~ 70 ~ Walk With Me in Hacketts Cove, Canada (Celebration Edition)

in #walkwithme3 years ago

What Are We Celebrating?

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 7.12.07 PM.png

I noticed today #WalkWithMe has made it into Steemit's tag section. No, not the front page, but when you select "view all tags" we're actually there now! We may be small at this moment, however, we are gettin' er done! There has been an unbelievable amount of Steemians joining in and posting their incredible walks from all over the world! I can hardly keep up with upvotes, and that's a great problem to have as far as I'm concerned.

Thanks to everyone who is making #walkwithme a huge success. We are literally earning Steem by going for walks and sharing small stories about them. Anyone can join in, speaking English is not necessary, we can appreciate your walk from the photos. What a wonderful time to be alive, bless the blockchain, and bless all of you for being here!

My Walk Today...

It's my 70th walk! Remember when I first started? I had been a couch potato for years, just doing random shit around my homestead for exercise. I knew I needed to start doing more to keep my body healthy so I vowed to begin going for walks. What better motivation than to post about it and earn crypto? And I've built up such a good habit of walking now, I need it to feel good. If I haven't gotten out for a day or two, I begin to crave getting out there for fresh air and the wind on my cheeks. I need the feeling of sweating and working my muscles (lightly hehe). If Steemit disappeared tomorrow would I keep walking? YES!


Saying goodbye to the chickens first. Grace above, Peter Parker below. I caught Pete eating snow, so cute all over his beak.



Our Backyard Today



Out On the Highway


That used to have a huge sign for a local bistro on it, obviously got destroyed in the wind storm :(


Hacketts Cove sign still standing.



The gulls don't mind the ice one bit, tough animals they are.


A super weird ice formation growing where a creek meets the ocean.


More Ice Birds





I watched as a gull landed beside the crows, they seem to get along just fine.


The good ol' one leg trick, never fails to impress the ladies I'm sure...




Thank you for coming on another #WalkWithMe, I hope you enjoyed today's shots! I'd like to go on a walk where you live too, so if you get out there for one, take a few pics, and post about your walk using the tag "walkwithme". I'll check the tag regularly to upvote and give encouragement. Let's earn Steem by getting fresh air and fitness together!

Here are a few of the latest walks by fellow Steemians who got out there in the world, and took us with them!

See life through their eyes.

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You should be very proud Lyndsay.
The #walkwithme tag has really seeped into peoples conciousness here.
I can't believe you're up to 70 walks, it doesn't seem 5 minutes since we were celebrating a month!
Really well done babe, I've enjoyed every single walk 😉❤️

#walkwithme has been on the tag section for a while now, I noticed it when I started following you close to a week ago. Glad I did. Cheers!

That's even better news, thank you so much for letting me know @stanleyc-md :) Wowwwweee!!

Hi dear @lyndsaybowes please see below post about Spherical architecture. It will help you against storm. if you need more information please tell me. please read it completely


The beautiful thing about walking with me #walkwithme is that you make us live a moment of your life in a funny way.
Talking to someone while walk .. is better than talking to him while you're sitting...
thank you friend @lyndsaybowes for sharing it with us
As a side note : I hope the chickens are good today lol

The chickens are so good today, they are happy the winds have died and they can enjoy the outdoors again. How are you doing @yagoub?

Everything is good... thank you for asking
I prepare to write post about ( walked with me)... But after 3 days I want to write a lot of historical stuff...

I check the tag every day, so I will see your #walkwithme when you make it. There is no rush :) I look forward to going for a walk with you one day.

congrats !.....

#walkwithme ...

I love it, thanks! :)

YAY! Super deserved, the WalkWithMe community has such awesome folks in it I'm proud to be involved- Its certainly helping me be motivated to get out and share when it's so cold all i want to do some days is to stay in bed.

I thank you and my legs thank you for helping them get a stretch!

Also, sorry if you've mentioned this in a pervious post and I missed it, but what kind of camera do you use on your WWMs? I can't believe the detail you got on some of those bird shots!

Love those snow shots :) always fascinated with snow as we don't have it here.
Can still remember when I visited the US and it started snowing. I was so happy while all the people around me looking puzzled. One asked why I'm excited to see it, I said its because its the first time I'll see snow :D
I wanted to join the "walkwithme" and post something. I usually walk 2 to 5 kms when Pokemon hunting. Hope I'll be able to tell a story with my photos :)

Wow really wonderful photos.. you get better and better! Those red berries always take my breath away too! I love the black colour of some of the birds against the ice too, just magical !
The strange ice formation is the freshwater of the creek freezing and rising to the top as ice crystals do always as they are lighter than the water ⭐️💛🌈🌴🦋

Oooh thank you so much for solving that mystery <3 <3 <3 !!

70 walks and a place on the big board - this is a banner day indeed!

The poor gulls are all so confused. They say, "I went fishing here yesterday, what gives?" And that last sunflower needs to be made into a meme. It's seen a lot this year. I'm sure it has something to say.

Thanks so much for including me in your roundup!

Thank you for adding so much Quality content to the #walkwithme tag Winston!! xoxox

Congratulations! It is such a great idea, no special skills required! It is one of the charming things about steemit, it is proving that people are more interested in the simple truths about their neighbors than they are about the Hollywood lies.

You're so right xoxox!!!

Seeing your postings have inspired me to do some of this under that tag.
Took some photos yesterday and will do a blog tomorrow on it.
Thank you for the inspiration!

Great stuff @weetreebonsai! I'll really be looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks for inventing a cool Steemit topic tag for us, I need to remind myself to use it more often! My favs are the black ice birds (crows, ravens?)

They're crows, we don't see many ravens around our house, and I found out it's because ravens and crows don't hang out in the same turf. Yes, please use the tag more often <3 We love your walks!

@lyndsaybowes, nice to see the tag #walkwithme in tags section, feeling much excited. That's all due to your efforts and concentration on this activity. all the pictures are attractive much spcialy the birds here on freezing place where every where is ice. your chickens also the part of your daily walk. Thanks for sharing, go ahead and take care of you.

Take care of you too, thanks so much for all the support @rabeel :)

Congratulations to you....I recall when you started so long long ago...what is it 3 months? Light years in Steemit time. LOL

It is amazing the transformation from the self proclaimed couch potato to an avid walker. I guess I can burn those McDs coupons....I need to it is freaking cold here...was in the 40s last week...that is almost inhumane. 😁

Getting your tag placed is an amazing accomplishment...now onto the front page...you will get there..

I will upvote as soon as my VP recharges...I managed to nuke it earlier.

Yes, please, burn the cupons! :) :) :) Good times, good times xo Thanks for being in the #walkwithme right from the start Task! :) :) :)

Congrats on #70! Cant wait to see what 100 brings!

I am so happy right now! I know I brought at least one new person to walkwithme, and you featured her in this post! Fucking awesome I shouted out in happiness! You are one of a kind LB!

YAY!!!! I'm loving your excitement, got a big ol' smile on my face reading this Michael!!

Wow, this seems pretty interesting. I always got used to using TravelWithMe and never realized the lovely walks I used to had with my wife and kiddo over the weekends especially in some state parks or near the lakes/ reservoir does recall stories in them. Sometimes we just ignore those plain and simple things in life such as walk while now I retrospect it adds up to so much in our lives. Well, it is cold now and difficult time to walk for someone like me, but, will surely try to make a note that whenever I do my next walk, I do share the story and post under this simple yet lovely topic/tag.

Thanks for such a meaningful comment @devilonwheels...I like what you pointed out about the simplicity of walking. There can be a lot of beauty in "ordinariness"...

Please do take us on a walk one day, even around your neighbourhood, when you are feeling up to it! :) :) :)

For sure, I just added up to my notes for making sure that I always share a story on walking around. I used to relive my travel by writing travel tales, this concept just takes it to a different level as now I can relive those simple and cherishable walks that I undertake with my family. Every walk has a story to cherish...

Thank you for cheering up, now I know the tag as well where to get the inspirations too :) :)

What an amazing accomplishment you have there @lyndsaybowes. You are getting healthy and you created a wonderful tag. You continue to motivate all who read your posts. Thank you for sharing your walk with us. By the way I loved that last photo of the flower bent upside down and snow on it. The ending of one season to bring on a new one. : )

I couldn't do it without you!! <3 <3 <3 Thanks for all the walks you've taken us on, and cheers to many more!

I am loving the walkwithme tag Lyndsay, this is a cool idea! I see lots of people are getting involved (my gf and her mother included!) and community is building, ace!

Ooh my goodness!! I love it!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you so much for the positive feedback @abh12345 <3 <3 <3

My pleasure! I have a feeling i'll need to get a new pair of walking shoes soon because @osm0sis does like a good wander around new places :D

We we hopefully contribute more to the tag soon! What do you think, #cyclewithme? :D

It would be great, please get some shoes for pete's sake!

I'm a flip-flops kinda guy really!

Hey great news with the #walkwithme tag, so well deserved!! I think I've been on most of your walks, but may have missed a few!!! I'm hoping to get out tomorrow (weather permitting) so watch this space over the next few days lol As always beautiful pictures!! And man it looks absolutely freezing!! My Mum is in the highlands of Scotland and it's been bitter up there .. but probably not as cold as you guys.

Omg yess!!!! A @perceptualflaws #walkwithme in Scotland???!!! I cannot wait to see this!!!!!!

Hey @lyndsaybowes I'm down in the southwest of England at the moment but they're warming about thick fog tomorrow. I like walking in the fog as it's very atmospheric but not sure about the pictures lol I will certainly try though :)

I would appreciate anything from you <3 <3 <3 <3

Beautiful as always... cold but beautiful. The red berries at the end offer a measure of comfort, somehow.

Nice to see this idea is taking off... thinking I might start incorporating some of my beach walks, if that still fits within the theme.


That's great DenmarkGuy, I'm glad hearing that the berries brought comfort, I'm also happy that you'll be taking us on a walk soon! Of course the beach walks count! I've gone on walks just around our homestead, and I've gone on a walk inside my house hahahaha!! :) It's alllllllllll good <3

Well then... it's "game on!" It's a lovely sunny day here, so that's a nice opportunity for a walk with the camera.

Yes YOU! congrats on the hashtag and especially on the walks <3 Best idea ever...I bet you didn't think you'd get out this much in the winter, hey? You are killing it!! So proud of all the inspiration you give people:) just look what you started!!

If you would have told me last year that I would be consistently walking in the winter by next year...I may have laughed :D :D :D

And, it is fun to think about where you/ we will be at this time next year ❤❤❤

Congratulations on making the tag list! I am so happy for you. <3 Not only do you get your exercise done but also make crypto dollars and help others do the same. What a great deal!!! It looks like the ice is getting thicker now. I am glad that doesn't stop the birds at all.

Birds have tough feet hey? I know my chickens have hot feet, even in this weather if I pick one up, her feet are very warm to the touch.

Now I wish I have hot feet, too. But I don't want to be a chicken. ;-)

It's beautiful outside today and I am always awed by the gleaming white snow blocks. Congratulations ma, it is an honour well deserved.

Congratulations. This is no mean feat and I am happy for you, for us because I know I will be joining soon. It's pretty cool today and the chickens are pretty cool with it 😁

Damn... I'm cold just looking at your pictures.. congrats on growing the tag so big so quickly...

I will surely do a walk with me post, whenever i got a chance. i am sure that walk with me tag surely come on the front page very soon.
Congratulation for it. i would love to be a part of this tag.

@lyndsaybowes I did my first post with your walk with me tag. I was fun. I never really took a good look at the true beauty that surrounds my in my community. I have been to Hacketts before a few times. Congrats on the tag.

I am definitely looking forward to more walks with you!! Thanks so much again!

I think I saw you when you were walking today...in your white puffy coat? I looked out the window and just saw you as you walked along out of my view. I waved and said "hi Lyndsay!" but of course you couldn't hear. Congrats on 70 walks! What an achievement!

Ooh yes that was me in the Michelin outfit lolol!!! oxoxoxxo I look up at your house every time I walk by hehehe xoxoxo <3 <3 <3

Love it! Puffer jackets are the best <3 <3 <3

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walkwithme tag is a beautiful and attractive, anyways you achieved a great friends on this tag walkwithme, one of me hahaha :p . because you always have a great walk and marvelous photography. and please have a look my posts. thankyou

My favourite tag the #walkwithme great work! Just love the ice where you are looks incredible all these shapes very photogenic. Can i be photogenic? It is now. Looks so peaceful around you. Have a cracking day 💯🐒

@lyndsaybowes Congratulations. All credit goes to you. #walkwithme tag is growing fastly. Congratulations.....<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 yeahhhhhh....,

That is pretty cool news about the #walkwithme!

I used to love being outside, but now I live in the city and there's nothing for me to see out there, so I never bother going out. Thanks to you, I may start going for walks once it warms up and there's more than dirty snow to see and take pictures of. Until then, I'll live through your posts lol

Even if you walk and take a photo of dirty snow, you see, this is still new to me and it would be new to anyone reading the walkwithme posts. What is ordinary to you, is extraordinary to us!! I love to see anything new!!! For me, my place is very boring...because I see it every day!

Actually, you have a point there. When I lived on the farm, I really didn't find anything great about it and wanted to be in town. Now that I'm in the city, I miss everything about the farm, right down to the smell of pig crap.

I could also use it to get back into photography. It's another thing I miss terribly, but I got lazy

Wowowww for some reason your comment gave me goosebumps everywhere!!! Maybe because you speak of a big truth...the grass being greener on the other side...I'm so guilty of that in my life! Also, that you sound passionate about photography, I am excited for you to revive something that brings you Life! xoxox

It's painfully true. I'm at least thankful I understand that and instead of endlessly chasing dreams, I know what I want, so I stay put until I can make it back there.

As for the photography, it was really the only thing I was enthusiastic about. I'm not outgoing or adventurous, but if there was the chance for some good photos, I was there. And I have THE most amazing photos of my daughter. The camera has always loved her

OmG!! Yes, that's an award winning photo right there!!! I'd say you have a gift!!

Thank you :)

Great news that walk with me is now an item. That piece of ice looks like a sting ray. I think it’s a little chilly for them there. Lol🐓🐓

Wish I could be as tough as the gulls... I'd be freezing out there right away on the ice like that!

They are incredible indeed! <3 <3 <3 No flying south for these badasses!

Oh so awesome and worthy of being resteemed. Also worthy of a cake with candles. woohoo congratulations on it all. Super pics yet once again.

Thank you for the resteem!

Congratulations!! What a fabulous accomplishment! I love the walk with me blogs!
I miss your puddle barometer! Lol

Wow! This is great news! #Walkwithme is becoming even more popular. I congratulate all who have joined. Thank you @lyndsaybowes , for what You managed to interest and unite so many people. It's so nice to share your daily small journeys. Thank you!

Congrats Lyndsay for the #walkwithme promotion as official tag!

And as for the rest of it... BRRRRRR! :p

Those are cool ice flows. I never really knew but always wondered if that was how tags make it to that list.

You have come a long way with your 70 walks and earned recognition in your tag. Way to go!

You're going to have to take us on a walk one day David :) I know you've got a camera haha :)

Ok @lyndsaybowes maybe I might take a walk someday and I'll have my Moto G ready. :)

What a good initiative! So glad i found it. Will be joining in soon! :)

thats awesome news about the tag :) !!! I do enjoy the snow photos since I do not get any here in Phoenix...

nice pics!
please take us farther !
it's quite cold!
do you also get tired from a chilly hours of walk?
I was knocked out on the sofa after dinner last night cause I went on hours of strolls around :)

My legs have a tendency to go numb by the end of the walk, yes. I have some good sleeps at night though, just like you <3 <3

excellent! :D #WalkWithMe is a great tag!!! ^^

Awesome photos :). Mine is the exact opposite, everything here is green now. I would like to visit a snowy place one day.

I hope you get your wish one day soon! <3 Thanks again for your breathtaking contribution to the #walkwithme tag!

Wow Lyndsay ❤ what a great milestone for your #walkwithme initiative. I am so happy for you and everyone involved because it's just #goodnews!!! AND, I am so happy to celebrate YOUR 70TH Walk with you sweet beautiful sister 🎉 STEEM ON!!!!!

Thank you Angel Jill...it's so good to see you here every day, really puts a smile on my face. We will indeed Steem On! I can't wait for your first post <3 <3 <3 !!

Yeah girl ❤ you are such an innovative leader!! Am so glad I was curious about your Steemit success to look into what you're up to over here .......i didn't know it was cryptoland you're taking me to! Hahaha!!! But, here we are 👼 I have made 4 blog posts now. They are pretty crappy (need to lear how to format properly!! and, get my head into the 'quality content'game. But, i had to start somewhere. I trusted your advice.)

Blessed by your presence sweetest Lyndsay and your encouragement.

Wow amazing photography sir.I also like photography.And I also like your photography sir.This photos are very nice.Thanks for sharing your nice photo shoot.Upvote and resteem done.

Congratulations. I know walkwithme will go places.

wow,amazing place thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

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