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Hello Steemit! I'm still in Russia and winter here is continue to freezing me hard.. After 7 years of travel in direction of the sun, my body really forgot how to live with ice everywhere. I give up with that. I close all windows to don't see snow anymore, and watch my summer photos. Here is a little throw back of the summer walk with my friends. We found this abandoned disco ball.. sorry - bus, in the middle of Saint-P. And I want to share it in mr. @juliank vehiclephotography photocontest today. 

My name is Timon, and I am on the slowest worldwide cruise ever. In 2011 I left the country where I was born and since then I'm traveling supa slow. My plan is to go Around the world in 80 years..

  • What is the point? - I want Just look around, have a lot of fun and make things I'm interested on. It will take time.
  • Why so long? - Because I really want to see how people live and what this place is for me, so I stay some time in each spot, and it's so many.. 
  • How long I stay? - Not too long, not too short, it's really depends on many things.. 
  • Am I so rich to just travel..? - No not at all. It is what making this trip a bit more complicated but still awesome and interesting. 
  • Am I serious? - No, not really. But still on my road..

The Biggest part of my way so far was by Sea and Ocean, 7 years I spent on my boat, and last 3 of them on a little island in Atlantic Ocean. For the moment I'm back on the dry land, and I can find a lot of fun here as well.

Original photos / Canon 600D 18-135mm / Saint-Petersburg / Russia / summer 2017 /

If you like my works, please follow my photo blog Around the World in 80 years..








[//]:# (!steemitworldmap 59.926722 lat 30.283599 long disco b..us d3scr)


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i like this disco ball-oh sorry of course it is a bus...Great picture and great flash back to the old hot days...

And for your project(Around the world in 80 years) i will support you and if you would come to Turkiye at least izmir please let me know my friend...

have a nice day...:)

deal! sure i will probably even this summer) i have some friends in Istanbul, but no one in Izmir.. thanks for support

I look at these photographs and I'm sure I commented!
but I could not find my interpretation. interesting
I write again :)
a great tool for photography. like mirrored glasses
It looks fun. The first time I saw such decorate v: D
I really liked :))
Thank you . for good sharing

Upgrade from hipsters of StPeter? They smoke a lot

hipsters only drink smothies they dont smoke)) but other guys do..

wow amazing this disco bus.Incredible your photography man.
giphy-downsized (1).gif
Disco bus

wow really it been actually 7years? it's just seriously long trip.

really it been actually 7years ?
it's just seriously long trip

wow the whole bus should be covered that would look so awesome

true! but it is how it is..

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