to more people. As a professional brewer from germany i find this market very intersting and hope to give a new point of view about Brazilian beer.

Nice, I too am a craft beer lover. Glad to see there are more of us on SteemIt

Hello guys.

Here is my entry to this giveaway:

This post explains the power of Affirmations. I use affirmations to reprogram my subconscious mind, so I have a much more positive attitude when I want to approaching or talk to women.
There is a saying in The Netherlands that applies to using any means to develop yourself: "If it doesn't work, it doesn't hurt".

Wildcouger (Peter)

Hey, I'm new here and try to learn everything about Steemit and cryptcurrencies. I'm sharing with the community all the hacks I know and find.


Thank you for the opportunity ! Here is my introduction post : https://steemit.com/lifestyle/@tiphaine/raw-mars-bars
My account will focus on all the benefits I gained from changing my lifestyle (yoga, fitness, plant based diet) and how easy it was, as well as travelling to Morocco, living in London and France !


me encanta ver como como sociedad estamos con todos nuestros avances tecnologicos y logros, apenas estamos entendiendo las maravillas de la mente.


This has usually been one of the best ways for me to learn. Watching time-lapses. That ways i can skip through the parts that i know and understand already. The impatience to learn caused by curiosity should be encouraged. One can always pause a timelapse to figure out what just happened, and that's why i have always liked learning the fundamentals and digital painting techniques through timelapses.

(This is the reason why i created this one .
Here is my introduction post : https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@vibvir/who-am-i-answering-the-eternal-quest-painter-illustrator-video-game-artist-animator-photographer-trekker)

Being an artist I know the struggles we have with our own work...but taking risks is what we all need to do...


Appreciate you taking the time to help us newbies out...hope to one day return the favor 10 folds.

Happy Creating!

Hi, I'm farhan ali new user in steemit network.
Today is my 7th day on this wonderful network, I fulfilled all condition my respect level is below then 50 new user need whale upvote
i write this post and in this article i used all my orginal content this post is about how to get online course from Harvard universite,I'm personaly study these course so ,in this post i want to share this with my steemars friend
here is link https://steemit.com/study/@farhanali/how-to-get-online-courses-from-harvard-university

Hey there Steemers,

With my second post, I created a how -to guide for people totry smoking a brisket. Took me a few years to perfect. Try your own variation and let me know how it turned out!

Link is below:


Hello again, everyone!

I'll put below the link to the post that I want to promote.

But first of all I want to clear out some things about it so that people won't get the wrong idea: I'm not associated in anyway with ICO of Mothership and have no Estonian residency, citizenship or e-residency. :) In fact in this very moment I can't even afford to be part of the crowdfund for this wonderful project. But I do believe that sharing is caring. I personally wrote the post but is also contains referral links to the parties involved.

I just personally believe that this is a great idea and if more people would know about it, for some this could be the least a helpful information from witch they could benefit.

If I somehow overlooked or misunderstood some therms related to this post, I apologize in advance.

Thank you for your understanding.

Post link:

Hi, following on from my introductory post I posted this story https://steemit.com/life/@savedmetwice/future-work-for-my-children . This is important to me because I work in technology and can see the impacts it is having now, and while I cannot predict the future I see that my children will grow up facing very different work opportunities than I did. Why share this? If others are not thinking like this I want to bring it to their attention. Not as a manifesto but at least as food for thought. I hope it stirs people.

Depression is a huge problem in many lives. It use to be a major one in my life. I wrote this post with the intention that it could help people struggling with problematic mental states, and that they could benefit from me telling my past experiences along with offering tips to cope. Nevertheless, I hope my writing makes an impact on at least one individual. Thanks everyone for this opportunity. https://steemit.com/depression/@isaacfrett/tips-to-help-with-depression-anxiety-etc

here is my post https://steemit.com/life/@olisaemeka/entrepreneurship-the-foundation-of-greatness-201776t124359531z

I am very passionate about entrepreneurship because i see it as a way to reduce to a great extent poverty and sufferings as well as driving the global economy forward. i encourage my senior colleague here to read, add their own wealth of knowledge on how the topic has impacted their lives and encourage me by following my @olisaemeka

Thank you for this awesome opportunity, @reggaemuffin.
My first post discusses the importance of smiling, and the positive impact that each one of us can have on other people's lives simply by smiling a little bit more each day. Let's all make the world a better place together =)

Hello! I just joined a few days ago. It's delightful to become a part of this community. Here is my introductory post.

The article I am submitting is about how addiction can reduce our dopamine receptors, how this can lead to depression and anxiety(among other things), and what we can do about it. It was great to write because I learned a lot more while I was working on it.

What do addiction, depression, social anxiety, exercise, and meditation all have in common? Dopamine.

Well, here's my intro post - it's actually my second post, but it's the first worth promoting!


Hope you like :)

My introductory post happens to be my 8th post

My first was definitely about my greatest passion as you can see in the introductory post - God and how He can change our mistakes into miracles ... like my 8th post becoming my first.

I hope I'm still in for some surprises, thanks in advance

Hi @reggaemuffin, just find out about your post today and it an be a great help to start in this community. For now everything look a little confuse to me since i start 2 days ago i try my best. I have start 2 series about Asia where i live, for now its hard but lets see. Here is my first post.
Thanks to you for doing things that can help a few.

This is my introduction post: Please be sure to take a look.

I believe Steemit has the ability to alter our perception of our behavior and reconstruct that behavior in a more meaningful manner for others to share or learn from. It allows for a reflection upon who we are and what we want to achieve, the necessity to inspire others grows by each day.

Cool opportunity! I'm in. Took me a bit to figure out what to write about, but I settled on Self-Determination. (Perhaps a slightly misleading title at first glance)


Look forward to steeming with you all!

Hello here is my post it's my cover i made of SHAPE OF YOU mashup with top hits of 2017 songs :) enjoy !

Hey my second post after the introduction post is
the topic matters to me because i love the concept of cyrpto currencies, I have been involved in purchasing and selling of these currencies and i want to help others to make their grip solid on the new emerging world of cyrpto currencies

Hi everybody! My name is Viki :)
Go check my introduction post! This is my entry


I am an animal lover and for this reason vegan (as you can read from my post). I love music ( two days ago I was at the Linkin Park's concert in London, where I live - I wrote a blog about this and there are a lot of videos of some of their most beautiful performances-), to travel (come see my Amsterdam's photos if you like :)) and to cook... I am quite good at this :D

I love writing and share my passions with this community.

Good luck to everybody!!!

Hey, just want to let you know that you need to submit a second post that isn't your intro post. Best of luck to you!

This is my second post, as I said in the previous comment I love music so this is one of my best concert I have ever seen. :D


Hi there! New here, my introduction post was only a few days ago. The link I want to share is this one:
There are others, this is the first in the series and it explains a little about why its important to me.
I've started a series. I know quotes are all over, these have more to them. I've overcome a rough patch recently and quotes just like this helped me through. My goal with this series is to inspire and teach, to get folks smiling, active and charging forward in life.
So many of us have a lack of direction. Many that would otherwise be capable of great things, they just need a little push.
Picking only one of the series wasn't possible so I just put the first one here.
Thanks for your consideration.

Hi! I just recently joined steemit couple weeks ago, but I finally got courage in me to write my introduction today. Here you can read my first post. Hope you enjoy!

Hey, fyi you need to submit a second post for this competition. Good luck!

Greetings Steemit community, I just posted my poetry to inspire the heart and mind to move in compassionate action to love, live and evolve despite all the negativity that tries to make us forget why we are here and how we got here.
Thank you for this opportunity to uplift and empower each other!

Hi there! This is my introductory post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@giimages/hi-steemit-im-giimages-a-photographer-graphic-designer-and-creative-director-from-marbella-spain
I have just started a blog about photography, design, art and all the things creative Im passionate about. Apart from showcasing my work, I also want to create quality content that will help and inspire others to better build and design their brands, products, profiles, etc and their photographic skills!

This is my second post, showcasing the Design Case Study on a brochure I design for BNP Paribas:

Here's my introduction! I am an amateur chef and love posting about my experiences and in the future I hope to keep posting things ranging from food and other things! https://steemit.com/food/@seasonfoods7/first-day-le-cordon-bleu-seoul
This introduction matters to be because it is the foundation of who I am and what I am passionate about. I hope someday to write more columns on food and food related topics. Thank you steemit!

Hello dear Steeminions! :)
Here is my introduction post:

I never wrote anywhere so much about me (and my childhood) before, but I did it today, because I think greatly of this community! So much good content and friendly people in one place ... I am very excited to be a part of this community!

Peace and love,
Nick J.

  • Wrote a second post with original content about a topic that matters to you.

IOW, it needs to be a post that isn't your introduction. You can edit the link into this post once you have one to submit. Good luck!

Here is my intro post:

I posted it several times because I wasn't sure how this whole thing worked, but now that I know, I will be posting a lot more original content. Steemit seems like it could be the next big social media platform, and I'd love to help spread the word!
This gives me motivation to post better content, and more content.
I hope to grow as an artist, an entrepreneur, and a creator, and steemit is going to be one of my new main platforms!

Greetings steemit community.

FYI, for this competition you need to submit a second post that isn't your intoduceyourself post. Good luck!

Hello all! Here is my post I would like to offer for this contest. It's a short (single page) story that portrays my feelings on Capitalism gone wrong. It has a rhyme scheme too so it's an easy and fun read.


Best of luck to my worthy competitors here.

This. This is totally my Jam. Well written.

SteemIt is a pretty interesting community, I have found I am enjoying the experience and able to easily post everyday.

Here is my first post: https://steemit.com/affiliate/@maikon22/hi-everyone-just-joined

I hope you like it, will have loads more coming soon

Hi Steemers! I'm really excited to be a part of this community! I'm really excited about all of the cool things made possible by the blockchain and tech in general. I really think the blockchain has some amazing implications for the future of community and openness. I'm a visual artist and content creator. I've spent the last ten years working as an artist professionally and I love having the opportunity to pursue my dreams. I'm really excited to share my work and perspective with you!
Here's a link to my intro post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@krispatl/hi-steem-i-m-kris-pilcher-an-artist-and-content-creator-and-i-m-happy-to-be-here

and here is my second post: https://steemit.com/vr/@krispatl/dream-collection-agency

Also feel free to follow my feed!

Hey everyone. I was going back and forth between a couple of social media platforms to blog about adult social sports leagues, and then, POW, ran into a blog which mentioned this cryptocurrency linked social blogging outlet.
I thought, oh yeah, great ...(heavy sarcastic tone) ...
And then I visited this beautiful place and OH YEAH! Steemit is the perfect home for this community I intend to build! So glad to be here, and thanks for opportunity to link my intro piece... Hope to put some good stuff out there for you!
I have a couple of other posts up already, but my first social sports piece will be up later tonight if you are interested!
Thanks for checking me out!


its a begin i didnt know you guys loved to read so much.

Hey, just to let you know, you need a second post that is not your introduceyourself post for this challenge.

Hello my friend
i followed

Thank you! Upvoted and good luck to new Steemers :D

Thank you, @reggaemuffin, for the chance to say 'hi' to fellow Minnows and the SteemIt community in general. We all have a topic that we love and could discuss for HOURS. Mine is digital marketing. Specifically the foundational aspects in which all other online marketing is built from.

When new friends (particularly those with a business) find out that I work on websites in prep for digital marketing, I get peppered with questions. . . . and I love it. I get an emotional boost by helping someone understand online marketing concepts, how they fit together and how all of that knowledge relates to their business/online project. I get SO into their progress that I can't wait to follow-up. That kind of passion is worth more than money to me.

Here is my first post within that topic (I will definitely be sharing more):

Heii follow me, iam new member steemit @putrirahayu

I'm still a little lost on how things work here but I'm sure in a few weeks I'll have the hang of it! I'm still new, only been here six days and the limit for this says seven so I'm sneaking in hahaha... https://steemit.com/baby/@jennypottuh/excited-to-be-an-aunt <--- basically I'm gonna be blogging about my daily life :) Which personally I think includes some decent amateur photography. Its what I use my instagram for as well. Sooo that is why the topic is important to me. Anyway, figured I'd better get this done :) lalalala and lalala haha :) byee now

Hello Steemit! Here is my introduction post : https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@wanderingsage/introduction-from-a-wandering-sage
I want to share my journey through life to self improvement with others in hopes that I can encourage others as well. And also to express all the things I am passionate about and connect with like minded people. This is my second post after the introduction : https://steemit.com/life/@wanderingsage/motivation-in-motion
It is about having the motivation to continue moving forward and reaching goals.

I love this post because it's an intimate picture of me.
It was honest and it was something I would never post on Facebook.
I would have been too scared of trolls.

You and my friends on Steemit gave me positive feedback.
It showed me I can be myself and help others.

This post helped me love steem and its people.



So many people have awesome and life-changing visions, but building those visions and making them work becomes a very big problem. My article contains great tips that'll help make everyone's vision achievable.

Hello there! here is my introduction :D
i am a pretty interesting being haha
even with this condition, i can still play dota2 and do alot of stuffs, im new to this crypto currency thing so i thought ill give it a try!
i love reading articles about anything i could get my eyes off... :D
Hope to see you around!

I might be slightly out of the 7 days range but I am so so sad that
this awesome post telling a story of 13.7 billion years in 3 understandable and short sections
only has 13 views and it's worth only $0.16 at the moment. It's about the universe and stuff and the universe is awesome! Anyway...

The actual reason I'm commenting here is...
@reggaemuffin What city do you come from?

Greetings from Osnabrück, Germany!


Becoming a Mom has changed my life in so many ways... and here you can read what it has taught me so far: https://steemit.com/parenting/@soldierka/eng-what-being-a-mom-had-taught-me-so-far-pl-bycie-mama-czego-to-doswiadczenie-nauczylo-mnie-do-tej-pory Enjoy :)

Here is my introduction: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@chrp/indroduction-of-myself

And here I posted some of my thoughts on the G20 protests, because I live in Germany and this was a topic in the news for some time and at first I thought media was exaggerating the possibilities of violence. But after what transpired last night I saw what they said was an understatement:

Here is my introductory post.

I can not wait to post any adventure I will do^--^

Here is my second post: https://steemit.com/story/@sebasayau/3d-printing-a-helping-hand

It´s the story of Tanislao, a 64 year old man who survived a fire, and with the help of 3D printing, we were able to help him giving him a prosthetic arm. It was a powerfull moment personally that I thought I´d share.

Hello! i have wrote two posts! one on spanish explaining about my blog and my blog but sadly its on spanish so in the other one I posted about my love for traveling and my experience taking photos! https://steemit.com/spanish/@gatoconpulgares/bitacora-de-un-desubicado this is the spanish one
https://steemit.com/photography/@gatoconpulgares/traveling-around-the-quindio and this one is the photography

Also this one is my introductory post!
There I explain about my passion and how I feel joining this great community :) https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gatoconpulgares/hello-steemit-this-is-my-introduction-hope-to-meet-and-learn-lots-of-useful-information-and-to-have-a-great-time-in-here

Thank you!!!

minnows will be happy, thanks!

i still need many eyes to view my post.

I would love to be a part of such great amiabe community . Steemit is Family , there is always room for family.

i wish my friend could have got this place

By "Voted on the post", do you mean vote on this post or upvoted our own post, or what exactly?

Here is one of my posts https://steemit.com/drugs/@turtlechopz/the-time-i-found-3-5g-of-cocaine I wrote this story cause I thought it was an interesting thing to happen in my life that I wanted to share. I will all so be posting about harm reduction etc

I wrote my introductory post as

I have always wanted to show my skills and the work I have done as a web-developer.

So I wrote this post as it was the beginning of my journey as a web-developer

My intro post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@lukakorba/luka-korba-mordib-desired-freedom-desired-eternity

I have written this post because I love to share my poetry, and despite it speaking for itself, I thought it would be nice to give at least some background information about me and my life. I hope to grow and share my art with as many people possible on here. This place is amazing, and the amount of possibilities is immense! :)

FYI, the challenge is for a second post that is not your intro post. Good luck!

I just created my second Post on Bitcoin and below is the link :


I wrote on how I see the long term effect of Bitcoin on the humankind as a whole, because my heart thinks, its not taking us in a right direction where as my brain is telling : don't worry about it, by then you will be dead.

Hey @reggaemuffin, thanks for the opportunity to contribute here at Steemit. I joined today and have made my introductory post and a second post called, Bitcoin and the Blockchain: Disruptive Technologies Creating New Business Opportunities. It highlights opportunities for business innovation in the crypto space, and the difference that the right domain name can make in promoting related products and services. The knowledge I share has been gained from my experience as an investor in domain names and cryptocurrencies.

nice and worthy initiative

My introduction post:

I aim to inspire and be inspired in creativity and in openness, and to connect with like-minded people by supporting each other in sharing our lives, ideas, thoughts, and creations. Thank you all for following me and I look forward to following you!

Hey @reggaemuffin! I am new here and looking for getting some support back!:)
If you have some Tipps for a newbie here then give it to me! Follow me @heyplanet91

My introduction post:


Since there doesn't seem to much content about European soccer, I am considering starting a blog on dutch football, with a season preview, weekly round ups about the games played etc.

Greetings Friends,

Here is the link to my first post ...Although it is more of a warning of what specific content will be coming from me. :-)

Ideally I started this adventure to basically hone my photography skills as well as converse with people from all walks of life.

Here is the link: https://steemit.com/newbie/@trojan50/the-beginning-new-adventure

really cool!
here's my introduceyourself post
and a tutorial post about how to make an amazing paper hellicopter with rolling papers
because life sometimes needs more fun.


I think I have completed all of the requirements for this. My second post is a how-to guide for beginning photographers to help them with photographing fireworks. The link is https://steemit.com/photography/@backrdadventures/the-secrets-to-photographing-fireworks-with-a-dslr-camera-a-beginners-guide
I hope this guide helps many, many beginners in their quest to become better with their cameras!


I created this post because I believe in eating good food because I believe it's healthy for the whole body. As a pilot I like to take care of myself because I want a career in aviation for the rest of my life. That means that I need to stay in good physical condition. This is why eating good matters to me. Also I am a photographer and enjoy showing my life to others through the internet. I believe people will be interested in these posts because I am a pilot and flying is cool.

My Introductory Post: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@chomplicated/first-post
I have a feeling this site is going to be very fun to use and it seems to have a great community :)

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